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S3 | [R24 & R25] - Sakitto

Discussion in 'TNGTC GT3 - GT3 Pro' started by Ben McCluskey, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Overtake 1 - Andrew on Dean

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  2. Overtake 2 - Omari on Ronnie

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  3. Overtake 3 - Gaz on Adam

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  4. Overtake 4 - Omari on Frank

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  5. Overtake 5 - Ben on Lance

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  6. Overtake 6 - Adam on Benji

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  1. Here is the video for the Overtakes of the week. Please vote for your favourite in the poll above thanks

    View attachment 155613

    Here we are, rounds 24 & 25 of the Thursday Night GT Championship. This week we head to the countryside of Japan, where the friction circuit of Satkitto lays. The Satkitto track is based on furious Suzuka. It is made up of 3.34 miles of extremely fast corners like 130r and the final turn, but also twisty sectors like sector 1. To be quick here, a driver must be able to take the entire final sector nearly flat out, be smooth and precise and have a set of balls. It's a track which will reward both smooth and aggressive drivers, allowing drivers to really throw their car into the corners and carry speed with a good balanced car but also needing to set the car up for the long straights. Which one will you focus on more? There's 15 turns which will eat your tyre wear, which is bad news for me.
    So as we approach Sakitto, Who will be the beast that conquers this track?

    Sakitto has now been on the TNGTC for 2 seasons and both seasons, it's brought exciting and furious racing. This season should be no different.

    View attachment 155629

    Track map

    View attachment 155630

    Length: 3.34 miles

    Turns: 15
    8 right
    7 left

    Weather: Dry

    Feature 11am
    Sprint 12pm

    Feature: 24 laps
    Sprint: 12 laps

    Lap Record: 1.40:064 Adam Morris S3 (Practice)

    Last Time out at Donington

    Last week TNGTC raced at Donington is the unbelievable low light. In the feature race Liam, Adam and Gaz followed each other around for the majority of the race with Ben closely behind. But Gaz hit the wall receiving engine damage, this allowed Ben past and whilst Andrew was making an overtake on Gaz, his car suffered an engine blow. This stopped him on the track where he was smashed into the back by Andrew and then Benji. Gaz and Andrew both had to retire and Benji had major front end damage. This allowed Dean to make a bold move on the Northern Irish driver but only resulting in contact. Dean later had a crash which Caused Rob to get damage. We currently don't have much information on the crash but it did cause Dean to retire. Liam went on to get his first win of the season with Adam second, Ben 3rd, Benji 4th and Rob 5th. Omari came though to 6th, allowing him to qualify with the retirements and other drivers. Andrew took a surprising pole and was over the moon. He went on to fight Gaz for the win until spinning at the chicane. It was also chaotic at the first turn where 5 cars went off. With Andrew spin, this allowed Gaz to win ahead of Ben, then Andrew, Adam, Benji and Liam.

    View attachment 155631
    View attachment 155632 View attachment 155633

    Now here's Ben's questions sponsored by Gaz's cupboard

    1. Donington proved a pair of crazy races, what was your pros and cons from them

    2. Sakitto this week is the last corner flat out for you or do you have a "confidence lift"

    3. With an eye on next season are you planning to resign to the series?

    4. Would you like a change in race format such as a single race or any other ideas?

    5. Pick a driver and find a cartoon character that reminds you of them?
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