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Sadness with my G27 - buttons on shift pod not working

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Lenard Schaeffler, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. So i new G-27 has had a stumbling, maybe not its fault. My brother wanted to play my computer and I told him to setup the wheel, as simple as plugging in all the connections to the wheel and screwing in the hex head bolts I use to attach it to the desk. Should have been that simple, he was obviously not paying attention and was trying to connect the power to the wheel and went to plug it in the wrong side, he jammed it into the port for the shift pod. He realized his error then plugged it into the right port. I didnt think anything of it until he started the game and none of the buttons or shifter/dpad were working. My only thought it that because the power line was live, a couple of the pins ended up inside the power port and the outside touched the outside of the port, completing a circuit and burning out something by over loading it.

    Thats my only thought at least, it could be completely unrelated, has anyone had an issue with the shift pod that the power light comes on, nothing registers (buttons presses/shifts)

    any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

  2. Hmmmm does sound like it has 'shorted' :( That's pretty unlucky tbh

    I'm pretty sure that if you contact Logitech (assuming its still in warranty?) tell them the fault (without mentioning any unfortunate, errrr, plug errors) that they will simply send you a new unit. Logitechs after care and warranty is legendary :)

    Good luck :)
  3. If it was a short, one of you would have smelled it immediately. The sacred smell of melting components is quite unique.

    If you have a volt meter, you could always make sure.
  4. If it did short, where would it have shorted, on the board or the connector itself?
  5. From what you say it's possible that the voltage from the power supply has been applied to the pcb via the input/output connector pins, across a component or components where it wasn't supposed to be.

    I have a G27 shifter for sale in the For Sale / Swaps forum but as Brian said, if you can get a free replacement from Logitech then that's your best option. To be honest Logitech are unlikely to even open the unit if it has to be returned. It's simply not cost effective for them and from what I've heard they probably wont ask for it to be returned anyway.
  6. It could have been anywhere to be honest. The smell would have either been melting plastic, nickel, copper or any other material used in modern boards. And as above, if it won't work on your PC or another PC, then give Logitech a bell, they'll ship a new one out. Unlike Thrustmaster who tell you they don't deal with the model anymore and to go buy a T500RS.... I hate thrusmaster lol.