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PC Safety ranking isn't optional anymore...

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by xnorb, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. xnorb

    Premium Member

    this is getting completely out of hands now.

    3 MP races, 3 times people were crashing into others on purpose.
    And let's don't forget the guys who aren't able to race (overtaking in Eau Rouge in lap 2)

    We all know AC has many shortcomings, but if there was a safety ranking in place at least the multiplayer part would be bearable.
    Problems with netcode? Start with kicking everybody with 100ms+ and everybody with lots of lost packages, that should already address most of the problems.
    (I don't know why any game dev allows joining with half a second of delay anyways...)

    I know, i know, this isn't iRacing, but come on - it should be possible to somehow keep those morons out of our attempted clean races.
    As long as there's nothing done against those guys (even flagging like in DoTa (or LOL?) would work i assume) the MP is doomed into closed chambers like club races and private leagues.

    So, ya ... get a safety ranking up and you're one giant step closer to pulling players away from iRacing (not even close, but every journey starts with the first step)
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  2. This should be linked to a game profile for each driver, which is then linked to your steam account, xbox, and ps account.
  3. iRacing has a safety rating system and it punishes both the rammer and the rammee equally. It also has to be able to detect this which is programming of its own. So you want a system that functions off a global server that tracks people's performance and what? Stratifies the community, potentially painting serial victims with the same brush as the crash happy jackasses with no means to defend themselves, or even with the implicit need to defend themselves to anyone who wants to ban them? Makes sense for a subscription service like iRacing but for a dedicated server based system like AC it just seems excessive.

    You're dealing with an age old problem. FPS communities that still have dedi code deal with this by having strong admins who ban bad players and enforce rules and standards. I presume AC dedicated server code allows for IP bans.

    If you have no admin then its fruitless to expect clean racing in a dedi server. iRacing uses the point system to try and curb bad driving, not blatant crashing by a driver. If Admins aren't around to ban the rammers then thats to be expected in my opinion.
  4. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium Member

    100+ Ping isn't a problem, unstable connection causes problems. Here on RD we run leagues with 380 ping sometimes and we don't have any issues. AS LONG AS THE CONNECTION KEEPS STABLE.
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  5. xnorb

    Premium Member

    I don't play mobas, but i've heard they have a rating system in place.

    car #2 and car #7 have contact.
    Driver of car #7 gets 6 downvotes/reports that race
    Driver of car #2 gets 0 downvotes/reports that race
    Who do you think would be flagged as the offender? ;)

    In contrary to iRacing, i absolutely wouldn't mind having people spin off track - as long as they don't cause incidents with others they easily could have avoided. (And it adds that extra thrill *g*) So maybe the safety ranking shouldn't be the dominant factor in there but rather a tool to measure the weight of the downvotes.

    Sure, there have to go way more thoughts and lots of balancing into all this, but all i'm saying is that it isn't impossible and not a very big deal to implement such a thing.
    I'm sick of people crashing in T1 or doing stupidly risky moves in the first 2 laps and this will never change in pub races if there's no system in place to "punish" such guys.
  6. You're never going to solve T1 shenanigans with that. iRacing hasn't. The only system that works is direct in situ player management. Anything else is merely a half measure.

    No more half measures Walter.

    I also am not a big fan of democratic shaming because lets be frank, its not objectively revealing because people are both dishonest and blinded by emotion in the moment. Even if you play back a replay of a contact a good chunk of the time half the people won't agree with the other half. People blatantly abuse report systems all the time and we all know that it'll be itself abused by lazy server admin who don't want to bother actually doing their bloody job of officiating their personal gaming space.

    This is on the community to self police and create its private domains. Real life racing may in some part be clean because of mutual respect, cost of damage, and of course fear of death, but its also heavily officiated. To expect similarly clean systems as a result of an impersonal automated and likely very deficient system is naive.

    Its human admins laying down the law like Dredd or is the chaos you have now. There's a reason that locked server racing leagues are the best alternative - they heavily regulate things. No system has ever existed that can automatically induce people to play a game in a more gentlemanly manner and you seriously cannot expect some downvotes to change someone's insistence on the "Senna rule" in Turn 1.
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  7. xnorb

    Premium Member

    For what i know iRacing is pretty clean.
    In AC it's not uncommon to have several restarts after mass crashing in T1.

    There are enough racers out there who want clean racing.
    You just need a system in place that enables them to do that around the clock without having to deal with random crashers.

    Not having such a system in place completely splits the community and makes sims appear dead because 50% of the players never show up in public races.

    In the end it's just a desperate outcry for SOMETHING.
    A guy waiting trackside to ram into others ... there needs to be a system to get rid of those.
  8. My ping is 190ms minimum for RD races purely because of my location, and most of the time around or above 200ms. Should I be excluded just because AC handles it badly? I have done quite a few races in @Si's F1 club races, as has @brooptss, and none of the issues we've had were due to ping.

    I've played rFactor and GSC races for 3 years now, and as long as my ping is consistent, nobody has any issues. If AC can't handle it, and guessing you've seen some evidence of 100ms ping being bad, then Kunos should rather fix it instead of excluding many of us just because it's the easy way out.
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  9. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    No :)

    The actual netcode problem should be tackled. Played R3E this week with four Australians and all went smooth as silk with their pings being under 200 (!!) for me being in the EU.
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  10. Outside of rookie but without that stratified multi-license bag its not the same. You cannot look at the net result of iRacing without looking at the full picture. Not only is it a stratified system based on multiple variables that lead to license advancement but you can be downgraded to a lower tier and besides people are paying for that specific experience. They pay to be in a league system, not just for the cars and tracks. Its a whole different thing to a dedi server sim with no global system.

    Yea its called iRacing, it costs $15 a month, or less if you buy bulk, and its full of plenty of mass lunacy.

    I told you. Active admins who enforce server rules, ban bad drivers, remind people to drive fairly and cultivate a community of racers who not only know each other but draw players to them because they know its a great place to get a good race in a public server.

    Thats how most dedi server multiplayer games manage themselves when they're not subject to a global policing system. Its in our hands, not Kunos. At best Kunos should make sure the server admin are armed with the appropriate tools but it doesn't take much to police a community, but thats the kicker. Few people want to be responsible for caretaking that which they want to participate in. I've help run many clans in many games and that's always the thing that sucks.
  11. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Ya, but moderating the server isn't really an option for obvious reasons.
    Having at least a system that supports us (safety ranking limits on servers was one of the first thoughts to cross my mind) to at least a tiny little extend would already filter out the worst guys.
  12. I think its a bit more complicated than that.

    I honestly don't see what the problem with moderation is. Automated systems can't make smart decisions and even in iRacing its very easy to lose a lot of safety rating in a few days from bad drivers. It can feel like a bad run of cars in Poker.

    So what do you do with permabans on people who break the safety rating threshold but who had the misfortune to be rammed 4 times in a row on Turn 1?

    It sounds easy until the buts enter the equation.