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S4 | Sprint Post-Race Press Conferences

Discussion in 'TNGTC GT3 - GT3 Pro' started by LIAMATTHURSO, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. If you finish in the top 3 of the sprint race please be aware that i will send questions via the forums private messaging, which i just need you to reply to with your answers to the questions.
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    Note: I was not involved as i finished on both podiums, however this will be resolved for if anyone finishes on both podiums in the future

    Matt's Questions

    So, Matt, that must be a great feeling, but coming into the race did you think a win was possible?

    Not initially with Nic in front, but I managed a good start and he had a shocker and going into the 1st corner I had Benji behind. My confidence started to build after the first few laps when I started to increase the gap little by little and could see on the track map there were 3 in the lead pack and others were further behind. I managed my pace to not push too hard and lose control, I had a very uneventful race in that respect, no major moments, just a few slightly tardy laps mixed in. Overall pace wasn't the quickest out there, but as I have experienced in previous races, being in the pack can cost a great deal of overall race time, bad news. So to cut a short story long.....Clean start, unbelievably no mistakes and brought her home. Very happy with the result with the level of competition here, it is fierce to say the least. Fastest overall group of racers I have faced, credit to all racing.

    There was a lot of incidents in that race, do you think the key was keeping yourself out of trouble?

    Yes, as I mentioned in the last comment, I got a clean start and managed to pull away from the following cars, building a gap which I'm glad was 7 second when Liam passed Benji. Having no issues previously meant that gap was almost unassailable, barring a 'moment'. I had to keep telling myself not to push too much, as an accident is always very close on the limit, or when you lose concentration, which I was close to doing at times.

    You spoke of feeling the pressure when Liam got into P2, but were their any other points you felt pressure, or did you believe if you did what you can you would win?

    Once the first lap or so was complete I could see the gap to Benji increasing gradually, so I didn't feel the need to overdrive the car. In answer, I did not feel under pressure really, it was a good feeling to be honest, being able to just drive 9/10 and keep an eye on following cars and manage temps. That was the key for me I think.

    Omaris Questions

    So we have now P3 finisher from the sprint Omari, so obviously P3 is a great result from the back, do you think without your incident on lap 2, any higher could have been possible?

    Hindsight is a beautiful b***h. I think i could have but thats easy to say after the race. Just happy to finish on the podium after that incident.

    The M3 was the favourite here, but a few tracks coming up, won't suit the M3, are you looking ahead to them at all?

    No....i just take it one race at a time

    Next we go to the first endurance of the season, is Silverstone a track you could enjoy 2 hours around?

    I like silverstone and is always easy to drive round for a long period of time on a track u like.
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  3. Bathurst Questions


    Starting off the sprint podium we have Ben, so there was alot of chaos at the start of that race, how much did that help your race?

    fair bit I guess meant less overtaking for me looked like silliness to me but even so I had a lot of work to do from p4

    Double podiums at events are rare, did you feel it was possible?

    Not really because I changed to Mercedes for this race so expected a learning period but happy to bag these results and move up in the championship

    Monaco up next, how do you fancy your chances?

    Monaco is stupid for GT3 cars and I said this in season 1 as well as pre-season so can't understand why we race at crap tracks when others are more suitable. Points would be amazing can't wait

    Benji's Questions

    2nd on the sprint podium is Benji, so that's a double podium for you, did you believe before the race that the SLS was just that good?

    No, absolutely not. I always had a feeling the M3's would find pace and catch up. And in the sprint race I didn't think I could come though the entire field, especially with the chaos that happened just of the line.

    How inportant did you feel staying out of all the chaos in that race was?

    A slight touch of a wall gives you 1% damage which surprising can effect your car massively. Thoughout both race I manly focused on not hitting walls and when I did come up to the back of someone, I waited until the straight to release my Mercedes power.

    Monaco next, followed by Zhuhai which is a track that suits the SLS, Is monaco damage limitation or do you feel confident?

    Monaco is 100% damage limitation. If we can get ahead, parking the bus will be our main strategy. But if Monaco is driven like Bathurst, it may not be as bad as people would imagine for the Mercedes.

    Andrew's Questions

    Rounding out the sprint podium is Andrew, So that's a double podium for you, must be the ideal result?

    The ideal result would've been first, so a good result but not ideal.

    Your team scored 2 double podiums, this must be very uplifting in your constructors hopes?

    Yeah it was a pretty good day, we missed only missed six points throughout the races, we got 65 points all in all so pretty good.

    When you lined up near the back, did you honestly think "I can get a podium here"?

    Definitely, I knew it was on the cards. Hell I had massive car damage and still got third so I reckon the team could've been closer to a 1-2 without damage. But that's the way it goes

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  4. Monaco Questions


    1st up on the sprint podium is Adam, you didn't initially take pole, how important was turn 1?

    It was make or break into turn1 really, I knew if I could get passed there I could just control the race and fetch it home for my first win of the season.

    You didn't manage to take fastest lap, was that a sign of you taking it easy?

    Yes I didn't want to push to early on in the race with the risk of a wall ending my race lol and Jeremy was on my tail for the full race so needed to take a air of caution when I did try towards the end of the race I almost binned it in the swimming pool section

    You and your teammate were tipped to be Spam Fritters biggest rivals, which hasn't come to fruition as of yet, do you feel it can be turned around?

    we are working harder than ever to pull back the gap on us that was made at Silverstone, We have abit to go yet but we both feel with the tracks coming up that we will catch them up "We Hope"

    Matt's Questions

    In the 2nd step we have Matt, so 2nd place, how do you view that, a solid result, or a bit of a loss seen as you took pole?

    I was happy with 2nd, but fear this was the one that got away. I think I had the pace to keep Adam behind me, had I have got a better start. A solid result none the less.

    You seem to be getting up to speed with the M3, is making results like this frequent your aim?

    Thanks. I am getting to grips a little with the standard changes needing to be made to the car, then it is just tweaking for each track, certainly for me it is. I would be happy if I could once sit out the sprint qualifying after a more solid feature race finish, but I do feel the pace is coming and hope to make running near the front a much more regular thing!

    Zhuhai next, what do you know of this track and do you like it?

    Zhuhai....Hmmmm.......Previously only ran in the dark and wet here and not many laps at that. This track was at the end of the last season just after I joined. After running a little more I am finding the groove around here and my pace is starting to get there. We will see how it shapes up come race day, but fairly happy with my pace at the moment and getting into the track the more I drive it.

    Benji's Questions

    Rounding out the podium is Benji, your 4th podium of the season, this must put you in good steed for Zhuhai which is expected to be SLS friendly?

    Yeah I'm very pleased with my recent form and if you told me after Snetterton that in the next 5 races, I would be on the podium 4 times. I wouldn't have believed you. I honestly don't think the Mercedes is going to be as dominant at Zhuhai as people think, yes it will be very quick. But I don't think it will be as good as Bathurst.

    How exciting was your race, as behind there was alot of chaos?

    Not much happened. It was more a chase of managing the gaps with the most excitement being getting super close to the walls.

    Zhuhai will be a special track to you, thescene of your first win, what do you remember of it, and how desperate are you to win a race?

    Zhuhai is definitely a very special race for me. I raced my first ever league race around here were I had an interesting and enjoyable battle with Nic. Then As you said I won my first race and only around Zhuhai which I think was only a couple of weeks after having my 1st anniversary of league racing. It was a very special moment and my Instagram post shows it all hehe.

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  5. Zhuhai Questions


    Again, and the first time ever under this format, we have Andrew again, so this must be great, winning a feature and sprint?

    Yeah it's a great feeling to know that under this format I'm the first guy to do this; that's another record for me in this championship; first winner, first champion, youngest champion and now this one, so yeah it's a good feeling.

    You were up to P2 after turn 2, was that the crucial thing in getting the result?

    The good start certainly helped, made sure I was within only one position of the win so it was pretty important.

    You were only one of 2 drivers not to pit, what were those conditions like in the closing laps?

    A little tricky, but they weren't the hardest conditions I've faced. That would go to the heavy fog being lit up by the sun, and heavy rain at Le Mans season two. It was hard not to lock up, which I did a couple of times, but generally not too bad


    So 2nd on the sprint podium is ben, that must be a bit of a lift after a feature that left a lot to be desired?

    Well the feature race wasn't ideal but it shows how close this series is I was just at the back of a close pack but like you said it was a relief to bag p2 in the sprint

    You started on intermediate tyres, which turned out to be a good strategical call, but do you feel you could have won if you started on drys and done what everyone else did?

    No and that's why I gambled plus I based my choice on the predicted weather unfortunately it changed again for the start and eventually changed back at the right time lucky really

    With the break about to be over are you looking forward to getting back racing?

    Not really thought about calling it a day but decided to race on until the end of the season and re evaluate it again

    Lance's Questions

    Rounding off the podium is Lance, so this is the first time we've interviewed you, how was it to return to the podium?

    Always feels great, second podium of the season in two different cars.

    This is the first round where you and your team mate switched car, are you expecting an upturn in results due to this?

    With the base setup that Dom and I have, we are hoping so. Each track just needs some minor tweaks and the car feels amazing.

    Next up is Road America, do you expect the aston to be quick there?

    It's a v12 so I would hope so, lol. Don't want to give the pace away but we are right there with the m3's, if not faster.

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  6. Road America Questions

    Dominic: (P1)

    First up in the Sprint result is Dominic, so that's the first win in the Aston, was the car change what you needed to return to winning ways?

    A win has always been possible even with the turtle vette but the car change certainly made it a lot easier. It's been overdue, some bad luck in Zhuhai with lag and power outage in RA feature denied me 2 wins.

    Also it's a home win for you and the team, with limited numbers of American tracks, what's it like to win here?

    It was certainly a priority to bring home a win for team Merica on American soil. Bailed on the American car so least I could do was try to win at home.

    The feature race win is still missing, is that what you really want?

    At this point I'm not chasing it down, it will come. All the pre-requisites are there, just the right day wih no bad luck and it will come. Main focus is to be fast, execute a good race, and have fun... where ever that puts me at the checked flag is good enuff for me really

    Ben: (P2)

    Up next for the sprint is Ben, so how was that race for you?

    Good thanks much like the last time we talked the feature was a mess so was vital to do well in this sprint race. Start was amazing dived left then right to take the lead

    With Nic starting up top, who was a contender for the feature, how realistic did you rate your chances of P1?

    Good to begin with but once he got passed (sorry again for contact nic) and I saw his pace which was ridiculous I settled for 2nd lol

    The championship table is starting to settle down, who would you see as your rivals?

    Well I'm missing one maybe two events so it will change as I drop down the table. I would say Andrew Gaz and Benji so far they are the most consistent performers but Nic is lurking with intent

    Gaz: (P3)

    Taking the final spot is Gaz, taking a podium from the back is always an achievement, how was this one?

    Yeahh it felt good to get on the podium, especially after what unfolded in the feature race,

    Does the result make up for what was presumably dropped points in the feature?

    Kind of does and doesn't, feel I had some decent pace to potentially go for win or second, but the podium definitely helps with people That are close to me in championship finishing below me

    Spain is coming up next, returning since it's absence in season 3, are you looking forward to it?

    Yeahh I'm looking forward to it for some reason, think the m3 actually seems to work pretty well on this track, which makes up for the previous cars I've used here

    (Gaz made me put his black and yellow) wiz_khalifa___black_and_yellow_by_jayayy-d34jxxr.png
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  7. Spain Sprint Race

    Andrew: (P1)

    On the top step for the sprint is Andrew, was that result a must in damage limitation for this round?

    Of course it was a must. The Mercedes was miles off here, to salvage a win after issues in Race One was both necessary and a relief.

    You had to fend off 2 of the Feature Race podium finishers late on, that must have been a tall order?

    Not particularly, to be honest the hardest challenge of the second race was overtaking Matt.

    There was an enquiry after the race on your rival Gaz, which would have dropped him 4 places, halfway through the season is it already a case of every point is going to matter?

    Yes it's been a case of every point matters since Round One. If you look at the calendar, every track apart from Le Mans and Bathurst suit the BMW M3. Up until now it hasn't been a massive issue. But if you look at myself and my team-mate's pace, you could barely separate us in Qualifying, and we were nearly over 1.6 seconds off. We were 6 tenths off the slowest M3 in contention. Says a lot about the car. Gaz is now over 50 points ahead in the championship, and it's a massive ask to beat him at any round apart from Le Mans now because the M3 is such an amazing package. If I win this championship, it will have been the greatest feat of my entire racing career spanning many years because it will have been a humongous uphill struggle as an underdog.

    Gaz: (P2)

    Taking 2nd place, and having a double podium event is Gaz, the wins aren't coming as thick and fast as they were at the start, but are you still happy with consistent high points scoring?

    They are still there lurking in the background don't worry, just haven't made the best of my opportunities in last couple events, but yeah still doing what I need to for now, consistency is what you need

    You had to try and take on Andrew for the win, was the SLS' Straight line speed enough for him to edge it?

    Well the straight definitely helped him defend in few places, to be honest I could of passed as few times but was it worth the risk of having contact and dropping like 2-3 places for no reason effectively

    There was an enquiry on you after the race, which eventually you were found innocent for, how would you have felt if the stewards had judged you guilty?

    How do I feel after and would I of felt, well I'm not sure I can really say my feelings on open forum, but I'm glad stewards took no action have some sense

    Nic: (P3)

    This time on the opposite step on the podium is Nic, that's a double podium for you here, which is always a good result, but did you feel it was possible?

    Yes definitely possible, was very strong here and with the long straight, plenty of stress free overtaking opportunities...

    There was a battle going on ahead of you for P1 & P2, were you planning on getting involved, or were you going to hold back and pick up on any scraps?

    Haha was just planning on being the referee to stop someone from knocking the other one out, but if they both tko'd was surely gonna drink that extra big bottle of champagne in a bigger trophy lol... one more lap and maybe an opportunity would have arisen

    Sprint races are always chaotic, but it look like you got through the pack here largely incident free?

    Yes sprint races are usually hit or miss for me and are very tough to navigate without incident. Had the right combination of gaps and timing to go for and came out unscathed. Slight contact with frank and later benji but all in name of racing...
  8. Spa Sprint

    Andrew: (P1)

    Another sprint win for you Andrew, sprint wins are becoming a bit of a habit, but some features haven't gone so well, are sprint races becoming your save and grace in some events?

    Yeah, Sprint wins are only a habit because I often get shafted in race one. Spa was no exception. My championship chances have been fried due to contact with drivers who seemingly forget that we're racing, not in a last-man standing demolition derby. The only way I can recover any credibility is by winning the sprint, which I did in Spain, Zhuhai and Spa.

    You had to fend off Ben and Omari, were you going to go all out to try and win, since you DNF'd race 1?

    That's what we're here to do. To be honest I was looking for a fun race, you always get great racing with @Ben Milden, he's one of the best racers on the grid. His racecraft is impeccable, he's strong in every area, and it's always a laugh when battling him. Not many people I can say that about. He's one of only three or four drivers on the grid I can trust not to turn a GT3 race into a BTCC race.

    You have no team-mate now, is this something you plan on changing or will you see out the season as a solo competitor?

    No idea, as far as I understand it, Benji is back for Le Mans. My only goal now for this season is to destroy everyone at Le Mans. I won by quite a gap in Season One, nearly won in Season Two in an M3 against two Mercs, won in Season Three in the M3, so now I want to dominate Le Mans. Fastest testing lap, pole position, fastest lap and the win is my goal.

    Ben: (P2)

    Taking P2 and a double podium, is Ben, what is it with you and starting at the back in Spa?

    I no right don't make it easy for myself, I wasn't completely at the back this time so was a bit easier

    You're finally allowed to qualify in the V12, With Brno next, a track where the aston is competitive, how confident are you for that event?

    I'm in a good place with driving right now so I'm basically motivated to race and do well, hopefully we can end Adams recent success

    You were fighting Andrew for the win, how willing were you going to be to risk it for the win?

    We aren't teammates so I tried all I could to win with out throwing away p2 but Andrew drove very well and the merc is a weapon on the straights. Anyone that saw us through eau rouge on the last lap knows we both were on the limit

    Omari: (P3)

    Taking P3 Around Spa is Omari, A podium must be a small glimmer of light in what was a lacklustre round?

    Not really. Was having wheel problems and was nowhere near the pace i could have been. A podium is a podium tho and is always welcome

    With Andrew at the front, the SLS was always going to be hard to pass with it's power, how ambitious were you of being able to beat him?

    Once he got past it would have taken a mistake for me to get back past him. Didnt matter if m3 had advantage in sector 2. Sectors 1 & 3 that thing was flying

    Soon on Ben joined the fight, did you switch to just trying to hold him off, or were you balancing defence and attack?

    Didnt have a chance to think about it......lap 2 andrew assisted ben with slipstream and he flew past to.
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  9. Brno Questions

    Nic: (P1)

    Becoming the 2nd double winner at an event, you must be ecstatic about this?

    Yea it's been a ride! Had to take advantage of the top dogs having a weak week...

    The workings of the sprint race have been much discussed and (provisionally) tweaked, after a round like that, are you looking forward to the changes?

    The changes would make it more difficult to achieve what I was able to do points wise but same characteristic really...

    Hockenheim next, a track which seems very love or hate, what do you think of it, and how confident do you feel?

    I think Hockenheim is a great track but really needs some strong stable braking which the Aston isn't great at so I reckon it will be a tough round for me, but we keep fighting...

    Ben: (P2)

    Taking P2, How do you look at that, you had a bad feature, but gained some back in the sprint, but lost to someone starting at the back, one that got away?

    No very pleased to be honest I diagnosed my issues in the feature race so knew the only person who could catch me was Nic so wasn't a surprise and remember he was p4 at turn one. So all in all it was agood haul of points and another podium things are going in the right direction

    You're becoming locked in battle with 4 or 5 drivers around for the P2 spot, although Dominic looks favourite to take P2, youobviously want P3, but who around you do you really want to beat?

    I'm not really looking at the points as p1 is all that matters. Just trying to win some races and get some podiums

    With Hockenheim next, how competitive do you expect the V12 to be?

    Should be good I love the track but we will have mixed weather so that tends to favour the M3. Will be interesting anyway

    Matt: (P3)

    Taking P3 in the sprint is Matt, What was that race like for you in general?

    Race started pretty well, was able to keep Ben in front, but a few laps in noticed Nic was in 3rd. I started to lose some pace mid race and Ben managed to close up and make a pass. I then had to go defensive against Nic when coming into the last chicane and it cost me time taking the inside line. Nic was able to line me up and pass inside going onto the straight and had the legs to complete the move. Without me resorting to dirty tactics there wasn't a great deal I could have done. Happy overall with 3rd.

    Nic came from the back to win, what was your mentality for dealing with someone on such a charge?

    Had to just keep pushing whilst being aware he was closing along with Ben. I couldn't keep up the pace, so it was just a matter of time I thought. As soon as I had to get defensive I started losing time and there is plenty of space around Brno for the switchback.

    3 Car teams have been announced, you were one in favour of it, how do you feel this will impact the league?

    I am not sure really. The teams thing is secondary to individual performance in my eyes, so I avidly look at teams positions, but do not take too much into them. It will be interesting to see how it pans out, there is always S6 to change it back if it nose dives. I suspect it will be much the same, as long as we have 15 drivers for the next season.