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Safety car mode is full of errors

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Daniel Frissen, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. safety doesn't work it all here.
    Go it in spain in wet conditions after 4 laps, I kept on delta and suddenly kimi just passed me for 2nd place. I tried to get him back but then I got a warning "no overtaking under safety car"".... Why kimi then???
    after that kimi went flat out for 4 laps until we finally caught the leader. don't think the reason for safety car is to drive out flat out...

    And finally when we reached the safety car and was driving in kimi's back I got a warning, your too far behind the car in front

    any one else experience problems like that
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  2. I never really had any issues, but I did discover some stuff recently.

    1) Under the safety car if you go too slow, others are allowed to pass you. I was trying to do some burnouts to keep my rear tires warm, and I got overtaken because I was nearly stopped.

    2) The recent 1.5 patch seems to fix this and make the AI able to keep to the Delta more realistically

    3) Fixed by the recent 1.5 patch

    One thing people need to realize that there is limits to what you can do in a game. AI simply can not be as smart as a real human being. AI can't see the difference between a crashed/spun out car and a car simply going slow to keep to the delta. So the code allows them to overtake you if you go too slow. Yes it's annoying. Is there a fix? Maybe, but I am thinking it will be pretty hard. Just try not to go too far under the delta time, so you don't have to slow down to a near standstill to get the delta back in green.

    Hope this helped
  3. thanks for your detailed answer! Appreciate it very much

    Hoe can I check if I have the 1.5 patch? I know in steam the update setting is automatic, but I'm a bit confused because these safety car errors occured last monday, guess the patch was already on it then
  4. oh I know see that the patch is from today/yesterday, then it will update when I restart the game!
  5. Correct, patch was released yesterday. Steam should download it automatically and on the splash screen (the one with the logo and copyright info) it should say Version 1.5 or something like that
  6. thx man! Then I raced 1 day too early! :) got the f**ked up sc last monday. But I nailed Kimi at the restart so no lost places :)
  7. I had a similar thing in my initial Red Bull career. Wet race, China, somebody sticks it in the wall, safety car. The rain starts & we are pushing the limit on slicks, so I dart into the pits for inters, Verstappen doesn't pit & stays on softs. When I come out & join the SC line, I'm directly behind Verstappen who is now struggling for grip even at 40mph on a slow corner. He cant keep up with the safety car, & I'm being told to close the gap to the SC, which I can't because I'll be penalized for overtaking Verstappen who is sliding about like a goose on an ice rink. I attempt to overtake him to stop being penalized for being to far behind the SC & I'm penalized for overtaking under SC conditions. We both get SAG penalties because the AI is a little gifted in it's decision making...The train of cars behind are all penalized as well. 12 cars in the pits with 5 second SAG penalties...

    *facedesk* Codies :roflmao:
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  8. It was quiet funny when it said you are to far behind you could just overtake without any penaltys given ;) But good it is fixed now.
  9. it still isn't fixed, I had a safety car yesterday at silverstone career mode 25%. It came in lap 9 or so. First virtual safety car. I got a warning that I had a negative delta so I braked, the delta went green again and Kvyat just flew right tru me, the car was transparant. I used a replay and tried again with a little less braking and it didn't happen. After that the VSC became a safety car. Got a warning that I could overtake it. After that I could race like an idiot without getting a warning. Wenn I finally got into the queue, we were driving slow in the corners and 300+ on the straight (behind a safetycar!!!).

    Also the SC stayed out way too lang, till lap 14, where there was no damaged car on track or whatever, but okay that's questionable.