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S4|Stewards Office

Discussion in 'TNGTC GT3 - GT3 Pro' started by Adam Morris, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Adam Morris

    Adam Morris
    (TNGTC) #86 M3 GT3 - O&M Racing Premium Member

    This is the Season Four Stewards’ Office for the Thursday Night GT Championship. If you wish to report an incident or activity, drivers must have video footage of the incident, and should provide onboard footage and outside footage of each driver involved to give the stewards the best insight possible. If you do not have video footage, your enquiry will not be reviewed. Drivers will have one post to explain their side of the story; if drivers begin to argue, they will be sanctioned.


    S4 Stewarding Team

    .Thomas While
    .Jonathan Seeking's

    Stewards Enquiry's

    .Must Have Footage Showing The Incident
    .Name Of Drivers Involved
    .Time Period Of The Related Incident
    .Brief Statement Of Your View Of The Incident
  2. Hi. Just posting so I get notifications for this thread
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  3. Lance Loomis

    Lance Loomis
    Team Merica #64 Corvette C7.R Premium Member

    Leaving the track and gaining an advantage.

    .Must Have Footage Showing The Incident

    .Name Of Drivers Involved - Benji and Lance

    .Time Period Of The Related Incident - First video full video. Second video from 31:37 - 31:55

    .Brief Statement Of Your View Of The Incident - Benji and Liam get a small contact glitch pushing Benji off the track, upon rejoining, Benji runs wide out of the last turn and keeps the throttle down allowing him to pass me off the track. I was ahead of Benji for a short time but the pass HAS to be completed on the circuit.

    Even though Benji finished almost a full lap in front of me, we have all read the rules and regulations, this is clearly an illegal overtake. A time penalty might be too much but some penalty points can be handed out.
  4. I was taking avoiding action as I know from past experience that when you have a contact glitch, you're going straight on. I didn't want to ruin Liam's race by this so I went straight on and had to take the outside of the kerb as a crash between me and lance would've happened if I came back on before hand. I also did not see that lance had overtaken me and didn't know to give back the position.

    It could be seen as an illegal overtake but I personally see it as a avoided contract and as I said before I did not know lance had overtaken me for a brief moment. If I had seen this I would've backed off for sure.

    I can see where lance is coming from but over a 2 hour race, something this minor is not worthy of a penalty. I hope this doesn't cause any tension between us two lance, I really like you as a person.

    My POV is shown above so I will not be uploading any video.
    Also on a side note, I think everyone should either Livesteam or record their race with the share button which videos 60 minutes now and then upload it straight after the race so the stewards can properly see our POV's and what we actually seen at the moment of the accident.
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  5. Thanks for the videos and the descriptions. We'll have a verdict on this incident as soon as possible.
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  6. Steward's Decision
    - Benji is to be given a five second penalty for an illegal overtake.

    We understand that Benji was avoiding an incident which is why he ended up off the track and he wasn't sure whether to give back the position. However he clearly broke the rules as he gained an advantage and overtook whilst all four wheels were over the white line.
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  7. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member

    Results remain unchanged just in case anyone wondered Benji was 8.3 ahead of Andrew
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