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Sahara Force India VJM05 (3D model Mercedes)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by LeoDSV, May 9, 2012.

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  2. pretty close to their stepped nose, looks great!
  3. Brilliant!!! is it possible to get the shape of the step nose cars and are you doing this with all the cars this year?
  4. It isn't possible to edit the cars shapes... And i really don't get it why people want to mod F1 2011 into F1 2012..:p Just wait another 4 months and F1 2012 is there;)
  5. Cool! and why Mercedes? and in general it is excellent!! thanks ;)
  6. You've just answered your doubt. If we can modd f1 2011 to 2012 without waiting 4 months, why wouldn't we do it?
  7. Because the stepped nose is similar to force india's one, as does with the ferrari.
  8. Thanks for sharing! Even though I like the Force India model from 2011, it will be definitely replaced by your car. :)
  9. convincing reason....:D
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  10. Exactly whats the point in spending money on a game that we can mod to that standard???
    even though i will probally buy the game anyway? lol:D
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  11. Yeah, that's it, though this year im not gonna buy the game itself. Im gonna buy only the keygen, it's way cheaper, but first im gonna look for some gameplays, I don't think it worth to pay the full price without taking a look on the gameplays or comments about it. This game and BF3 are my 2 first games I buy for my PC lol.
  12. Will this affect the Aerodynamics of the car :unsure:;)
  13. Есть шансы увидеть новый заубер с эмблемой Челси на модели феррари, например?
  14. Yes, the car will be faster.
  15. Looks the biz mate, loverly ;)
  16. Не знаю, не знаю. Если время будет, пока его точно нет.
    Носы конечно у них сильно похожи.:)
  17. yeah the only reason i will buy F1 2012 because to see whats it like and to try out this young driver test because it looks good:thumbsup:
  18. brilliant. thanks:cool:
  19. Is there a way to make this with the ferrari without loosing speed?