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Misc Safety Car Fix 1.0

This will fix the safety car in F1 2012

  1. remydeleeuw submitted a new resource:

    Safety Car Fix (version final) - This will fix the safety car in F1 2012

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  2. remy is this version any different than the version previously available on the old forums? or is this just a re-post in the proper location?
  3. Just A repost in the new resource manager :)
  4. Gotchya. I had a question for you about what makes the game think a SC deployment is necessary.

    For instance last night I did a 25% race at Canada. Coming out of turn 4 Grosjean spun on lap 9 or whatever it was. His car stalled just to the left of the racing line, about 7 feet or so away from the wall on the right hand side of the exit of turn 4.

    Now the AI and I managed to fit by the stricken Grosjean without having to slow down too much, but the yellow flag was waived, and for all intents and purposes Grosjean's car was stopped on the racing line (in real life it would've been a safety car deployment since he was stalled basically on the racing line)....but the game never deployed the SC.

    I understand that the game uses a coordinate system to check for stricken cars that are on the racing line, but do you know how the game decides if a car is in "trouble" or not? For instance if Grosjean had spun, broken a tire off, and stopped in the same location he had, a safety car would've been deployed I'm sure. But since it was just a spin and a stall (no contact was made), the game didn't deploy a safety car...

  5. This mod have worked good to now, but in Monaco there is only yellow flag than green flag a few seconds after. Like Ricciardo crashd before the tunel and stoped in the tunel, but just 5secs with yellow than green. The same with Pic up the hill from corner 1.
  6. snthennumbers
    I think the car was not damaged enough to cal the safety car.

    @massa93: Do you have other mods installed.
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  7. @ remydeleeuw

    The Safety Car comes after the 4th lap in every race, right?
  8. Yup before lap 4 no safety car will come out on any kind of crash
  9. I have only cars, no starting lights of small mods. And have the Safety Car mod through F1 2012 Realism Mod and the Track folders from Safety Car mod.
  10. The realism mod have a tweaked driver_config file.

    I think thats the reason it happens.

    Take both of the files and change the lines from rt retirement speed and moderate damage threshold in the realism mod file to the one from the safety car mod.
  11. Ok, I changed rtRetirementSpeed from 30.0 to 70.0 but in the safety car mod file its hard to see on moderate damage threshold it stands: rtModerateDamageThreshold damagedMaxThrottle damagedCurvatureModifier dfMinDraftSeperation 1.25....

    And in realism mod it stands: <rtModerateDamageThreshold float="0.5" /> so what should I put there?
  12. you must convert the file from the safety car mod with fergo bxml converter to text, Then edit the lines and afterwards convert it back to xml again.
  13. Is there any chance that you can do that for me? :rolleyes: I just get error that the converter has stopped working... And I dont know how that work..
  14. I've made the combination of the realism driver config file and the sc driver config file for my own use so lucky you ;)
    I wil try to upload it tonight and send you the link to your inbox.
  15. Please may I have a link to your combined config file too....thank you.
  16. Ok thank you! :D
  17. Demy van Zoggel : is it ok if I upload the combined ai_driver_config file so the guys here can use it?
  18. yes thats fine with me bud!
  19. Super :)
  20. Tomorrow I'll send you guys the file.