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S2000 @ Norisring- Sat Nov 6th 2010

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Ivo Simons, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. [​IMG]


    STCC + WTCC 06/07/08 (excluding WTCC C30)
    Track: Norisring

    Weather: Dry

    Official Practice: 20:00GMT,
    45 minutes
    10 minutes superpole
    Warmup: 5
    Race: 21:00GMT, 2 x 30 min

    Pit Stop:
    (Min of 2 tyres)

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  2. No sign up list. First come first serve. :)
  3. can't c server..?
  4. Server up.
    No Superman Mark. ;)
  5. LOL, i c it now......
  6. Better go plug my 50m ethernet cable in then ;)
  7. Thomas Hackel

    Thomas Hackel
    Honk - Forum Games Moderator

    Lobby shows: unknown class! which cars??
  8. Just default. WTCC 08/07/06 and STCC.
  9. LOL Ivo, a bit late with the post for this race, i would have joined if i could see it earlier:rolleyes:
  10. Wasnt the plan Swider. ;)
    There was a screw up with the Nations Grand Prix tonight. And i just put a server up so people still had something to race. :)
  11. Was a good little event. Jesper was a little too fast for us all in the BMW, must have been the extra drive out the hairpins ;) Rest of us had a nice battle for both races which was mostly clean. Would probably have been hell with 25 drivers at those hairpins but more people would have been nice.
  12. :-( - and here I was thinking this was some new inititiave by RD to introduce some more impromptu, first come first served, 'casual' racing... ! Maybe one off short notice events like this could be dropped on us more often? I think its a good idea anyway.....

    Back to the event - I had a great fun event with some very close racing, and a few mistakes thrown in - the late announcement of the event meant that I joined well into practice and then had to learn the track from scratch (not too hard but I did hit someone hard in practice when I had one of those "I'm on a totally diofferent part of the track moments" and slammed into him on braking) I also hit Mark Guy in Race One sending him into a wall, I think he possibly had damage because he appeared to brake far earlier than I expected, so sorry again for that Mark, I also had a very lucky near miss on about lap 12 when I managed to avoid a spinning car and squeeze through between him and the barriers at high speed throwing debris from both front wings as I just got through the gap another 0.1 seconds and there would have been a mighty impact! Clipped the wall while racing James too later on almost seding us both round. Managed to lead for a lap or two in race two whiole everyone else was pitting and found myself feeling very uneasy racing Jesper for the lead - I was really worried about doing something (else) stupid and taking him out!

    All in all a very eventful event thanks Ivo and RD for putting this one up and thankyou for attending everyone - I also think short notice events are good for levelling the field, especially if an unusual/previously unused track is chosen - because no one gets hours of practice and you have to learn the track from scratch..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.