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S2000 STCC Rules @ Knutstorp - Monday 27 October 2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Simon Trendell, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Full length STCC race around the best track in the game (IMO :D)​

    Server: RACEDEPARTMENT S2000
    Class: WTCC 06/07 & STCC
    Track: Knutstorp
    Password: click here
    Date: 27th October 2008

    NOTE: DST Ends Sunday.

    Practice: 19:30 GMT (45 Mins)
    Qualification: 20:15 GMT (15 Mins) Superpole
    Race: 1 Race of 36 Laps
    Weather: Changeable!
    Other: Forced Pitstops & SuperPole :thumb:​
    1. Simon Trendell
    2. Ben Tusting
    3. Amir Mar
    4. Andrew Evans
    5. Karl Westman
    6. Jari Vinnari
    7. Ryan Callan
    8. Peter Böszörményi
    9. Patrick Duivelaar
    10. Sander Hogendoorn
    11. Gary Lennon
    12. James Yates
    13. Oliver Amos
    14. Jacek Kozlowski
    15. Nigel Atkins
    16. Chris Noble
    17. Marcel vd Aa
    18. Johan Bergqvist
    19. Hansi Josefsson
    20. Thierry Marchand
    21. Terry Harmer
    22. Jamie Wilson
    23. Mike Jaanus
    24. Lasse Oinas
    25. Gabor Feher
    Server 2

    1. Roy Stevens
    2. David Lemon
    3. Mark Guy
    4. Ingemar Petersson
    5. Ross Balfour
    6. Dave Gardner
    7. Keith Barrick
    8. Stephane Dejoux
    9. Christian Deparis
    10. Thomas Lee
    11. ChristopheB
    12. Marty Pierce
    13. Peter Madsen
    14. Driver
    15. James Johnson
    16. Robert Maytum
    17. Anthony Martin
    18. Danny Pattiwaël
    19. Florian Goubaud
    20. Laurance Lemon
    21. Erik Åhlen
    22. Victor Shaw
    23. Mickael Miniac
    24. Herwin Ploeg
    25. Driver
  2. I'm in :)
  3. sign me up plz:peace:
  4. i'll take a piece of this action, oh yes :)
  5. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    I am up for this, please put me down.
    Not sure what car yet
  6. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG


    2 Questions:

    1. Forced Pitstops, how many do we have to take ?
    2. Superpole is that 1x out lap , 1x Qualy Lap , 1x in lap ?
  7. 1 Pit stop within the given pit window, and that is SuperPole :)
  8. I would like to race too.

  9. Me please in the Vectra :)

    This track is a little bit nuts lol.

    The AI Alfas constantly roll it coming out of the final corner.
  10. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG


    Does the game tell me about the open and close lap of pitstop ?

  11. You get a display just under your laptimes, showing the laps of the pit-stop window.
  12. Sign me up please! Audi power 8)
  13. Yep, it'll be on the right hand side.
    Should note you will need the STCC just incase anyone doesn't notice.

    If you start a 36 laps race at Knutstorp offline with STCC rules you can find the Pit Window when you start the race.
  14. sign me up please
  15. Hm, this sounds cool, I'm in :)
  16. Sign me up please. Just one question, do you have to have STCC or RACE 07 going to work. I would then just have to download the track if it does. Well I hope so

  17. You need the full STCC add on :)
  18. Oh so very very in :)
  19. Ok, then that's me out till I can get the game. :(
    Thanks Sander
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