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S4 | Post Race Press Conferences

Discussion in 'TNGTC GT3 - GT3 Pro' started by LIAMATTHURSO, Nov 18, 2016.

who should be interviewed after races?

Poll closed Nov 24, 2016.
  1. Just feature race top 3

  2. Feature + Sprint top 3

  1. Here is where the top 3 from the feature race (Subject to change) will be interviewed about how their races went.

    Above is a poll i request everyone answers, as it will decide who gets interviewed after races.
  2. So here we are with race winner, Gaz. So you started the season in the way you spent most of last season, this must surely be your ideal start?

    Fantastic way to start for sure, wasn't happy with the car in practice as just couldn't drive it consistently from lap to lap, But come race day it was like a switch was flipped and it all fell into place, hope i can continue on to the next event,

    Last season you won the championship with 9 wins, Do you think you can top that in an even shorter calendar?

    One can hope that could better that, but could be quite hard with how many people it looks like could actually win a race this season, just going to have to be in the right place at the right time,

    Next up is Snetterton, a track new to TNGTC, I know you personally were a fan of it being on the calendar, are you expecting more of the same again?

    Yeah i was indeed a fan of adding something new like this track, but funny enough i haven't even turned a wheel on it in a gt car, but its got some good flowing corners so hopefully can get up on podium again

    So here is P2 finisher, Nic. So nic, you've been talking up your C7.Rs hunt for the M3, you didn't quite get them all, but is P2 an achievement or an annoyance, being 1 place from top?

    P2 has certainly been an achievement, I believe that I've maximized the car's potential at Brands and I qualified where I could, so to gain 3 places was quite the achievement. I will struggle with the car in places but will also be competitive in a few, goal #1 achieved.

    There was alot of chaos at T2 in the sprint, what was your view of it?

    T2 in the sprint was rather chaotic. I believe that I suffered the most from it as I had a pretty good start and may have been able to podium. It is what it is and that's racing, all in the fun for an exciting sprint concept.

    The C7.R is a relatively unknown car in TNGTC, Making a cameo appearance in half of S2 in the hands of your team mate, have you worked out its strengths and weaknesses yet?

    The C7.R is quite an acquired taste. It has hidden strengths and transparent weaknesses that you have to maximize and limit by flogging. I'd admit, I was discouraged pre-season with its pace compared to the bmw's but I was committed to my challenge and my team mate representing the American team in an American car so I went all in. It will get harder but so far so good. I hope to make this unknown car a known one on the top step of S4. It'll be hard work but I'm pumped!

    So here we are with P3 finisher Adam, so first off. You got a solid first race, claiming 15 points, but that sprint must be a let down?

    Yeah, I was happy I managed to finish on the podium for the 1st race always helps the confidence going forward had a great battle with Dominic and Omari was just a shame to lose 2nd due to a spin in turn 2. The Sprint race was Alot closer between drivers than I thought it would be and starting at the back it was a task to try and make ground, Slight contact with Andrew cost me towards the end but I'm happy with the Results strong finish for the team by myself and Omari taking his 1st win of the season

    After this 1st round, is the grid much different in terms of who's where much different than what you expected?

    The Grid Has Improved Alot since last season which I Exspected, all the new drivers Frank, Matt, Jeremy and Ramzi all have show potential they will make great drivers In this league. Gaz has made a great start to his championship Defemce just as fast as ever, Andrew has found his form again and is looking strong and Everyone else on the grid has improved its way to close :) This will be the most competitive season we've had yet in my opinion and I look forward to it.

    And finally, with snetterton coming up, a track new to TNGTC, Do you feel it being a level field in terms of knowledge help or hinder you?

    I'm not very familiar with Snetterton 300 I've seen races there but I've only done around 5-6 laps testing in the M3, from what I've seen of the track it looks like it should suit my care quite nicely felt well balanced but the gearbox needed work hopefully this new circuit will make for a great race with how close the Grid Is just mind out for those kurbs ;).
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    Gaz' Questions

    First up we have race winner gaz, 2 from 2, have these rounds been perfect?

    Well near enough perfect start one could say, bit of a shame that both sprint races haven't got slightly higher up but still, it's a long season so still long way to go yet.

    You underfueled for the race, and fuel saved, if you had dropped down off the grid, how would this have affected your attempts to get the win?

    Well I now have underfueled a few times on purpose, I seem to have good fuel saving driving naturally while still maintaining the speed, was like nearly 1.5 laps short at start, but yeah risky as had Adam closer than I thought so had to push for one lap and save like next two luckily got away with it,

    How did you find the track seen as it was a new one?

    Good track, nice flowing, kerbs bit of a killer especially the sausage ones but didn't really make any errors with kerb usage so can't complain too much

    Adam's Questioms

    Next up is P2 finisher Adam, so Adam, you started the race P3 behind the Spam Fritters drivers, what was your expectations from that point?

    My qualifying wasn't bad messed up slightly in sector 2 which cost me a front row start :(. My main goal was to win but Starting 3rd i planned to get the best start I could and hold onto gaz as much as possible, Liams poor start did help but I was passed by Nic into Turn 2 so was stuck in a battle untill he spun in the final corner.

    Backmarkers played a big part in the middle of the race, how do you think they had an overall effect on your race?

    I Wasnt To Effected by the lap runners during the race , but I would say that some of the places drivers choose to let us threw where abit dangerous but other than that not to bad a job.

    You had a late charge at Gaz, did you have any chance to take the win, or was the nature of this track too difficult to make passing him possible?

    I do feel I had the pace to challenge gaz here we where evenly matched threw out the whole week of testing and due to my mistake in Qualifying I was only 2 tenths of Liam and Gaz, but with battling with nic cost me to much time. In the end I went all out to Catch him but we kept matching eachother lap for lap I didn't have enough time to Catch him but theres many more races to come ;)

    Liam's Questions

    We Are Now Joined By 3rd Place Finisher Liam, So How Do You Feel Your Feature Race At Snetterton Went Compared To Brands Hatch Where You Only Managed 1 Point Out Of The 2 Races, Do You Feel You Could Of Achieved More?

    Yeah I definitely did far better than Brands, where i had wheel issues. As for could I have achieved more, hindsight is beautiful, obviously starting P2 and being P4 by turn 1, did not help my case. I was keeping with Adam, who challenged Gaz late on, so who knows if anything could have developed.

    The Blue Flags And Passing Lapped Cars Seemed To Be The Talking Point After This Event, Can You Elaborate For Us The Issues You Had With This?

    Yeah I had a few issues, first i spun cause i was actually having to race Ramzi to lap him, had to brake pretty late, off line, and there was a big bump that kicked the car up, plus the extra speed from braking late caused a half spin which let Omari by. 2nd incident i had is where i got behind Ramzi on my outlap, trying to bolt it to make up places, and i caught him on the Bentley straight, and didn't get by until T2, Which by my sector times lost me about 4s, and when i saw i was only about 4.8 Behind Adam, i was obviously annoyed.

    Q3. That's A Double Podium For You At Snetterton With A 3rd In The Feature And A Strong Drive From The Back To Fight Through To 2nd In The Sprint, Describe The Challenge Of Fighting Through The Pack In The Sprint And Overall how Do You Feel You Performed This Weekend?

    This weekend I feel I did, i've only won 6 races in 2 seasons, but i feel like i've now found a style of just picking up consistent points. As for the sprint, my drive probably sounds more impressive than it was, 12th to 2nd. I was helped by Frank and Omari rubbing, Nic and Ben going off. But still I did do some nice overtakes, including a overtake around the outside of T1, and around the outside of Oggies on Benji. Just a shame Matt had already bolted!
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  4. Silverstone Conference

    Gaz's Questions

    Here we are, with race winner, surprise surprise, Gaz, so thats 3 out of 3 now, but tracks that might not favour the M3's are up soon, do you feel you've done enough to build the necessary gap?

    Yay go me, in reality no, I need to keep pushing and get as much points as I can from each event to stay on top as it can quite easy change

    Throughout the race you were finding grip that others couldn't what do you feel this was down to?

    I have no idea to be honest, car just seemed hooked up for pretty much the whole race which obviously made me able to control the race

    Finally, Spam Fritters Racing got it's 1st 1-2 of the season, and with other competitors getting low points, that must be the perfect outcome for the team?

    Oh yeah first one two goes to us, it feels sweet to be first ones to do it, yeah 1-2s are what you want from every week but doesn't happen that often

    Liam's Questions

    Here we are with the p2 finisher Liam,

    Guess you gotta be happy with P2 considering the position you was in after the first lap? And how challenging was it getting back up to that p2 spot

    Yeah, to get P2 out of being P9 by sector 2, and having a fair bit of damage for the first stint is pretty solid. Getting back through the pack wasn't as interesting as a P9-P2 drive sounds. I only passed Ben & Jeremy on track, everyone else was in the pits.

    Would you say that p2 in the standings where you expected to be after these first 3 races considering a few others haven't scored really from silverstone

    Yeah i would hope, others didn't score here, but i scored 0 in brandd hatch, if i'd scored there, i would've hoped to be P2 anyway.

    Looking on to the next race, it looks like it could be a tough race for the m3 guys, where do you think you can come? Best of the rest perhaps? Or are you gonna show how op this m3 is and win anyway

    Well Bathurst last season i didn't do very well, but this season i feel i'm driving in the way i finished last season, so i would hope to try and maximise my chances, be best of the rest, of course though if the chance comes up to move up, i will go tooth and nail for it.

    Benji's Questions

    And finally 3rd Place finisher, Benji, so your first podium finish of the season, how does that feel?

    Well I certainly wasn't expecting that hehe. Going into this race I was expecting to get low points, maybe not even finishing in the points, so getting a podium was a nice surprise. Race started good and I realised I had decent pace for mid points, but even with the retirements of drivers helping me out. I didn't think I could do it because of tyre wear and having to pit more times than anyone else.

    You talked alot about tyre wear prior to the race, how much of a hinderence did it turn out to be?

    It didn't cost me as much as I thought. Due to me not putting fuel in at the start I had really good pace in the 2nd stint, making lots of ground on the drivers around me. The tyres at the start struggle and I could only do 12 laps. So I was surprised when my 2nd set went more than double the length, and would've actually went even more if I hadn't spun and had a lag glitch with Jermey's car.

    Finally, you put no fuel in your 1st stop, forcing you to pit in the rain again, do you think this hurt you?

    Not really, I had to pit during the rain anyway for tyres. In the end it would've only gained me a few seconds or so, which wouldn't have changed my result in the end. Im just glad I got a podium. I doubt I would do anything different if Possible.

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