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Safety Car Crashes the Race

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Biggles1212, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Hi. My safety car joins the race and crashes in on everyone.

    I downloaded the latest BTB last night v8.0.1 I made a few tracks and raced around some using GTR2. Then I decided to get serious and make a nice track. After completing everything I spent a few hours racing knockout and then went for race weekend.

    Standing start starts OK, but when you come around for the first lap, there's a safety car in the middle of nowhere. My aux locations are 1 in front of the start finish. Aux 2 in the pits.

    I loaded the file on Race07 and the pits don't work.

    Any ideas:sad:
  2. I've made a few more tests with Race07. The pits don't work in either practice or knockout mode either. The safety car has also position itself in the middle of the starting grid.
  3. look in the aiw file for your rfactor track for the lines similar to below in this example


    then open the aiw file in gtr2 track
    add an entry at the bottom of the [GRID] section called GridIndex=103
    copy and paste the pos and ori lines from the lines in found in your rfactor track LocationIndex=0
    to underneath GridIndex=103
    so it looks similar to this


    then add an entry at the bottom of the [PITS] section in your gtr2 aiw
    called TeamIndex=51
    copy and paste the pos and ori lines from LocationIndex=1
    underneath but add the word "Pit" before both lines
    so it looks similar to this


    you will alse need to check under the heading [TELEPORT] for the grid entries,
    if its empty, for now you can just copy out all lines from [GRID] section and paste them
    underneath [TELEPORT] excluding the GridIndex=103

    and finally copy out the last numbered grid index, pos and ori lines of the the newly placed [TELEPORT] lines to the bottom
    and rename it GridIndex=102..

    Ken -=motorfx
  4. Thanks, I'll give it a go. I've since bought rFactor the game and have forgotten about GTR2 and RACE07. Hope that's not blasphemy but I enjoy it a lot more. I miss the ghost car and have started getting into the game.

    I'd like to get back to track making though. The tracks I have made so far have been real fun and challenging to drive so I'd like to play them in rFactor too. Do you have to purchase BTB Pro separately from EVO? Otherwise there is no way for me so save a rFactor track.
  5. yes btbpro,btbevo are separated programs.but if you have the rfactor projects files you can just copy over to btbevo projects folder and re exported,without the headaches.:)

    only diffrence is it won't blend the background picture.
  6. Thanks for the help.

    It's really a pity about the programs, EVO isn't really a working program if you have to post edit. I just can't afford to purchase Pro for fun.

    I find Pro works just fine for making tracks through and there's no hassles, maybe the programmer can make a one program does everything so that we can seamlessly move between the games.

    The only difference I see in the programs is the option of what you can export to. Kind of a shame to have separated them.

    Well in the meatime I have had fun making a few off roads tracks for me and my boys. I also loaded miniville its a real blast and my eldest son is busy honing his drving skills. I admit it tougher to race miniville than the normal tracks as mistakes are far more costly.

  7. @banger: Thanks for the help, I did eventually get PRo and rFactor. I copied over the files and exported and it seems to work fine. The pits still don't work so I'll check out the above technique. Real pity though, there was nothing wrong with my money, worked the whole way to the bank. I'm sure it'll get fixed soon enough. I'd of preferred a single program with the ability to export to different sims by buying a seperate key for each. Might have made programming easier and no need to upload two patches everytime.

    I've now officially spent 3x as much dosh on BTB as the actual sims. he he. dedicated modder.
  8. stevem


    Having same problem and I did all this and it changed nothing. Safety car is still sitting halfway around the track facing the wrong way.
  9. stevem


    I found a better solution to this problem. Always make sure the (0,0) point of the grid is no where near your track. Both times I've had this safety car issue, the car was sitting on the (0,0) point.