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S3 Full Dynamic Championship - Monaco [04/10/15 @ 23:59 GMT +3]

Discussion in 'Xbox One | Full Dynamic Championship' started by Earmack, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone!
    Im glad to announce we back!
    Its already third season and first for absolutely new game for XBOX ONE!

    To join the race all u need add my in Xbox live: Earmack
    Just le me know u from race department so I know u wanna join for championship.

    Who in this race already signed:
    1. Earmack / Anton Ermakov
    2. MeTaLI1cPanda / ThePandaQU33n
    3. Bradlaaa / Bradlaaa31
    4. Smartbean
    5. xJWa7z
    6. Blakeeeyyyy
    7. jemheff
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2015
  2. Hello I would very much like to join my Xbox GT is ThePandaQu33n I will be using assists
    ABS = off
    ALB = on
    TC = medium
    DRL = corners
    DRL TYPE = 3D
    GEARBOX = Manual Suggested
    PIT ASSIST = on
  3. I would like to join my GT is ThePandaQU33n on Xbox live
  4. Hello MeTaLl1cPanda,
    I added u. U in:) Expect first race in august (NA people receive they game only in july 21 (European already get))
  5. Hey I'd also like to join, my GT is Bradlaaa Thanks
  6. As a complete novice to racing leagues, I'd like to give this a try.

    My Gamertag is Smartbean4 and I will be driving with the following assists
    Braking Assist = off
    Anti-Lock Brakes = on
    Traction Control = full
    Dynamic Racing Line = corners only
    Dynamic Racing Line Type = 3D
    Gearbox = automatic
    Pit Assist = on

    @Bradlaaa31 I think I've raced against you in a couple of races yesterday.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2015
  7. hi, i dont know whether im able to join still but my gt is Blakeeeyyyy i play with full TC, auto gearbox and racing line for my assists
  8. Hi, u in:)
  9. I'm in. My gametag: jemheff
  10. First race of season and no one finished.....coz Monaco=) Well my experience, hope next week better results=)
  11. I've already sent Earmack a message, but thought I'd best make a post here to. I'm pulling out of the series due to not having enough time.
  12. its ok:)