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S2000 @ Long Beach - Wed January 26th 2011

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Michael van Scheppingen, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Class: WTCC 06 / 07 / 08 / STCC / Vauxhall Vectra (Volvo C30 2008 excluded)

    HDI Removed! The Car needs some more tweaking

    Track: Long Beach 2007 Download

    Weather forecast:
    Real time Weather Forcast

    Widespread fog this morning. Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of rain. Breezy with highs in the upper 50s. West winds 5 to 10 mph...increasing to southwest 20 to 25 mph this afternoon.

    Start Time: 19:30 GMT

    Practice 2: 30 min Start @ 19:30 GMT
    Qualification: Qualify 10 min
    Warmup: 5 mins
    Race: 2 x 30 minutes
    Pitstop: Free

    Notes: Click here to read the password and the rules!

    Note from the race director:

    Grid will be closed 10 minutes before start of qualify! Signed up reserve drivers already present on the server during official practise, earn their starting position at this point.

    Drive fast, fair and relaxed! \o/
    1. Morten Wernersen
    2. Ethan Bass
    3. Simon Gardner
    4. Linus Broström
    5. Goran Markesic
    6. Aristide Romanov
    7. Mustafa Gungor
    8. Dan Allinson
    9. Mark Guy
    10. Daryn Carmichael
    11. James Fellows
    12. Jonas Orfelt
    13. Dubravko Vučković
    14. Wayne Mitten
    15. Fred Visser
    16. Bjorn Spierenburg
    17. Michael van Scheppingen
    18. Szabolcs Hanyik
    19. Marco Sbordoni
    20. Greben Kelly
    21. Benjamin Linstuiseur
    22. Eric Plimmer?
    23. Eric Nelson
    24. -
    25. -
  2. Sign me up please Michael

    Driver name : Murat Erdogdu
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  4. \o/ :woot: Long Beach! Yeah!

    Sign me up Michael
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  11. in the forecast it says rain @ 1pm which is when the race takes place at the track. But it's clear at 7pm which is the time here when the race gets underway. (I know it's 8pm but the closest i find is 7pm) so whill it be weather for 1pm or 7pm ??
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.