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S3 | Stewards' Office

Discussion in 'TNGTC GT3 - GT3 Pro' started by Andrew Holmes, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. This is the Season Three Stewards’ Office for the Thursday Night GT Championship. If you wish to report an incident or activity, drivers must have video footage of the incident, and should provide onboard footage and outside footage of each driver involved to give the stewards the best insight possible. If you do not have video footage, your enquiry will not be reviewed. Drivers will have one post to explain their side of the story; if drivers begin to argue, they will be sanctioned.
  2. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
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  3. so who is being investigated in the first incident, skyline, or the collision ahead?
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  4. Adam and Skyline both times, not the incident ahead
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  5. In response to the first incident off the line,
    I was completely unsighted of Marz's car stuck with the other bmw and did my best to try avoid contact with them as soon as I saw them but the resulting contact pushed me on too Adams car , this I feel is a result of someone else's accident that I had very little chance of missing in the chaos of a race start so I do believe I can't be held accountable for this.

    On the 2nd incident at parabolica

    Going 3 wide in to the corner I made a clean pass on the car immediately to my left but with a tighter line I was going to have a wider exit and I did lock up slightly on the kerb.
    As you can see in the video the front of Adams car and the rear of mine stick together running us both wide there was no intention to run him off or make contact and had I not had a small lock up I would have made a perfectly clean pass and I lost 3 positions as a result.
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  6. You didn't make a clean pass on me, I backed out early as I saw you coming up the inside and didn't want contact thus us sticking and going left off track,
    if you watch from my point of view you can see my brake way before usual braking point.
  7. Stewards Decision

    First incident - why the hell was this even posted? skyline was clearly trying to avoid the incident. Although there was contact it is just a racing incident.

    Second incident - Tricky one. Skyline appears to outbreak himself, but also pulls adam off with him. Although they both lost places, it was an avoidable incident so a 5 second pen for skyline.

    Don't worry too much about it bud. You will learn from experience :)
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  8. Perfectly happy with stewards verdict and except it and will move on and learn from it in future races
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  9. Adam just asked me to post both his incidents mate I was just the donkey
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  10. Yeah i know mate, im not shooting the messenger. i just think the first incident was a pointless one to post haha
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  11. Adam Morris

    Adam Morris
    (TNGTC) #25 M3 GT3 - O&M Racing Premium Member

    More So Just To Show My Side Of That Incident As I Then Collected Benji Due To The Contact I Did Think Nothing Would Come Of It Was Just There As Was The 2 Incidents I Had
  12. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member

    Just to confirm the revised results due to

    This puts

    8th gazer
    9th Benji
    10th sky
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  13. would like this incident looking into from last nights sprint race driver involved driving in the aston is Skyline,

    I await your response,

  14. I will reply with my evidence Sunday of the lag I experienced with gazza that was the root of this issue and incident .
    I apoligise to the stewards I can't upload it sooner as I'm away most of the weekend, also I don't take kindly to disrespectful and rude messages that are sent after the race if you have a issue a simple message explaining the issues in a adult manner would suffice there is no need to result to childish comments and remarks.
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  15. I look forward to the clip,

    And heat of the moment stuff, So sorry there
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  16. Sorry about the delay. I forgot to do my job haha.


    Gaz clearly makes a good overtake on skyline, however skyline does not have anymore room. Gaz is already 9/10 ahead by this stage beforehe heads for the wall. Lag may have affected this (i have seen some other footage of gaz lagging) but this has to go down as a racing incident.
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  17. Drivers involved. Dean/Benjamin.


    Benji and dean have had their own incident, And into the last corner I get hit off by Benjis car, forcing me into the gravel on the exit, Losing 2 places and no places were returned to me. Despite the contact between the 2 Benji definitely braked later than the normal braking point.

    @Jonathan Seekings
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  18. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member

    Benji hit by dean in the second incident from what I saw

    Hit Benji forcing him into you could be wrong footage should show I guess
  19. Yep looks a bit different, will update the enquiry.
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