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Safety Car... Where are you?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Cromiell, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Okay... I saw pretty much same topic on the F1 2012 forums. My question is - Did you have SC deployed during CAREER race? I have seen serious accident involving Vettel hiting the wall and stopping in the center of circuit but of course it was not deployed. Other cars simply crashed into him... Did they really make SC so rare this year? Or maybe it is possible to make it more often by editing some file?
  2. I think we won't see it again.
  3. İ have raced in Monaco in career mode.i made a terrible accident with 4-5 cars.safety car didn't deployed.But race stopped..i wonder where safety car is :S :S :S
  4. Just had a wet race at Canada and slammed into everyone at the start (like 0% grip!), probably around half the field were stopped/smashed/backwards and nothing :S I have seen vids and it IS in the game but maybe only Maldonado can cause a crash big enough for it to come out.
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  5. the title reminds me of 'scooby doo, where are you?' :)
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  6. Had a 50% career race in Monaco recently. The conditions were just about to switch from wet to damp and that's the reason why I caused a three car collision in Mirabeau corner. The lap after - with me having lost some places and trailing behind a number of cars - I had a perfect view as an AI car crashed in the Loews hairpin and caused a huge holdup.

    The result? No safety car in either lap :( Five seconds after I passed the scene of the accident, the minimap flashed green again and I was waved green flags.
  7. I did, in Monaco. Cant remember the exact conditions tho. probably because I couldnt wait for that race to be over, lol.
  8. have you activated it when you set up the difficulty in career?
    i remember that i had to switch it on... and with race lenght less than 25%, it doesn't come out

    by the way i 've never seen it, but no serious crashes occurred..
  9. There is no option to turn it on/off in career I think.
  10. Been searching through the Database.

    When you go to Track_model, there is a tab called max_safety_car and a tab called safety_car_chance.
    Haven't tried editing these numbers, but perhaps someone else can take a look at them.
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  11. Thanks for the info. Edited chance tables by *3. Will check 50% Singapore race and post what happens.
  12. Okay... I have no *bleep* idea how does Safety Car work this year... I have tested SC in 50% race in Monaco on full simulation with database SC values edited from *3 times up to *10. There is no chance to bring out SC at the opening laps. Even the vehicles are messed up and almost lapped because of the pile up... I can't imagine racing my 100% career there. HRT will be most likely lapped over 10 times. On the 29th lap I finally managed to deploy Safety Car. And if you ask me I have no idea how, because only Schumacher crashed. Pileups do not deploy it. Where is the sense? Looks like SC is possible only when cars are spread out more in the 2nd half of the race.
  13. I saw the Safety Car on my first carrer race on Australia.
    Around lap 6 i was holding my position and Massa was trying to overtake, i got too much to the right (on pit box straight) so Massa hit the wall and after some seconds, 30-50 i saw the message of the safety car. Used this window to pit for tyres, problem is that the AI don't do this, so i got second in the end of the race, i was going to finish 10th i believe (expert) but got luck with the SC.