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Sakhir - Bahrain (Dry)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 Setups' started by Ramon van Rijn, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member


    So far I reached 1.51.764, but 1.50.x is in reach if everything goes well.

    Front Wing Angle: 3
    Rear Wing Angle: 1
    Balance: F 48% - R 52%
    Pressure: High
    Brake Size: Small
    Ballast Distribution: F 80% - R 20%
    Front Anti-roll Bar: 2
    Rear Anti-roll Bar: 7
    Front Ride Height: 1
    Rear Ride Height: 1
    Front Spring Stiffness: 5
    Rear Spring Stiffness: 6
    Gear 1: 124 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 2: 152 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 3: 182 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 4: 213 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 5: 246 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 6: 280 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 7: 318 kph / xxx mph​
    Throttle map: Fast
    Fuel: N/A
    Camber front: -1.20
    Camber rear: -3.00
    Toe front: 0.09
    Toe rear: 0.35
  2. I've seen your time Ramon close to the top of the leaderboard!

    kph = approx mph
    1. 77
    2. 94
    3. 113
    4. 132
    5. 153
    6. 174
    7. 198
  3. you r a legend, this has made me like the game 1000 times more now i have a car i can drive, i would have never thougt to lower aero and all the stuff u did to improve stability and grip and speed.Ive done my Sahkir setup based on wait the info says if u change x or x, which is obviously wrong. I just did 2 laps in time trial at Sahkir with lotus and beat my mclaren time of 2:01 by 2sec{amazing] This car is setup perfect for the way i like to drive and u have really brang me out of the dumps about the game.
    I will use all your setups from know on so pls keep them coming for all tracks,amazing work,if only every1 used this they would love the game so much more,this is the best driving style

    ps:do u use it in career,because im thinking of tyre wear and how u cope with it thanks
    {so happy i found this link}
  4. Im playing the game on xbox360 can i use this setups also?
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Guess so :)
  6. great setup!!!...looking forward for your other setups...keep up the good work ramon!!!
  7. Nice set up managed to make me 4 seconds quicker :)
  8. Ramon,
    Just to let you know i got a 1:49.8 with your set up. so thanks a lot for that :)
  9. Ramon i am on xbox 360 great set up but we dont have Ballast Distribution F to 80 what would you do we only hit 60%

    any ideas let me know please ty
  10. ?I can hit 80% with mine (on Xbox360)
  11. Hey Ramon,
    hoping you can help me out? are these settings for time trial's? i used your settings in career mode, and the car is all over the place in practice and qualifying. how can i rectify this?
  12. Just double checked my brother had it wrong thank you so much for the set up Ramon
  13. I can't get below 2:04's, I seen to have tons of trouble getting the car to actually slow down, or the car wants to push wide on exit.
  14. hey Ramon!

    thats a brilliant setup, I started my career again from scratch with the VIRGIN team, and I just knocked off 2-3 seconds off my lap times from my previous career! brilliant! would be nice if we had all tracks, haha! but I guess you can use the Barhrain setups for most tracks, thats designed similar maybe. :)

    Much appreciated!
  15. Laptime : 1.49.189 ( Xbox 360 )

    Front Wing Angle: 1
    Rear Wing Angle: 1
    Balance: F 49% - R 51%
    Pressure: high
    Brake Size: small
    Ballast Distribution: F 50% - R 50%
    Front Anti-roll Bar: 1
    Rear Anti-roll Bar: 11
    Front Ride Height: 1
    Rear Ride Height: 1
    Front Spring Stiffness: 4
    Rear Spring Stiffness: 8
    Gear 1: xxx kph / 77 mph
    Gear 2: xxx kph / 94 mph
    Gear 3: xxx kph / 111 mph
    Gear 4: xxx kph / 132 mph
    Gear 5: xxx kph / 156 mph
    Gear 6: xxx kph / 174 mph
    Gear 7: xxx kph / 198 mph​
    Throttle map: fast
    Fuel: NA
    AlignmentCamber front: -1.50
    Camber rear: -3.50
    Toe front: 0.15
    Toe rear:0.32
  16. Just come accross this forum. This setup sounds very promising!

    I came 44th on the leaderboard yesturday using the standard setup so I hope to push 1.49 or less using this setup later on today!

    Cheers again,
  17. thanks for this setup, I'm not good racing gamer, it make my game is better =))

    from 2:10:xx to 2:07:xx
  18. Would the above setup work the same for PS3 and XBOX? I dont see why not!
  19. Guys, please excuse me for offtopic, but could you explain me why do you lower the wings attack angle? Sakhir is inddeed a fast circuit, but it's nowhere near Monza, it has great many of turns. So, why lowering downforce doesn't decrease the speed in turns dramatically, but gains overall speedup? Is it because many of the turns are slow?..
  20. I take it you have all the assists on