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Misc Safety Car Speed And Less AI Retirement 0.1

Safety car + ai retirement "fix"

  1. remydeleeuw submitted a new resource:

    Safety car speed and ai retirement - Safety car + ai retirement "fix"

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  2. how good it is relaunched, loved this mod in 2012, got a question, you also relaunched in F1 2013? if so could send the link?
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  3. I didn't relaunched it in 2013 but you can use this file for 2013 ;)
  4. airutonpurosuto8912


    Did you tried installing a Safety Car mod from 2013 in 2014?
  5. The safety car mod was created for f1 2012.
    This is only a part of that mod to speed up the safety car and make the ai pit instead of retire when they've lost their front wing or have a puncture.

    The full safety car mod won't work in f1 2013 or 14 because of a change it the trigger files
  6. 145 downloads and no review.
    Do you guys like it or don't like it? Let me know
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  7. It don't work. After installing this mod I can't play. It is loading and nothing more
  8. It works perfectly.
    Check your other installed mods.
    This is such a minor change that won't cause such an error
  9. Works well here - it really improves SC-Situations!
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  10. I checked. When I got back the original files game worked perfectly.
  11. There is just 1 file you've got to instal
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  12. OK original file
  13. Oh. Now you will think that I am stupid :unsure:. When I copied the file there i accidently renamed it :thumbsdown: So it's working now
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  14. Hahaha good to hear its working
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  15. I don't think it's possible, but ask your question in the modding request topicc.
    Maybe there is some one who can make it.
  16. airutonpurosuto8912


    For me I don't care if I didn't got yet a review in one of my works.
  17. I think he wants to be sure that the mod works for other perfect and not for review like 10000thx;)
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  18. Thats exactly what I want to know :)
  19. Do I need to restart my career or not?