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S2000 @ Rouen Les Essarts 1955 - Sunday June 19, 2011

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by RaceDepartment, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

    Server name: RACEDEPARTMENT.COM S2000
    Required RACE 07 expansions: RACE On and/or STCC - The Game
    Class: WTCC 2006/2007/2008 and STCC 2008 (Volvo C30 WTCC and Seq BMW STCC excluded)
    Track: Rouen Les Essarts click the to download
    Practice: 09:00 GMT
    Qualification: 09:30 GMT
    Warm-up: 09:55 GMT
    Race: 10:00 GMT (2 x 30 minutes)
    Password: click here

    Signup List
    To signup simply press the button below and leave your event related comments in the thread.

  2. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

    A S2000 event to kick off your sunday morning (or nights when you are from down under :D). Server is already up for practice!

    @Aussies, is this practice start time suitable enough for you? Please let us know.
  3. It's good for us in New Zealand, i.e 09:00 GMT is 9PM so R2 finishes around 11.10pm, Sydney will be practice at 7pm...
  4. Kevin Hopkins

    Kevin Hopkins

    An hour earlier would be nice ,but i'm old and grumpy and need to get up at 5am the next morning.
  5. Mark Gormley

    Mark Gormley
    #14 | The Silent Killer

    I have signed up, albeit with some trepidation; will this be an EU or Oceania server? If it's the latter will I be lag-ridden?
  6. 2 x 30 minutes format? :bad:
  7. Well that is a crazy track! I'm definitely in! Will probably need to borrow a set up, think after half of the race my engine would blow, bouncing off the rev limiter on the back straight...
  8. It seems like a tricky track to get a good setup for. Any setup which works well during the slow first half hurts really badly in the second half, and vice versa.

    I recall some S2000 races forced us to make a pit stop during the race. Is that not the case this time?

    And last question for now, will there be any peculiar rules in qualifying? Such as park ferme or super pole...?
  9. At that time held the race in my time zone, I live in the Balkans in the zone +2 h? Is it for me this time, or otherwise?

    If it is not at 9 am but two hours later, I would be honored to try to ride with you.
  10. Kevin Hopkins

    Kevin Hopkins

    @Ivan,hi yes you are right it will be 11am for you.
  11. Kevin Hopkins

    Kevin Hopkins

    @Marcus.hi,qualifying just looks like a 25 minute all on the track at once session to me ,no special rules apply.
    You can do as many or as few laps as you like.

    No forced pitstop in place ,but being 30 minute race depending on your tyre wear you may have to stop,up to you and your car setup.
  12. Awesome, alright, thanks. :)
  13. I love that track! I'm not sure I'll be able to race at that time, so I won't sign up just yet. Consider me a maybe :)

    EU server, as far as I know, but you should be fine either way :good:
  14. I am in 90%...
  15. I take it 1955 is the non-chicane layout, and the 51-73 layout
  16. never mind.... I have a different version... now have the LM edition....
  17. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Server is up !
  18. Can someone tell me the rules for the pit stop, tire, qualifications and so on ...
  19. Nothing in the event notes for any of those, so I assume you don't have to make a pit-stop, you don't have to change tires.
    Regular quali session, just go out, and drive as many laps as you want.

    If you need to go to pits, just don't forget to turn on the pit limiter.
  20. OK...Is't like on the public servers, I understood...
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