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S4 | Post Race Press Conferences

Discussion in 'TNGTC GT3 - GT3 Pro' started by LIAMATTHURSO, Nov 18, 2016.

who should be interviewed after races?

Poll closed Nov 24, 2016.
  1. Just feature race top 3

  2. Feature + Sprint top 3

  1. Here is where the top 3 from the feature race (Subject to change) will be interviewed about how their races went.

    Above is a poll i request everyone answers, as it will decide who gets interviewed after races.
  2. So here we are with race winner, Gaz. So you started the season in the way you spent most of last season, this must surely be your ideal start?

    Fantastic way to start for sure, wasn't happy with the car in practice as just couldn't drive it consistently from lap to lap, But come race day it was like a switch was flipped and it all fell into place, hope i can continue on to the next event,

    Last season you won the championship with 9 wins, Do you think you can top that in an even shorter calendar?

    One can hope that could better that, but could be quite hard with how many people it looks like could actually win a race this season, just going to have to be in the right place at the right time,

    Next up is Snetterton, a track new to TNGTC, I know you personally were a fan of it being on the calendar, are you expecting more of the same again?

    Yeah i was indeed a fan of adding something new like this track, but funny enough i haven't even turned a wheel on it in a gt car, but its got some good flowing corners so hopefully can get up on podium again

    So here is P2 finisher, Nic. So nic, you've been talking up your C7.Rs hunt for the M3, you didn't quite get them all, but is P2 an achievement or an annoyance, being 1 place from top?

    P2 has certainly been an achievement, I believe that I've maximized the car's potential at Brands and I qualified where I could, so to gain 3 places was quite the achievement. I will struggle with the car in places but will also be competitive in a few, goal #1 achieved.

    There was alot of chaos at T2 in the sprint, what was your view of it?

    T2 in the sprint was rather chaotic. I believe that I suffered the most from it as I had a pretty good start and may have been able to podium. It is what it is and that's racing, all in the fun for an exciting sprint concept.

    The C7.R is a relatively unknown car in TNGTC, Making a cameo appearance in half of S2 in the hands of your team mate, have you worked out its strengths and weaknesses yet?

    The C7.R is quite an acquired taste. It has hidden strengths and transparent weaknesses that you have to maximize and limit by flogging. I'd admit, I was discouraged pre-season with its pace compared to the bmw's but I was committed to my challenge and my team mate representing the American team in an American car so I went all in. It will get harder but so far so good. I hope to make this unknown car a known one on the top step of S4. It'll be hard work but I'm pumped!

    So here we are with P3 finisher Adam, so first off. You got a solid first race, claiming 15 points, but that sprint must be a let down?

    Yeah, I was happy I managed to finish on the podium for the 1st race always helps the confidence going forward had a great battle with Dominic and Omari was just a shame to lose 2nd due to a spin in turn 2. The Sprint race was Alot closer between drivers than I thought it would be and starting at the back it was a task to try and make ground, Slight contact with Andrew cost me towards the end but I'm happy with the Results strong finish for the team by myself and Omari taking his 1st win of the season

    After this 1st round, is the grid much different in terms of who's where much different than what you expected?

    The Grid Has Improved Alot since last season which I Exspected, all the new drivers Frank, Matt, Jeremy and Ramzi all have show potential they will make great drivers In this league. Gaz has made a great start to his championship Defemce just as fast as ever, Andrew has found his form again and is looking strong and Everyone else on the grid has improved its way to close :) This will be the most competitive season we've had yet in my opinion and I look forward to it.

    And finally, with snetterton coming up, a track new to TNGTC, Do you feel it being a level field in terms of knowledge help or hinder you?

    I'm not very familiar with Snetterton 300 I've seen races there but I've only done around 5-6 laps testing in the M3, from what I've seen of the track it looks like it should suit my care quite nicely felt well balanced but the gearbox needed work hopefully this new circuit will make for a great race with how close the Grid Is just mind out for those kurbs ;).
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    Gaz' Questions

    First up we have race winner gaz, 2 from 2, have these rounds been perfect?

    Well near enough perfect start one could say, bit of a shame that both sprint races haven't got slightly higher up but still, it's a long season so still long way to go yet.

    You underfueled for the race, and fuel saved, if you had dropped down off the grid, how would this have affected your attempts to get the win?

    Well I now have underfueled a few times on purpose, I seem to have good fuel saving driving naturally while still maintaining the speed, was like nearly 1.5 laps short at start, but yeah risky as had Adam closer than I thought so had to push for one lap and save like next two luckily got away with it,

    How did you find the track seen as it was a new one?

    Good track, nice flowing, kerbs bit of a killer especially the sausage ones but didn't really make any errors with kerb usage so can't complain too much

    Adam's Questioms

    Next up is P2 finisher Adam, so Adam, you started the race P3 behind the Spam Fritters drivers, what was your expectations from that point?

    My qualifying wasn't bad messed up slightly in sector 2 which cost me a front row start :(. My main goal was to win but Starting 3rd i planned to get the best start I could and hold onto gaz as much as possible, Liams poor start did help but I was passed by Nic into Turn 2 so was stuck in a battle untill he spun in the final corner.

    Backmarkers played a big part in the middle of the race, how do you think they had an overall effect on your race?

    I Wasnt To Effected by the lap runners during the race , but I would say that some of the places drivers choose to let us threw where abit dangerous but other than that not to bad a job.

    You had a late charge at Gaz, did you have any chance to take the win, or was the nature of this track too difficult to make passing him possible?

    I do feel I had the pace to challenge gaz here we where evenly matched threw out the whole week of testing and due to my mistake in Qualifying I was only 2 tenths of Liam and Gaz, but with battling with nic cost me to much time. In the end I went all out to Catch him but we kept matching eachother lap for lap I didn't have enough time to Catch him but theres many more races to come ;)

    Liam's Questions

    We Are Now Joined By 3rd Place Finisher Liam, So How Do You Feel Your Feature Race At Snetterton Went Compared To Brands Hatch Where You Only Managed 1 Point Out Of The 2 Races, Do You Feel You Could Of Achieved More?

    Yeah I definitely did far better than Brands, where i had wheel issues. As for could I have achieved more, hindsight is beautiful, obviously starting P2 and being P4 by turn 1, did not help my case. I was keeping with Adam, who challenged Gaz late on, so who knows if anything could have developed.

    The Blue Flags And Passing Lapped Cars Seemed To Be The Talking Point After This Event, Can You Elaborate For Us The Issues You Had With This?

    Yeah I had a few issues, first i spun cause i was actually having to race Ramzi to lap him, had to brake pretty late, off line, and there was a big bump that kicked the car up, plus the extra speed from braking late caused a half spin which let Omari by. 2nd incident i had is where i got behind Ramzi on my outlap, trying to bolt it to make up places, and i caught him on the Bentley straight, and didn't get by until T2, Which by my sector times lost me about 4s, and when i saw i was only about 4.8 Behind Adam, i was obviously annoyed.

    Q3. That's A Double Podium For You At Snetterton With A 3rd In The Feature And A Strong Drive From The Back To Fight Through To 2nd In The Sprint, Describe The Challenge Of Fighting Through The Pack In The Sprint And Overall how Do You Feel You Performed This Weekend?

    This weekend I feel I did, i've only won 6 races in 2 seasons, but i feel like i've now found a style of just picking up consistent points. As for the sprint, my drive probably sounds more impressive than it was, 12th to 2nd. I was helped by Frank and Omari rubbing, Nic and Ben going off. But still I did do some nice overtakes, including a overtake around the outside of T1, and around the outside of Oggies on Benji. Just a shame Matt had already bolted!
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  4. Silverstone Conference

    Gaz's Questions

    Here we are, with race winner, surprise surprise, Gaz, so thats 3 out of 3 now, but tracks that might not favour the M3's are up soon, do you feel you've done enough to build the necessary gap?

    Yay go me, in reality no, I need to keep pushing and get as much points as I can from each event to stay on top as it can quite easy change

    Throughout the race you were finding grip that others couldn't what do you feel this was down to?

    I have no idea to be honest, car just seemed hooked up for pretty much the whole race which obviously made me able to control the race

    Finally, Spam Fritters Racing got it's 1st 1-2 of the season, and with other competitors getting low points, that must be the perfect outcome for the team?

    Oh yeah first one two goes to us, it feels sweet to be first ones to do it, yeah 1-2s are what you want from every week but doesn't happen that often

    Liam's Questions

    Here we are with the p2 finisher Liam,

    Guess you gotta be happy with P2 considering the position you was in after the first lap? And how challenging was it getting back up to that p2 spot

    Yeah, to get P2 out of being P9 by sector 2, and having a fair bit of damage for the first stint is pretty solid. Getting back through the pack wasn't as interesting as a P9-P2 drive sounds. I only passed Ben & Jeremy on track, everyone else was in the pits.

    Would you say that p2 in the standings where you expected to be after these first 3 races considering a few others haven't scored really from silverstone

    Yeah i would hope, others didn't score here, but i scored 0 in brandd hatch, if i'd scored there, i would've hoped to be P2 anyway.

    Looking on to the next race, it looks like it could be a tough race for the m3 guys, where do you think you can come? Best of the rest perhaps? Or are you gonna show how op this m3 is and win anyway

    Well Bathurst last season i didn't do very well, but this season i feel i'm driving in the way i finished last season, so i would hope to try and maximise my chances, be best of the rest, of course though if the chance comes up to move up, i will go tooth and nail for it.

    Benji's Questions

    And finally 3rd Place finisher, Benji, so your first podium finish of the season, how does that feel?

    Well I certainly wasn't expecting that hehe. Going into this race I was expecting to get low points, maybe not even finishing in the points, so getting a podium was a nice surprise. Race started good and I realised I had decent pace for mid points, but even with the retirements of drivers helping me out. I didn't think I could do it because of tyre wear and having to pit more times than anyone else.

    You talked alot about tyre wear prior to the race, how much of a hinderence did it turn out to be?

    It didn't cost me as much as I thought. Due to me not putting fuel in at the start I had really good pace in the 2nd stint, making lots of ground on the drivers around me. The tyres at the start struggle and I could only do 12 laps. So I was surprised when my 2nd set went more than double the length, and would've actually went even more if I hadn't spun and had a lag glitch with Jermey's car.

    Finally, you put no fuel in your 1st stop, forcing you to pit in the rain again, do you think this hurt you?

    Not really, I had to pit during the rain anyway for tyres. In the end it would've only gained me a few seconds or so, which wouldn't have changed my result in the end. Im just glad I got a podium. I doubt I would do anything different if Possible.

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  5. Bathurst Questions

    Andrews Questions
    So first up we have the winner Andrew, so this is the first win of the season, how important was it to maximise the SLS' ability here?

    It's always important to get the most from the car, especially in an event we know it should be strong at. With the M3 being so competitive at almost every circuit, the Merc drivers need to grab an opportunity to take points away at the slightest chance!

    You fought early on with Ben, how was that battling round here, with it being so hard to overtake around here?

    To be fair it wasn't much of a titanic battle between champions. I had one run at Ben within the first couple of laps and made a mess of it and had to back out. Then when I got up the inside of him into the final turn he didn't fight me, so it was a fairly straight forward pass and fight.

    Finally, a 1-3 for the team, is that satisfying or annoying that it was so near a 1-2?

    It's always frustrating when you're so close to a 1-2 finish and miss, but I did all I could do and so did Benji. When there's nothing more you could've done it doesn't hurt as bad as if you'd made a mistake and threw it way.

    Old Mans Questions
    Next up is 2nd place finisher Ben, you lead early on and said you let Andrew go to try and pull you along, do you feel if you didn't do that you could have gone 1 better?

    Hi, Difficult to no Andrew was a few tenths quicker so the faster man won. I'm always confident I can defend my position so maybe it was a bad call on my part but either way I'm chuffed with p2

    While it was a strong result, that must have been more of a precession than a race?

    I enjoyed every minute of it and whilst it looked boring maybe to onlookers for me I was always watching the gap to Andrew and then Benji so plenty going on from my side

    This was your first race this season in the SLS this season, and it dominated, but do youfeel over a season it can fight the M3's?

    BWOAH probably not but if you don't try then you never no right? The M3 is mighty and I don't get people moaning about it because you have to rise to the challenge. The bar is set high but not worryingly high GAME ON

    Benji Questions

    Rounding out the SLS league podium, is Benji, so that's 2 podiums in 2 races, that must be good?

    Yes, I'm very happy with my results. I believe this is the best result I've got in a feature and sprint race together.

    The SLS' were in a division of their own today, but was there any thoughts today that the M3's may still be a nuisance?

    Going into the race I knew the M3 had good race pace. My my aim was to overtake on straights and maybe get an unlikely podium. Even during the race, Gaz kept the gap to 3 seconds throughout the first stint, so I was always pushing expecting a M3 to come and battle my Merc. So when the 3 mercs pulled a gap, I was truly surprised to be honest.

    The double podium for you and your teammate must be a boost in terms of hopes for the constructors?

    Yes, it has really helped. Going into this race we were already second in the constructors somehow. So to get a 1-3 & 2-3 has definitely helped our hopes of taking the lead in both championships. The rest of the season will certainly be hard. Some tracks will suit the Mercedes and some will suit the BMW. It Will be a challenge, but me and Andrew are Willing to fight. Hopefully it will be a intriguing battle for our 4 race fans out there

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  6. Monaco Questions

    Gaz's Questions
    So again as expected, we have race winner gaz, how good was it to win here after the frustration of season 1?

    Good to win it, is such a tough track to make no errors from lap to lap, felt like I had it the first time after Adam had his internet issues and put me in prime spot to win it but wasn't to be,

    With such a lead, at most tracks you'd be able to relax, but monaco is unique, did you let off at any point?

    Can't relax just yet as it still a lot of races to go and anything can happen, to be honest I only felt pressured for the first 3-4 laps, after that I didn't even have to give it to much and was still pulling away from bunch behind

    Zhuhai follows here, a track where the SLS' dominated in S2, do you feel the M3 can be closer this time around?

    I haven't a clue to be honest, if it's dry I reckon a sls will win, if it's wet I reckon the likes of the m3 will be right there to spoil there fun

    Andrew's Questions

    2nd step on the podium is Andrew, you initially qualified 3rd, but got a better get away than Liam who was slow away, did you feel you had it in you to hold P2?

    Of course. It's a street circuit, I had the widest car, and I consider myself as a good defensive driver. The main thing was making sure no one undercut me.

    You had a moment up at Massenet, riding the outside wall, what happened there?

    Simply just got caught out looking at JSM who'd come out of the pits, missed my braking point by 5m and locked the fronts.

    There was a lot of worry pre-race about this tracks ability to host a GT race, do you feel those fears were justified, or was it not as bad?

    Better than expected but still a bit of a silly idea. I notice that there have been a lot of tracks which promote overtaking removed from the calendar for this year, don't know why but I feel that it's bad for the racing.

    Dominic's Questions

    Rounding out the podium is Dominic, is 3rd about what you expected from this race?

    3rd is a good result for the corvette in this strong field but had I driven my best, we would have a pole position and a win . So I've let the car down at this round.

    The corvette seems very mixed, with a podium in the opening round, and then only returning to it here, what is it, are you letting the car down, is it letting you down, or a bit of both?

    Tbh, a bit of both, the car has been quite competitive, and without the spin at snetterton and disconnect at silverstone, the car would have had 4 podiums in 5 races but it's quite a big challenge.

    Do you feel there is more to learn about the Corvette, or are you at the limit of setup knowledge?

    The car is certainly at its limit and is always a podium contender, but the goal is always to win and to achieve that is very difficult against the likes of Gaz who's driving really well and has a very strong back up in Liam. The field has gotten more competitive as well with car changes so it's going to be more of a challenge. A front row in qually can produce a win, but all the stars need lining up.
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  7. Zhuhai Questions


    So with his 2nd feature win this season, we have Andrew, you've racked up a lot of points recently, but with Zhuhai and Bathurst now gone, now tracks where the playing field could be more even, are you confident of keeping this going?

    I'm never confident that I can win the race until I get within reaching distance in the race itself, but it would be safe to assume that at Road America, we can challenge the M3s.

    You and Nic raced away at the front, and he had a spin late on lapping indrek, do you feel that was the key moment in the race?

    Yes definitely, I'd already messed up my equal chance at the win twice. But it just needed one problem for Nic and I was back in the lead.

    How happy were you that the race remained dry throughout?

    I'd've been comfortable in the wet, but I think it was to the car's advantage for the dry.

    Benji's Questions

    2nd place, and making an Infinite Racing 1-2, is Benji. Its been a good start to the season for you hasn't it?

    Apart from Brands, yes it has. Can't believe at the amount of podiums I've gotten this Season already, although I still haven't won a race haha. Hopefully that will be done soon.... Very soon maybe 

    You had a bit of a train going on for most the race, was it the SLS' Power that would you keep you safe enough into the zones where the M3 could attack?

    Yeah it probably was. I would always pull a gap down the pit straight and though sector 1, but as soon as we hit the braking zone for turn 7 I believe, the gap was gone. I'm surprised Gaz didn't try any drasticmeasures in the closing laps to get by. Being stuck behind someone for like 20 laps would really frustrate me, just shows howcomposed he has.

    What was it like getting a 1-2 and breaking the Spam Fritters run of being the last team to do it, and 6 times

    6 times wow. It's not the first time me and Andrew have gotten a 1-2, but it's the first as a team. It was very special, felt nearly the exact same as when I won there last season. Anyway one team needs to put up a fight for spam haha, looks like it might be us.

    Gaz's Questions

    So here in 3rd we have Gaz, Before the race, would you have taken that, and how do you feel about it now?

    Yeahh I probs would of taken 3rd seeing that it was a dry race, for some reason I can never seem to extract all the time out the car round here in the dry, if it was wet I felt I had good chance at the win again.

    You spent a lot of time behind Benji, unable to pass, was this down to the SLS' power being able to keep it safe into braking zones?

    In places yes it was down to the sls just edging enough away so couldn't quite get up inside to make a move, but where I felt I did have a chance the few times I didn't risk it as Adam was like couple tenths behind all the time, so I didn't want to risk going deep or making an error and then loosing that place

    If you had gotten by him, do you feel the win was achievable?

    Erm hard to say as the car leading was also an sls, only takes one error though and you will pass them though
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  8. Road America Questions

    Omari: (P1)

    Taking the feature race win around Road America is Omari, you started P2, Taking the lead into T1, Which potentially saved you from the chaos behind, do you feel that was crucial?

    100%. Avoiding the chaos at turn one was crucial. it allowed me to get away and concentrate on my race.

    Matt followed you home for P2, did he make you work for it, or did you have that little bit up your sleeve to keep him at arms length?

    For the first 5-6 laps matt kept me very honest and couldnt really pull away. But after that i thought i had him at arms length and didnt really need to push to hard

    That's your first feature win of the season, will this be the springboard to make results like this more frequent this season?

    One can only hope so. But with the field being so competitive its going to be hard work to repeat this on a frequent basis

    Matt: (P2)

    2nd place at Road America we have Matt, P2 must be a great result, was Omari an achieveable target or was P2 probably your limit?

    I was really happy with the result and was able to keep 2nd without any significant issues. I think Omari was a bridge too far, I could not keep his pace on my own, so once I made a mistake and dropped out of the slipstream I could not stay close. Omari had a tenth or two in race pace so I could not catch.

    Your pace this season has been impressive, justified by a race win, what's changed since the end of last season?

    Time with the car. I had not driven the M3 much prior to this and so I think am getting a little more to grips with it nuances and basic setups. I feel I am still a way off setups, but am trying to get there! I was gutted I had a terrible start in Monaco, as I think that was the one that got away too. I have had some questionable performances, especially in the random weather races, where I have failed to score on a few occasions. I need to up my game in the changeable conditions, as it is letting me down I think.

    Spain is up next, a love or hate track for many, do you like it, and do you think it could provide good racing?

    Spain's Catalunya is a track I have never clicked with. Certainly am struggling in the M3, at least against Gaz and Adam, but I still have some time to make setup changes to find a few more tenths. It could provide good racing, certainly some overtaking opportunities into the big braking zones, I just need to keep it off the kerbs and be smooth. We will see, but not a great fan to be honest.

    Andrew: (P3)

    Rounding off the podium is Andrew, when you lined up on the grid, seeing M3's ahead, did you feel a podium was achievable?

    Nope, with my pace I didn't think I'd get into the top 5 in the race.

    The podiums are starting to come thick and fast for you now, was it just a matter of time or have the stars just seemed to have aligned for you?

    Was just a matter of time, but the tracks coming up don't suit me or the car, so it seems that my run of podiums will end.

    Chaos in turn 1 affected 4 cars races, was staying out of it all the key part to taking P3?

    Of course. If I'd've got damage that'd have been my race finished.

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  9. Spain Questions

    Nic: (P1)
    Taking the win in Spain is Nic, the M3 was always gonna be hard to beat, how was lining up on the 2nd row compared to your expectations?

    Indeed, the M3 was quite the arduous opponent and totally anticipated as I knew what its capabilities were at this circuit. 2nd row on the grid from qually was a great performance for me.

    You led from lights to flag, but you were pushed all the way to the end, what was that like?

    It was the type of pressure that pure racing drivers relish and truly the essence of Gt3 racing. I had to set the Aston Martin with significant aerodynamic grip to compensate for the strength that the M3 was going to have in it's cornering speed while still being able to harbor enough straight line speed to prevent the slip stream advantage ... It was the best balance the car would offer but then required some dynamic driving on my end as I had to respond to Liam's consistency and quick laps and cool down my tyre temps at the right times while making no mistakes. It was pure class racing and I enjoyed the $hit out of that battle.

    The race was arguably won off the line, and the Aston Martin isn't known as a fast starting car, was this a one in a million start, or have you found a trick?

    I'm happy to have had the car surprise me and win off the line as a win was much needed but it's definitely a start sequence that I cant emulate easily so definitely needs to be practiced. Had I had the average start, I think the race would have been a diffierent dynamic but possibly easier as I believe I could have matched the M3 in race pace and be able to take advantage of slip stream when I needed it. Definitely one of the times I'm happy to be in an Aston lol.

    Liam: (P2)

    So second place Liam here,

    Two feature poles in a row, first time you have done this, you seen to have a thing for pulling your pb out in qualifying at recent races, why do you think this is?

    Yeah, it's obviously the best time to do your PB's but i guess maybe i'm just the type of person who takes pressure and uses it well.

    Following on from the two poles, you didn't manage to convert these into race wins, disappointed? Considering that you have effectively lost out one 50 points if you had won both?

    Obviously from pole you want to win, but races like RA, yes, you're disapointed, especially when it's taken away from you via someone else's error, but Spain i drove amazing, did 23 laps of qualifying pace, only 1 minor error, but on the day it just wasn't enough, when you do a perfect job and don't win, you just have to accept someone else did a slightly better job.

    Next race is the ring, how much practice have you put in, and do you feel you can get up on the podium for this race?

    Practice, not much (Yet) but i will definitely do some, and for the podium, of course that's the aim, me and Gaz had a huge advantage last season but 100% we won't this season. so a podium is gonna be a fight but it's the aim

    Gaz: (P3)

    3rd onto the podium is Gaz, obviously you would like to finish higher, but is it good in regards to you beat the people you need to?

    Yeahh felt a bit robbed due to having brake issues due to small ducts, the pace on first few laps of each stint at start and after pit stop was matching two up front so was happy in that sense, missed opportunity perhaps,

    But yeah beating the people directly below me in table is what I needed and got.

    Apart from that first lap, the race must have been very un-eventful, did you try to keep concentration by getting fastest lap or anything?

    Yeah managed to keep concentration I thought, couldn't really get a fastest lap due to not being able to stop most the time but actually wasn't to far off i don't think In the end

    your constructors chances will have been helped, the teams first double podium since silverstone, and another P2 in the sprint, that's surely another bonus?

    Yeahh seems like a long time since both cars got on the podium, and was much needed, the signs at road America was there again and this week we got it, hopefully we can do similar next race at the ring
  10. Nordschleife Questions

    Nic: (P1)

    Taming the ring, and taking P1 is Nic, that's back to back wins, and possibly the hardest race of the season, this must have been high on your list of races to win?

    P2 in qually was quite the shocker and a great performance that made it all possible to win. I didn't expect to be that competitive as it's my first attempt at the ring. So no, it wasn't high on my list but was ready to give it a good go. The wins are a bonus now so I'm happy.

    A key factor in your race was your ability to 1 stop while maintaining a faster pace than your rivals, was tyre wear something you worked on in the week?

    I really didn't work on anything else but track familiarization. My default strategy for nursing the tyre deg was to use aerodynamic grip to help the mechanical grip on such long stints. I had no issues with tyre wear as they lasted pretty much the entire tank of fuel but naturally fell off at the end of the 1st hr.

    Benji initially led, but you got through via a mistake, if he hadn't made this, do you think you still would have won?

    It's hard to say as Benji was very strong here and it would have been fairly difficult to pass him, However i was very comfortable in the 2nd stint and could manage the gap quite easily and at times pull away by a few seconds. Ended up heading to the line with a 15 sec gap from a 1 sec gap after the pit stops, so the pace was clearly there as I got into rally mode. It would have been a spectacle however if gaz was in the mix closer to us, would have been a sensational battle I believe.

    Benji: (P2)

    P2, and bowing out on a high is Benji, you matched your result from last season, Gaz dominated last season, but it was closer this year. Nic had far superior tyre life, but do you think he was acheiveable?

    Nic got P1 after I made a stupid mistake, he was extremely quick towards the end of the race but I believe I could've held him off if It came to it. We agreed to not race each other hard, so I probably could've done it but with his pace. He deserved to win.

    Like i said, it's your final race for a while, do you look at as pole and P2, a great result to bow out, or is it the one that got away?

    My pole lap is probably the lap of my life,and p2 is certainly an amazing result. Yes I was close to winning but I like to look at it as I beat 3 TNGTC champions. Racing atpossibly the hardest track in the world. To beat 3 champions is a remarkable result initself. A win would've been the icing on the cake but it wasn't meant to be, I'll just have to do it in the future

    Looking back, what are a few of your favourite moments from your time here,until you come back?

    It's hard to say. I've enjoyed every race I've completed in during my time so far in this league. The ones that stand out above the rest would have to be Nurburgring season 2, Nordschleife season 3, Zhuhai season 3, Bathurst season 4 and Nordschlefie season 4. I must go really well atNurburgring/Nordschleife. And that's possibly why it's my favourite track.

    Afghan Gaz: (P3)

    Taking P3 and rounding out our 2nd endurance of the season is Gaz, last season you won around here, P3 this year, but you beat your championship rival, a successful round in your opinion?

    Yeahh was a decent result to get up on to the podium after a 2 hour race, should of been a little higher up, a bad lap in quali didn't give a good starting position so was already on the back foot, felt p2 was easily doable had I not got stuck in traffic at start

    You spent a lot of time behind Andrew early on, trying to pressure him, until you decided to finally go for it, looking back do you feel you should have tried something sooner?

    Yeah at first I didn't really mind as I could see if had better pace so just decided to hold the position, but after a while I decided to apply a bit of pressure as was going quite a lot slower that I should of been running on my own

    You were the only Spam Fritters car to finish, which must be a anti-climax after the double podium in Spain, and you 2 running near each other early on?

    Yep was bit crap to be honest as was one less car between me and my rivals, of all the times for the game to mess up like that after how many sessions have been in throughout the week, you couldn't of betted on something like that happening
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  11. Apologies these are late, had issues with the site.

    Spa Questions

    Nic: (P1)

    Taking another win, this time around Spa is Dominic, you originally qualified P2, but you must have been optimistic of getting into P1, with the first 25 seconds of lap 1 being flat out?

    Yes for sure, pole was supposed to be quite achievable and also the win so slight disappointment in the qually session but victory shall suffice.

    You've found alot of success in the Aston, do you regret not using it sooner or even from the start?

    Not really. The goal for the season was initially to drive the American car and try to achieve a couple of podiums and wins but the latter became a bit too difficult and my driving too aggressive as a result. Choosing a fast car was always the cheap option but winning is an ultimate goal and the Aston facilitates that. We keep them coming and try to have our best performances race to race.

    You had Gaz behind you alot of the race, how much did he force you to push?

    Tbh, the Gap was quite comfortable. Was able to open up to a couple of seconds before the stops but lost it due to some distractions. It was good fun nonetheless and I look forward to the next round where I hope to battle the champion again.. Brno, let's do it!

    Gaz: (P2)

    In the 2nd step is Gaz, you took pole originally, but were beaten down the straight, was it inevitable that you wouldn't be P1 into Les Combes?

    Thinking back, I could of maybe defended the inside as the overspeed from the Aston wasn't as much as I expected it to be

    The race up front didn't seem very exciting, did you have a real attack at Nic, or was he just fast enough?

    We never really got side by side action, but the m3 was really good in s2 but Aston would then pull a bit of a gap back in s1, but I was ready to pounce had a mistake been made

    Your main rival DNF'd this race, so although it's not the win, this must still be a brilliant result?

    Finishing ahead whether it be 1 place or 6 places is still a good result, so yeah I was happy to be that many places ahead, just wish could of been the win

    Ben: (P3)

    Taking the last step on the Podium is Ben, you started from the back here, but how confident were you, considering the Aston's straight line ability?

    I was confident in my pace but wasn't sure on everyone else's I just drove as fast as I could and p3 was a complete shock. As for straight line speed honestly the M3 and Aston seemed close here

    There was a big train behind Matt early on, how much did this help you in not having the fast cars too far ahead?

    First of all Matt was doing a great job but initially at least I couldn't match the pace of the group of cars in front buteventually my tyres came up to temp and I gained a second in lap speed, so I guess he helped keep you guys in sight but when I passed the guys behind him he was 3 seconds up the road so I guess he found pace to

    You had to fight hard for the podium,making a move on Liam on the 2nd last lap, up into Les Combes, was that the one place that a pass was achieveable?

    No I think I had other options but it just happened to be that I was strongerthrough eau rouge that lap, never easy to pass Dave but that's always a goodfeeling for me lol
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  12. Brno Questions

    Nic: (P1)

    So Nic, this is becoming a bit of a habit now, talking to you in P1, was this run of wins something you realistically envisaged after the car change?

    Tbh, yes. I knew that with the right weaponry I could consistently win but fair play, it's been quite challenging at some circuits. Have had some strong battles with the likes of Liam @catalunya, gaz @ spa, benji @ nords & now Adam @ brno... the other circuits in the Aston have had bad luck but surely wins were just as achievable, (zhuhai & road America)...

    Brno was a track much talked about due to Adams previous domination, what was it like to be the one to stop him?

    I've always got on well at this circuit too and have stopped him before as team mates but he's always been strong here and I didn't have it easy this time...

    Tyre wear seemed key in the Aston, as you seemed to be able to keep the pace longer in stints than the M3, was that a unique feature to Brno, or is this a normal thing for the V12?

    The Aston is known for bad tyre wear but I've seemed to tame the beast. Brno is the perfect track to exercise that as I was never really on the limit but rather on the car's limit trying to maintain its temps and wear. Seem to be bonding quite well with the car.

    Adam: (P2)

    P2, And finally stopped at Brno, is Adam, as I said you were finally beaten, coming into the week, did you expect it to be by a V12, or did you expect a M3 driver to be who stops you?

    From testing it looked like Nic in the Aston and Spam Fritter Boys in the m3 where matching me all week and the times where closer than I expected, in the race nic was just on another level I pushed as hard as I could to give him a hard time but as my tyres dropped of so did the pace :( I'm happy with 2nd though.

    On pace you seemed to be able to match Nic, but once tyre wear developed, the V12 took off, was nic beatable had you done anything different?

    Yes, I think if I had focused more on the tyres and tried to manage the wear more I should of been able to push Nic all the way but it wasn't to be.

    You've started the season 5 process early, already naming changes and regulations, can we expect season 5 to be the best yet?

    I Really hope so we have a great line up of drivers once again with 3 new starters looking to impress the field and with my contract set to be signed and sealed for S5 I look forward to bringing the fight in honour of my new team ;)

    Liam: (P3)

    So here we are with 3rd place man Dave, is dave isn't it?

    You seemed to have a pretty straightforward feature race and no real dramas, but how much pressure did you feel from omari being so close behind at times?

    Thanks for that Gaz, uhmm yeah it was relatively simple, but there was alot of pressure from Omari, the car at the start was horrible, and he waa hounding me, fortunately he went off, and after the stops my car was great so it was pretty good

    Did you have to save the tyres much throughout either of your stints or was it pedal to the max from start to end?

    I was able to push prettu much all race, even pitting slightly early to block off gaz's undercut, so yeah i had pretty good tyre wear

    Good feature result but a disaster in sprint race, you never seem to have much luck in the sprint around here, bet you are glad it isn't on calendar for next season right?

    Yeah this track seems to hate me in race 2, DNF, P8 & P9. But yeah i am glad it's gone, the track bores the hell out of me
  13. Hockenheim Questions

    Gaz: (P1)

    Here we are with race winner Afghan,

    This is the first win for you for a while, it must be a much welcomed return to the top step for you?

    Yeah I'd say it is, always nice feeling winning a race

    The race was always gonna be tense, with weather being foggy and rainy, do you feel this helped you?

    I don't know to be honest, fog maybe hampered my quali times a fair bit but race i was able to adjust to it quickly

    The team took a 1-2 here, the 2nd of the season, your 6th as a team, did you expect the team to be this successful as a whole?

    Yes of course I did, I wish we can have many more in near future

    Liam: (P2)

    Here we are with p2 man Liam,

    You came out of this race with a p3 but was then promoted to p2 after penalties was applied, must be a good feeling A) to get a p2 and B) another 1-2 for the team?

    Yeah, a P2 is always nice, but it leaves you feeling a bit sort of like "it wasn't quite the win" and i'm winless so far this season, and yeah a 1-2 for the team is always good, could be back to back team titles.

    You spent a lot of the opening of feature race following Nic around just staring at that p1 spot, must of been annoying when your team mate went for the move on you after pit stop to get into p2 which he later got into lead and won, or was you happy to play the team game and back him up where needed?

    At the time, i was focused totally on myself, i wanted to win, as we all do, but since i haven't won yet i really want to win one.

    You finished ahead of all your rivals to get you that hopefully p3 spot in championship, do you think you can do the same at Watkins this week?

    Of course, i beat all the people i need to, which is great for my championship, and with Andrew not turning up to Watkins, then 2 of my best tracks after, if nothing goes wrong, i'm optimistic.

    Nic: (P3)

    Taking P3 around Hockenheim is Nic, you spent basically all the race battling away with the Spam Fritters boys, what was that like for a whole race?

    1st stint was quite easy, never any threats so didn't need to push but rather just maintain a rhythm, 2nd stint quite the opposite in the rain, pushed very hard to hold off the chasers. Did a good job defending but threw it all away with a pit exit infraction...but, so it goes sometimes...

    You were struggling in the wet, did you know you were going to be at adisadvantage or did it come as a shock?

    The car isn't great in the wet so yes it was expected. I've Seen better days in the wet in my early days but still think I did as best a job I could have, p1 was for the taking but a forceful pass was to be and well... that's racing...

    We go to Watkins Glen next, do you enjoy the track and do you expect to be quick there?

    Not a very enjoyable circuit but yet another one where long far concerning speed ability is rewarding. Goal is to have fun, see where that puts me...