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Safety Car anyone?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Jack Lewis, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Can you still get a safety car out in Career mode 25% race? I'm at Silverstone and still haven't had one but still been about 3 retirements per race..? Anyone got any news or something?
  2. I believe the safety car comes out similar to the real world situations. You won't automatically get a safety car if there are retirements, probably only when the retired car is obstructing the racing line.
  3. But i did have that in monaco :/ maybe i just gotta wait my chance :(
  4. Yes, I race 25% and I got the safety car in Monaco in my first season. But if you are in the lead, with a big time difference, you definitely don't want the SC.
    Never got the SC again after that though
  5. Ah right, that's good that someones actually got one :roflmao: I haven't had one at all in 2012 so looking forward to it !
  6. Had a safety car during 2nd race at Malaysia in my first season in career mode using 100% race distance, expert difficulty, legend AI with the Caterham when the rain which started light became heavy and two AI cars got wiped out. Helped me out in that instance.

    Also had one during a 25% career mode race before restarted to do a 100% career mode so it happens but like in real life it is random and depends on circumstances.
  7. Dude I play the carrer in 25% and never had appeared me the safety car, but in 20 lap monaco was deployed 3 times, only finished 10 out of 24 racers wet time
  8. Well...in my career i had SC in Australia in my 1st season...and i just saw it again in season 4 during monaco 2 times...
  9. After season 1 , i haven't seen safety car, not even monaco. And now i running season 2 in Hungaroring no safety car seen, this must be some sort of bug i think :O_o:
    I also tried to do really big crash in monaco, i blocked allmost hole track after first corner, only thing i get was yellow flag.
    I use 50% races.
  10. Had my 1st safety car ever on Malaysia 2nd season. 67% race with 2 Lotus cars leading when Raikonnen crashed on about lap5 in the 2nd corner. I was 5th but didn't pit and ended up 16th after the SC came in. No SC tweaking in the database but were using the 3xdamage mod.:geek:
  11. Hopefully the updates coming out this week on xbox might bring them out a bit more, fingers crossed and all that :thumbsup:
  12. Yeah, cant wait for the xbox update..
  13. I think it might be tomorrow :thumbsup:
  14. Singapore first time the safety car came out..
    Very surprised and happy
  15. Yep got it like 3 times this career at the moment im at.... Korea
    Just go to your local F1 2012 folder
    Open Losse_part_settings and change BOTH settings to 3.0
    Believe me those AI guy will lose there wings once or twice ;)

    + You need to keep focussing behind a AI your wing and wheels will fly big time if you crash into them
  16. just finished an 100% race in Montreal, carreer mode, and after a major crash (AI) onto the wall of Campions i had my first SC for 2 laps..Happened in lap 59