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Safety Car Problem

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Chris, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Hi all,
    I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced the following scenario that I experienced a couple of hours ago.

    I was doing a 100% race at Monaco with Kimi in the Lotus, and had gotten to Lap 28 before it started raining. It started lightly, but increased to heavy rain within 3-4 minutes. Because the AI dont pit for wet/int tyres until they have zero grip, the chances of them crashing sky rocket, especially at places like Monaco.

    Which was exactly what happened to Mr. Vettel at the exit of Tabac. He DNF'd, however, the car never disappeared, it just stayed perpendicular to the track right in the middle, and there was only a small amount of room to get around him.

    Soon after, the Safety Car was triggered (Hallelujah!), however, the stricken Red Bull was still there. And wouldn't move. When the Safety Car eventually got around to the exit of Tabac, it got stuck because it couldn't pass by the Red Bull.

    I was leading the race and was right behind the safety car. I then stopped the car because i couldn't go any further forward otherwise I'd hit the safety and get DSQ'd.

    So I sat there stationary for about 10 seconds, and then apparently I got DSQ'd anyway, for no apparent reason. I didn't touch the safety car, and wasn't getting the Black & White warning flag for blocking.

    I just got DSQ'd suddenly, and ended my race. lol

    If the Red Bull had been collected then none of this would happened, but it just sat in the middle of the track eternally waiting for someone to T-Bone it.

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to video the replay, because the replay ended as the Safety car was called out for some reason.

    Anyone had a similar experience to this?
  2. Melphiz

    [TruckSim-Map Team]

    Sounds like that mod to me, that does not let retired cars disappear, else I have never had this experienced. The only time I got DSQ at Monaco was when I overtook the SC at the corners after the tunnel, haha.
  3. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I thought the safety car mod just makes the retired cars take longer to disappear. But the eventually do go.

    This one never disappeared. Stayed there for ever.
  4. Topher, I can safely (no pun intended) guarantee you it is not the SC mod that did this.

    That has only happened to me once in this game just after the going under the bridge at Suzuka. Each time I passed the car I gave it a little "bump" until I pushed it off the track and the next lap it disappeared. That was after the SC was deployed twice, the first time for the car crashed on track, the second time for the not being removed on track. Luckily there was no 3rd SC deployment. I considered it that the "Marshalls" took longer to remove the car, therefore the Sc was deployed for a longer period of time on track ;)

    But yeah, Monaco is unlike Suzuka, you can't nudge a car anywhere because there is barrier and wall all over the place. So that was an unavoidable situation.

    I've seen this type of thing happen both with and without the SC mod, so it's definitely another in-game bug.
  5. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Yes I suspected this was the case.