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S4 | Sprint Post-Race Press Conferences

Discussion in 'TNGTC GT3 - GT3 Pro' started by LIAMATTHURSO, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. If you finish in the top 3 of the sprint race please be aware that i will send questions via the forums private messaging, which i just need you to reply to with your answers to the questions.
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    Note: I was not involved as i finished on both podiums, however this will be resolved for if anyone finishes on both podiums in the future

    Matt's Questions

    So, Matt, that must be a great feeling, but coming into the race did you think a win was possible?

    Not initially with Nic in front, but I managed a good start and he had a shocker and going into the 1st corner I had Benji behind. My confidence started to build after the first few laps when I started to increase the gap little by little and could see on the track map there were 3 in the lead pack and others were further behind. I managed my pace to not push too hard and lose control, I had a very uneventful race in that respect, no major moments, just a few slightly tardy laps mixed in. Overall pace wasn't the quickest out there, but as I have experienced in previous races, being in the pack can cost a great deal of overall race time, bad news. So to cut a short story long.....Clean start, unbelievably no mistakes and brought her home. Very happy with the result with the level of competition here, it is fierce to say the least. Fastest overall group of racers I have faced, credit to all racing.

    There was a lot of incidents in that race, do you think the key was keeping yourself out of trouble?

    Yes, as I mentioned in the last comment, I got a clean start and managed to pull away from the following cars, building a gap which I'm glad was 7 second when Liam passed Benji. Having no issues previously meant that gap was almost unassailable, barring a 'moment'. I had to keep telling myself not to push too much, as an accident is always very close on the limit, or when you lose concentration, which I was close to doing at times.

    You spoke of feeling the pressure when Liam got into P2, but were their any other points you felt pressure, or did you believe if you did what you can you would win?

    Once the first lap or so was complete I could see the gap to Benji increasing gradually, so I didn't feel the need to overdrive the car. In answer, I did not feel under pressure really, it was a good feeling to be honest, being able to just drive 9/10 and keep an eye on following cars and manage temps. That was the key for me I think.

    Omaris Questions

    So we have now P3 finisher from the sprint Omari, so obviously P3 is a great result from the back, do you think without your incident on lap 2, any higher could have been possible?

    Hindsight is a beautiful b***h. I think i could have but thats easy to say after the race. Just happy to finish on the podium after that incident.

    The M3 was the favourite here, but a few tracks coming up, won't suit the M3, are you looking ahead to them at all?

    No....i just take it one race at a time

    Next we go to the first endurance of the season, is Silverstone a track you could enjoy 2 hours around?

    I like silverstone and is always easy to drive round for a long period of time on a track u like.
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