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[S7] - Rulebook

Discussion in 'PS3 | F1 League' started by Lance Loomis, Oct 1, 2014.

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  1. Lance Loomis

    Lance Loomis
    Wooden Spoon Racing #93 Mercedes SLS GT3 Premium

    Welcome to the Rules & Regulations thread of the PS3 F1 League!

    Every driver is expected to have read these rules, because they safeguard the quality and driving standard of the league. We have tried to provide a clear and relatively short set of rules that cover most of the situations in which the organizers, teams and drivers can get involved in.

    1.0 GENERAL

    1.1 Drivers must respect the rules and regulations and strive to keep them

    1.2 Drivers that break the rules are subject to be penalized by the stewards / organizers.

    1.3 New drivers must join at least one practice race before they can join the league

    1.4 If a situation is not covered by the Rules & Regulations the organizers decide how it must be dealt with.

    F1 Race Settings

    50% race distance, preceded by a 15 minute qualifying session

    Safety car ON

    Parc Fermé ON

    Reduced Rules

    Equal cars

    Assists : Auto-brake, ABS, TCS, and Pit Assist banned. All others (Racing Line and gearbox) are allowed.

    Dynamic weather


    F1 organizer: @Lance Loomis


    Steward : @Harry Westwood
    Steward Consultant : @Andrew Holmes
    Steward spokesman / Driver Liaison / Forum Moderator: @Lance Loomis


    Championship standings & Graphics: @Harry Westwood


    2.1 Drivers are required to have a forum account.

    2.2 Drivers are responsible to keep themselves updated with information and announcements on the forum.

    2.3 Drivers are not allowed to start a new thread unless they have permission from the organizers to do so.

    2.4 Drivers must be respectful to other drivers in any form of communication.

    2.5 Drivers must respect any request by the staff for “banter” to cease.

    2.6 Drivers need to inform the organizer of their division if they are unable to make it to a league race.

    2.7 Drivers need to inform the organizer of their division if they disconnect during a session.

    2.8 Drivers are subject to the strike system if they miss a race without any notice given. *

    2.9 Drivers have the right to report a driver if they think the rules are violated. *

    2.10 Drivers are not allowed to post their opinions on steward inquiries or steward decisions on the public forum. Opinions can be shared and explanation can be requested in a private message.

    * See the stewarding thread for further instructions.


    3.1 Drivers have to prepare themselves well for a league race.

    3.2 Drivers have to know the track well enough to cleanly drive the ideal line.

    3.3 Drivers have to be able to overtake and be overtaken without causing an accident.

    3.4 Drivers have to have enough control of the car to drive a series of clean laps on a reasonable pace.

    3.5 Drivers must adopt a clean driving style through which they always try to avoid contact with others.

    4.0 SESSION

    4.1 Drivers are not allowed to press ready in the session lobby.

    4.2 The host will wait a maximum of 10 minutes in the lobby for anyone who is late before starting the race.

    4.3 The host will send out disconnect invites before the session starts.

    4.4 Drivers who are not able to get back after their disconnect invite has expired, will be issued a DNS.

    4.5 If three or more drivers disconnect before the start of the race, the session will be restarted once.

    4.6 If more than 50% of the starting grid disconnect from the race, before the race leader has completed 75% of the race distance, the session will be restarted once. **

    4.7 If more than 50% of the starting grid disconnect from the race, after the race leader has completed 75% of the race distance, the session is red flagged and full points are awarded to the running order at the moment of the mass disconnection.

    4.8 If it is too late for two or more drivers to restart the session or a restarted session encounters an issue, the session may be postponed.

    4.9 If a race is restarted, there will not be a formation lap, the entire session including qualifying will restart.

    4.10 If a race is restarted, only those who were in the original lobby at race time are allowed to join. This includes those who disconnected during qualifying or earlier in the race and those who retired in the original race. The same applies in the case of a session that is postponed.

    4.11 The session may be postponed due to server maintenance or if there are less than 5 drivers in attendance.

    4.12 Drivers are not allowed to vote to end the qualifying session.

    4.13 Drivers are not allowed to start the race, they must wait for the host to start the race.

    ** Example: 16 drivers in the lobby, 1 driver disconnects during qualifying, 15 drivers start the race, 2 drivers disconnect in the opening laps and we lose 6 drivers during a mass disconnect before the race leader completed 75% of the race. The race will be restarted because 8 drivers is more than 50% of 15 drivers.


    5.1 Drivers must respect other drivers and understand the limitations of their own and other cars.

    5.2 Drivers must respect the track and remain within the track boundaries with at least two wheels at all times.

    5.3 Drivers are not allowed to take a shorter (cutting) or longer route (extending) around a corner.

    5.4 Minor violations of cutting or extending are tolerated, but excessive violation will be penalized.

    5.5 Drivers are not allowed to cross the white line during pit entry and pit exit.

    5.6 Drivers must respect the right of way on track and judge space accordingly when someone exits the pits.

    5.7 Drivers are not allowed to push cars out of the way in order to overtake them.

    5.8 Drivers must be patient and only attempt a pass when there is a high chance that contact can be avoided.

    5.9 Divers need to be at least halfway alongside the defending car before turn-in, to be allowed to overtake.

    5.10 Drivers are allowed to defend their position by changing lines once per straight.

    5.11 Drivers who run wide and off the track, must rejoin the track safely, parallel to the direction of the circuit.

    5.12 Drivers who lost their front wing or get a puncture, must not block other cars and move off the racing line.

    5.13 Drivers must show good sportsmanship and give the position back, if contact is made and they are at fault.

    6.0 FLAGS

    6.1 Yellow flag condition

    You have to drive cautiously on the scene of the accident and overtaking is not allowed in this situation.

    6.2 Blue flag condition

    You are a lap behind and you must let the faster driver pass as soon as you can in a safe manner.

    The faster driver must wait patiently for the slower driver to provide the opportunity to pass.

    6.3 Black flag condition

    You have received a penalty or you have been disqualified from the race.


    7.1 The scoring is based on the authentic scoring system in Formula One.

    7.2 Drivers will be awarded points if they have covered at least 75% race distance, rounded down.***

    7.3 Drivers are not able to drop races, all race results count towards the season total.

    7.4 If two or more drivers are on even points, the order goes by highest race finish.

    *** Example: Melbourne (58 laps) 75% = 43.5 laps. You need to have completed at least 43 laps.


    8.1 The top three drivers of GP2 are promoted to the F1 division at the end of the season.

    8.2 The bottom three drivers of F1 are demoted to the GP2 division at the end of the season.

    8.3 In the case of more than three available places in F1, additional drivers may get a promotion offer. And in this case, drivers are allowed to refuse a promotion offer and stay another season in GP2.

    8.4 A driver can refuse entry into F1 or drop down mid-season if there is suitable reason


    9.1 Car selection is done by random lottery at the start of a new season.

    9.2 Drivers are not allowed to drive in the same car they were in the previous season.

    9.3 Drivers are not allowed to have the same teammate they had the previous season.

    9.4 Both the F1 and GP2 champion are allowed to pick their teammate for the next season.

    9.41 Both champions can pick their teammates from from the bottom half of the gird only

    9.5 Normally, there will be no team changes during a season, but an exception can be made if two drivers lose their team mate and are willing to team up.

    9.6 Normally, there will be no car changes during a season, but an exception can be made if a car has proven to be disadvantaged compared to the rest of the grid.


    By entering in a RaceDepartment league the driver accepts the following terms;

    RaceDepartment can and may expose the name of the teams, team owners and drivers, as well as their cars and liveries in live broadcasts, preview and review movies, screenshots, articles, news items and league-related posts publicly on the website and forum.

    To confirm that you have read and understood the rules and regulations, click "Like" below.
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