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Sala Motorsport quick release system for your wheels

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Sala Motorsport., Mar 3, 2013.

  1. salaquickrelease3.JPG salaquickrelease2.JPG salaquickrelease1.JPG salaquickrelease9.JPG

    These 8 pin wired electric lifeline quick release adapters can be supplied in any combinations that may be required. Ready to bolt on to your project.

    1.The spline part comes pre wired with 1m of cable and fitted with an adapter of your choice, bolts and grub screws. £125 (G25,G27,ECCI 7000,CSR) and others to come.

    *Some adapters such as the CSR are 2 part and are £30 more

    2.The quick release comes pre wired with 300mm of cable, black special spacer which socket is bonded into, 3 stainless allen bolts and nuts. £235

    Rock solid system with No play.

    Can be bought with more spline adapter parts if you have 1 wheel and many wheel bases or more gold quick release parts if you have 1 wheel base and many wheels.

    They are 8 pin wired so you could run your usb controller (eg SLI-pro or F1) and have 4 wires for say vibration motors or 2 different usb wheel controllers.

    If you need any drop us a e-mail on: scott.a.law@btinternet.com

    Also check out our F1 wheel if you haven't already:

    Sala Motorsport.
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  2. Great choice of hardware ;) (Wish I could afford it)
  3. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    Great stuff!!!

    Hope to see something for the T500's.
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  4. Looking good!!:)
  5. Wow those are nice looking!
  6. Very nice looking hardware!
  7. Theses look very sweet Scott. Its a real credit to your workmanship.. Email sent Scott.. I need this for my ecci 7000 pronto ;):)
  8. Thanks Brett, I will send them within two days.

    Sala Motorsport.
  9. ,Thank you Scott, looking forward to getting them mate.:D
  10. Sala Motorsport now have a 6 hole 70 pcd (5mm threaded) to lifeline (uk) 3 hole (5mm threaded) adapter for your off the shelf steering wheels and a (UK) 3 hole (5mm countersunk) to (US) 3 hole (8mm threaded) adapter to convert roso or other wheels to the lifeline system.

    Scott Law
    Sala Motorsport.
  11. Are the adaptors finished? Will you be sending them to me first along with the ecci adaptors? or should I be waiting for the wheel to be finished and have them all come together?
  12. Hi Nick,
    Your parts will be ready to send on Thursday.
    Cheers Scott.
  13. You still working on your F1 wheel? Seems haven't been update for a while.
  14. I would like to see that too.
  15. +1 it would be awesome