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Safety Rating

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Anders Madsen, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. is it a general thing that people "tips" you off in corners?

    so far ive been punted 3 times where im sure it was on purpose, it kinda stinks.... the guy gets x2 for contact. I get for spinning, contact, offtrack and whatnot.

    is it just the way iracing is?

    Its on the rookie tracks though, so alot of nutters around i guess but still.
  2. No its not the way iRacing is, not by a long shot. I've been in iRacing since the last closed test phase and in all the races I've been in I've not once experienced a racer who I feel has deliberately punted me off. Any accidents I've been involved in have just been perhaps caused by a little inexperience or over exuberance not malice. I'm sure you will soon rise above those other rookies with a few clean races, its easy to build up your iRating as a rookie.

    What I will say - and this applies to any form of online racing is don't always look to place blame somewhere else. Watch the replays and look at your own actions and see if there was anything you could have done to avoid the accident. I'm not too proud to admit I've looked at incidents where I've been disappointed at the premature end of my race and been sure it was the other driver at fault but then reviewed the incident and seen I could have contributed to the incident and sometimes caused it too.
  3. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Actually, the iRacing rookie series don't have too much in common with the general iRacing thing.
    You can expect to meet 1000 times better guys and better driving buddies, once you've worked your way up the ladder a bit.

    Just try not to take it too serious and have a laugh about it.
    If you race clean and well, you will get rid of your red stripe in no time.
    Have fun :)
  4. Indeed, rookie 4.99 is pretty easy to get - its once you get to A that its more frustrating when you have a few incidents.
  5. cheers looking forward to get rid of rookie then.... its better to do a clean race than score a good finish if i understand correct?
  6. Yeah just race clean, try not to drop too far from your starting position but don't worry if you do, in your rookie season emphasis is on clean racing rather than setting the world on fire with a Schumi-esque type performance.
  7. Yes, but most important is to have a fun race. You shouldn't be worried about iRating while as a rookie (you cant see it but it is active), you should focus on clean races.
  8. yeh I have come to learn fast that its not how fast a lap time you do its the clean consistancy you need to think about..you can win a race without making a pass !
    just keep tight and clean and watch the rest fall off the track ! lol
    but it is highly frustrating when get punted by a back marker or held up and crash because of it... but you got think there just like you.... a learner driver and if you give them room the time will come to pass or just ask them to let you go if you are clearly quicker than them they often do let you go through..
    Im loving my time in iracing ive had it a week tonight , and ive won 2 races upto now and its great
    just keep plukin away
  9. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    I can't say I share the same experience.

    It's highly frustrating when you pull off a clean move on someone, only to have them turn in on you, or divebomb you and annihilate your safety rating.

    I hate the fact that someone completely innocent loses SR because iracing takes the stance that its down to both to avoid the incident. Sometimes you just can't avoid it.
  10. Well in rokkies i have to say there is a lot of dive bombers, alot of people who seem to think they own all of the track not just the bit they are on. I got out of rookie in a day but thats cause i took the option to run clean and not race hard. In fact i am only now in C class ovals just begining to race hard, I think once you get to C it does start getting a little better but D class is just as bad thats why i got promoted asap this week.

    In the road stuff im in C too and i have to say it is better than D was but there are more fools who seem to think they can dive every corner unlike ovals where people tend to be a little more sedate about their racing. This is my experience anyway
  11. Rookie racing is all about staying alive. As John Henry said, "Your goal as a Rookie is to get out of Rookie". The good thing is that the really bad drivers rarely get out of rookie. They just never get enough car control or testosterone control to get their Safety Rating up.

    That's the idea behind Safety Rating. The higher levels are populated with drivers, who have at least made it out of Rookie, so the racing is much cleaner.

    Having said, that I'd say 99% of the Rookie incidents aren't malicious, just bad judgement and car control. I've been helping my fiance's two son's learn iRacing. They try hard, but they just don't have the car control or judgement yet. They'll be ok and will get out of rookie, but I wouldn't want to get too close to them right now. ;-)

    If you're a D or above driver you won't have to...

    Rookies aren't malicious. Just not very good yet.... Most of them realize that other rookies are struggling just like them. There are some that wonder why they just got hit and can't understand it, but most understand. Often in those cases where tempers flair in a rookie race, it's the kettle calling the pot black. If they were really that good, they probably wouldn't have been anywhere near the guy that hit them. And if they are that good, they'll be out of rookie in a heartbeat anyway.... :eek:
  12. +1 There Jack.