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Tracks Salzburgring 1.1

Salzburgring from Com8 converted to GSCEx standards

  1. Patrick Giranthon submitted a new resource:

    Salzburgring - Salzburgring from Com8 converted to GSCEx standards

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  2. Thank u looks gr8
  3. Doug46

    Premium Member

    Great track thanks , but i get weid flickering in the textures and black shapes going across the screen sometimes, (no i am not on drugs) any clues?
  4. No... Implementing roadshaders can cause weird things sometimes but on my side I have never seen this on this track :O_o:
  5. Patrick, is there a simple way to implement these Reiza shaders, such as in the tdf file, meaning it can be done with any track ? Or do you have to actually produce new textures?
  6. Unfortunately the tdf is not the way. It is more complicated, and you need at least 3Dsimed and some specific textures.
    And some tracks are a nightmare, others can't be updated.
  7. Ah well, for a moment it was a dream :(
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  8. Fortunately the GSC tracks in GSC standards is growing ;-)
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2014
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  9. great austrian track!!!
    patrick, please, what is different in aiw? gsc vs rf for ex
    how different is gsce std aiw?
  10. Only the AI balance, a little adjustment (for best AIs).
  11. what is the line?
  12. Look after AI worst, AI range, etc, these lines.
  13. ty
  14. Hi, i'm getting a crash on all *some [edited] of your recent tracks, [Salzburgring], and is happening to all the BTCC2011 tracks (I have the original pack, without the GSCE/reiza standards which are working fine). Specifically, the error message is; ''Error loading texture srpl_sky for material SKY''. I used to get this when we first started converting tracks for the game, but with the sky.dds files pack and common maps files it fixed loading errors, but the issue still persists. How can I fix this? Is it a .scn issue?

    Last edited: Jul 28, 2014
  15. After some testing, I now have ''Error loading global material SKY''. Hope this can help anyone diagnose.
  16. I will check. Hoping I did not forget to add the srpl files .
  17. Cheers Patrick, testing now. ** Edit, still same issues as per last messages. I have the other Salzburgring, without the Reiza standards. So I can play that instead. Thanks for your efforts!
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2014
  18. Really strange, and I can't reproduce it.
    Perhaps precisely because you have the same track installed???

    Error for sky can be a commonmaps problem but anyway, I don't have your bug with this RD tracks.

    Try with a fresh install