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[S7] - Driver News

Discussion in 'PS3 | F1 League' started by Lance Loomis, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Lance Loomis

    Lance Loomis
    Wooden Spoon Racing #93 Mercedes SLS GT3 Premium

    This area is to be used to post media updates, I'll post an example below.

    If any but news or media, or a positive response to a posting, the delete will be posted and you could possible be given a driver warning.
  2. Lance Loomis

    Lance Loomis
    Wooden Spoon Racing #93 Mercedes SLS GT3 Premium


    Loomis excited for upcoming season

    Lance Loomis spoke to the media the either day and stated that he was very exciting for the upcoming F1 season. Although, no driver line-ups have been set, Loomis is confident that he will be able to make a championship run. "I came really close last year. Began to find my groove late in the season, grabbing my first win in RD and winning my home GP." Look out for a close battle between to friends of Samuel Muskwe and Lance Loomis.
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  3. Can anyone stop Samuel Muskwe taking his 3rd Championship in a row?

    We spoke to an excited Samuel Muskwe who was preparing for the season ahead. ''I really enjoyed last season, I had good close battles with my good friend Lance Loomis. I feel this year will be a lot harder with new cars to drive and new competitive racers. But I always love a challenge and I look forward to it!'' With Sam grabbing his 2nd title at America last year, and always being on the podium whenever he finished, people are starting to question who is going to step up and challenge the young reigning world champion...
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  4. Holmes To Return To F1?
    Rumours are beginning to arouse that former Formula One driver Andrew Holmes is to return to the paddock in 2015. With the former GP2 runner up and former Formula One driver taking a sabatical mid-way through season five whilst driving at the Sauber F1 Team, he is rumoured to be returning to the paddock in 2015. We have not had chance to speak to Andrew directly, but we cannot wait to speak to the ex-Sauber driver. Will he return and if so, who with?
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  5. Hehe arouse
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  6. Shock Return From ex Mercedes Driver
    It was announced this morning that former Mercedes AMG Petronas and McLaren Mercedes driver Thomas Glass-Burgess may return after an absence due to contractual issues following a short stint with the German team Mercedes AMG Petronas. The young Brit built his way up through the GP2 ranks, whilst at McLaren Mercedes of F1 2013 Glass-Burgess was at his best finally having the consistent pace to battle at the front of the grid scoring the fastest lap of the race in the Australian Grand Prix following drama whilst battling back through the field after an issue with his super soft tyres and a slow pit stop. He showed his pace through out the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend once again putting the McLaren on the second row and finishing the race on the podium with a brilliant 3rd place having to pump in qualifying lap after qualifying lap to reverses a harsh time penalty awarded by the stewards for a incident early in the race. Perhaps the biggest highlight in the 17 year old's career was his final race in GP2. Glass-Burgess started the Monaco Grand Prix from last position and was delighted to see that the race was mixed conditions opening an opportunity for him to fight through the glorious streets of the Principality. After the rain arrived and all drivers were on the intermediate tyres Glass-Burgess managed to defend his position to maintain a brilliant 3rd place securing his first podium in Monaco. However following his great start to the season he then received a call from Mercedes AMG Petronas asking him to move up to their F1 team. Despite having two good finishes of 5th place in Canada and the Nürburgring he then faced issues within the team prompting him leaving the sport. Until now he had remained quiet and out of know where today he announced he is looking for a seat for the coming season
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  7. Lance Loomis

    Lance Loomis
    Wooden Spoon Racing #93 Mercedes SLS GT3 Premium

    Schedule to be announced soon!

    With the upcoming pre-season testing arriving this weekend, driver/coordinator, Lance Loomis said "We are waiting on some input from some of the drivers to decide what 2 tracks shall be removed the calendar. After that, we will be able to go!". Loomis also stated that the drivers haven't fully decided on a random draw or to pick their cars for the upcoming season.
  8. Returning Glass-Burgess looks to Mercedes power for next season
    It was confirmed yesterday morning that former F1 and GP2 racer Thomas Glass-Burgess would return to the league after a season break. Rumours broke today that the young Brit is looking to Mercedes power for the forthcoming season dropping hints that he has the intention to return to a Woking based team McLaren. However if he is seeking Mercedes power then there could be a possibility of Glass-Burgess speaking with Mercedes AMG Petronas, Williams Martini Racing and Sahara Force India that will use Mercedes power this season
  9. @Thomas Glass-Burgess Commas dude... Use them XD
    Also I may be getting the game at some point into the season, and if I do I know I'm going for anything I can that's ferrari powered if possible as I love the sound of their engine most
  10. Plus it's like the one engine I haven't used in league racing
  11. From formula Renault 1.6 into F1?
    Rumours are beginning that the 16 year old Formula Renault 1.6 driver Job van Uitert goes to F1. According to the rumours Job has signed at Red Bull Racing for 1 year, but Job denies all the rumours... To be continued...
  12. Lance Loomis

    Lance Loomis
    Wooden Spoon Racing #93 Mercedes SLS GT3 Premium

    Excited for upcoming season
    Lance Loomis has expressed nothing but pure excitement for the upcoming season following the pre-season testing. "I drove around in the Williams, which was fantastic over race distance. Was able to close a 8 second gap and take the victory. However, you I got in 1st was a little unethical, @hamilton_f1_123, deserves the victory." The league is currently waiting on teams to sign their drivers before the scheduled start date of November 9th. Loomis is hoping to land a Williams set after his debut, but the WDC runner-up is open to all offers and wants to finally defeat, his close friend, @Samuel Muskwe (2x defending champion).
  13. Lance Loomis

    Lance Loomis
    Wooden Spoon Racing #93 Mercedes SLS GT3 Premium

    Ferrari Re-sign Loomis
    Marco Mattacci was excited to re-sign Loomis after last seasons' close battle with @Samuel Muskwe. "We at Ferrari are very happy to be bringing the American back. With the edition of @FarnandoAlonso, we have a big chance of taking both the WDC and WCC." Mattacci said. "I'm glad to be back with the Scuderia, we have all the tools in place to be very successful this year. It will be a very close battle with my new teammate and I'm super excited." Loomis stated shortly after re-signing his Ferrari contract.
    Look out for the Scuderia in Australia, November 8th - 9th.
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  14. Luck changing for Glass-Burgess?
    Williams Martini Racing driver Thomas Glass-Burgess is yet to even gain any mileage in the 2014 Williams FW36, this has been down to a couple of reasons. The main reason for only one Williams being on the grid is the technical and electrical issues with the #27 car, firstly the pedals and wheel faced sensor issues during last checks before the Australian Grand Prix weekend which required parts that only arrived today. The other issue that the Brit faced was software issues with the 1.6 litre V6 power unit package that will be replaced for the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend. We spoke with Glass-Burgess earlier today and he had this to say, "it's immensely frustrating as I signed for Williams Martini with the hope that they could provide me with a reliable and quick car, it's clear from the sim that the car is quick, unfortunately we have some software reliability issues that could be crucial to the championship. I am hoping that non if these problems will effect me in Bahrain or indeed any of the races this year and who knows there could be some surprises."
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    Andrew Holmes has been in talks with F1 teams for a while now and he has been almost forgotten about since his last race in the league at Spa-Francorchamps, but it seems now that Holmes has secured a drive for 2015 in the league's new era on the next generation consoles. Andrew took time out of Formula One driving in the Open-Wheel Championship, Formula C in the GRID Series.

    Holmes says: "Yes, the Formula C Championship has helped me to return to the roots of racing, driving around more slowly than usual has helped me regain my speed I hope, haha. Also I have raced a new 2014 chassis around the Red Bull Ring, and I have to say I think that it will be a struggle in my first year back. The steering is not to my liking, but I will adapt and hopefully will be able to knock Sam off of his perch!"

    Will Holmes return and claim the title that he never could in his last career?