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S3 Full Dynamic Championship - Malaysia [11/10/15 @ 23:59 GMT +3]

Discussion in 'Xbox One | Full Dynamic Championship' started by Earmack, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Earmack


    All drivers/pilots welcome!:)

    RACE Settings
    Race Distance: 100%
    Participation: Race + Normal Qualification
    Car assignment: Equal cars - Random
    Weather Setting - Dynamic
    Track Selection: Random (only one time per season each GP)
    AI: Full grid, PRO level
    Park Ferme OFF

    Rules and Flags: Realistic
    Tyre Wear: On
    Fuel Load Simulation: On
    Car Damage: on
    Car performance: Equal
    Collisions: Full

    *All Assists Permitted*

    After qualification in the box DONT PUSH READY BUTTON, coz everyone need 2-3 minutes to complete setups & strategy!!! Also we need 1 minutes after race to make foto/pix with final result! if u push u automatic have DSQ to next joined race or even In current race u result after race DSQ

    Host is Anton Ermakov / Earmack
    How to join? Just create sign like this example:
    Anton Ermakov / Earmack

    1. Basic RD Racing rules including Overtaking and Defending
    Race Department uses some basic rules to improve racing and prevent accidents.
    Be friendly on the track and off it.
    If you hit another driver during a race and disadvantage him,regardless of whether the game issues you with a penalty or notwe expect you to stop and let the other driver regain his position on you. So you may find yourself having to stop and do thisand then serve a drive through. If this costs you many places (e.g. first few laps) then consider this a penalty for your driving infringement. Doing this shows respect to your fellow drivers and will encourage drivers to be more careful. Please use some care when letting the other driver regain position, do not immediately stop your car on the driving line where it can cause further accidents. The best solution is to not hit anyone!

    Follow all safety rules as if you were in a real car on a real track: use the pit speed limiter in pit lane, observe all safety flags and lights, no donuts in the pit lane or on the track.
    If you are involved in an accident, do not intentionally leave your car parked on the driving line where it can cause interference to other drivers, or result in more accidents. Return to the pit box safely and repair your car to continue the race.
    If you spin or crash advise the other driver and get back on to the track as safely as possible.
    If you accidentally leave the track for whatever reason you must wait till there is a clear safe gap before rejoining the track. Upon rejoining the track, get up to speed as quickly as possible without blocking the racing line.
    Do not attempt U-turns on the racing line. You will cause an accident.
    Do not deliberately cut the track. The white (or yellow) line marks the edge of the road: don't cross them with more than two wheels.
    No purposely crashing into each other.
    When defending your position you are allowed one move. If you choose to take the inside line into a corner to defend your position you must keep that line through the corner.
    When exiting the pits stay within the white line on the exit or you may be penalized if you impede another driver by cutting the line. If there is proof of you cutting the white line you will be penalised.
    You are not permitted to destroy your car after setting your qualifying lap. You must either drive back to the garage or "retire from session". If stewards feel that a tyre wear advantage has been gained by destroying a car they may consider issuing a penalty such as a compulsory lap 1 pit stop.

    1.1 Further interpretation and elaboration on these rules follows:
    We ask that you drive your car as if you are paying for the carbon fibre and front wings/repairs and do yourverybest to avoid contact.

    a) Overtaking means going past someone, not through him.(NO going Through GHOSTS) Drivers are not allowed to push cars out of the way in order to overtake them.

    b) You must find a clean pass through pace, pressure and skill. It is not acceptable to make a move that predictably will result in contact. A driver can only attempt a pass when there is room for it and when the chance is reasonably high that it will work without contact. On road courses this means that the overtaking car must be able to get a significant overlap with the defending car before they get to the turn-in point of a corner. It also means that the overtaking car must be able to make the corner without cutting.

    c) The defending driver is allowed to defend his position by moving off his racing line once only. As soon as the overtaking car has overlap the defending driver can only use the width of the track between the overtaking car on the one side and the track boundary on the other side to move in, without applying physical force to widen it. IE he must provide racing room for a driver who is alongside with significant overlap.

    d) Thx to KINEKT now everybody can use Kinect, so if u think someone push u illegal just record u clip "Xbox record that", than after the race send u clip to host and u opponents and others drivers and so we can together see and decide if this penalty, illegal or just incident. If most people decide its illegal we make penalty for this driver, it can be anything from: DSQ, or just los some points, etc

    2. Chatting
    Talking in a race is advised but only forcrucial informationas it can distract other drivers. To drive a proper race concentration is required and to make sure this concentration is not broken it is advisable not to chat during qualification and race sessions.Note: verbalising a running commentary on your own particular race is not the way to win new friends.
    We expect clean and fair race!!!

    Who in this race already signed:
    1. Earmack / Anton Ermakov
    2. Wes Tyler / InstructorZERO / Recommended Gear
    3. Vyacheslav Vishnevskiy / jemheff
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015
  2. Wes Tyler

    Wes Tyler

    Wes Tyler / InstructorZERO / Recommended Gear
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  3. Vyacheslav Vishnevskiy

    Vyacheslav Vishnevskiy

    Vyacheslav Vishnevskiy / jemheff
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