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Safety Ratings confuse me sometimes.

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Nathan Robinson, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. I havent quite figured out how they score safety ratings yet and i have 120+ races under my belt.
    For instance, earlier tonight, i started second in a skip barber race at laguna. The guy who was on pole also won the race and i finished second about 5 seconds behind.

    He had 5 incidents, one being loss of control

    I had 3 incidents, one being loss of control (trying to avoid a spinning backmarker)

    His safety rating was D2.46 entering race and irating of 900

    My safety rating was D2.88 entering race and irating of 850

    You would have expected him to have had a little more or at least equal to the same safety rating points added at the end of the race, but no

    He got +.17 bringing him to 2.6* and i got +.55 bringing me to 3.46

    What gives here?? our race lap average was within .222 seconds and he only had two more incidents than me but to counter that he won. I'm confused, still a great sim though and i'll def take the safet rating :p

    P.S. +.55 is the highest i've had in any skippy race, even ones where i've won and had no incidents, weird.
  2. every time u go over like 2, 3, 4. u get +40 bonus
  3. Yeah, same when you are for example 4.01 and you have a SR loss. Then you'll also go down 0,50 or more. This is to prevent changing licenses every time.
  4. aaahhh, makes perfect sense, thanks for the explanation guys :D
  5. PO'd at safety rating

    A little frustrated with the safety rating tonight. I started second in a skippy race, jumped to first after turn 3 and led wire to wire. Won the race, with no incidents at all, and as i was coming to a stop, accidentally put it into reverse. I was already at a complete stop, but iracing decided to give me a 2x for loss of control anyway. I didnt spin out at all, which is total crap to me. Plus, why the hell would you get an infraction after the race is over anyway?? sucks to run a perfect race and then get an 2x for absolutely nothing.
  6. better luck next time,at least you got the W.
  7. The bit after the race is to discourage people ramming one another once its finished. It still goes on and gets protested though. Dropping it into reverse, just be more careful in future.

    You're class D right? If so I wouldn't worry about a 2x. Its only at A that you really need to be that careful.
  8. Yea, i know, but i'm .15 away from my C liscence and the v8's so every little bit of safety rating helps :p I've had the v8's for a week now and run em around on random tracks. They are amazing and i cant wait until i can compete in them. Not far from pushing the oval up to a B either, may try to do that at texas this week. :D
  9. If you're that close to your licence just run a couple of TT sessions. Don't quit after doing the required laps, run the whole session and you may pick up 0.07 in the first and will most likely hit pay-dirt in the second ;).