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S2000 @ Dubai - Sunday August 28th 2011

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Yves Larose, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Server name: RACEDEPARTMENT.COM S2000
    Required RACE 07 expansions: RACE On and STCC - The Game
    Class: WTCC 2006/2007/2008 and STCC 2008 + Vauxhall Vectra (Volvo C30 WTCC and Seq BMW STCC excluded)
    Track: Dubai GP
    Practice: 9:00 GMT
    Qualification: 9:30 GMT
    Warm-up: 9:45 GMT
    Race: 9:50 GMT 2x25 Minutes
    Password: click here

    Download packages

    Racing Club track package

    Racing Club Mod package (part 1)
    Racing Club Mod package (part 2)

    *due to the daily download limit it will take 2 to 3 days to get all the packages, in order to make it faster you can get the tracks pack and the mod link will seperately posted in each event thread.

    Signup List
    To signup simply press the button below and chat away in the thread below :)

  2. the usual suspects :)
  3. can you please confirm the track link as it isn't included in the track pack "September track package.rar" linked above.

  4. it is in August pack Günthar
  5. thanks, but if someone didn't download that already, I think only the September Pack is now hosted (it replaced the August one?).
  6. David J Anderson

    David J Anderson
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Sorry to be a pain, but I can't sign up for this event using the buttons. No idea why this happens to me. But I would like to race on Sunday if I can.

    So if there is a spot for me, I would love to race with you guys.
  7. Adam Farmer

    Adam Farmer

  8. I have the version from the August track pack. I'll download this one and compare the files, then let you know.

    EDIT: Yes, they are the same.
  9. Adam Farmer

    Adam Farmer

    Hello Ant,

    Many many thanks for doing that. Much appreciated.

  10. I have signed in but wish to add that it is as a reserve.

    Hopefully I will be there?

  11. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Server is up!
  12. Mark Gormley

    Mark Gormley
    #14 | The Silent Killer

    Is the Vectra definately included in this? I can't select it when I join the server.
  13. I think I will have to withdraw.

    I went to log onto the server to find an 'unknown class' restriction.

    I had just D/L the Vectra & Leon Euro and installed them. So therefore, I have all the cars listed in the MOD pack, (having D/L the others at some earlier date).

    - Vauxhall Vectra
    -Porsche and Ferrari GT-Sport
    -Seat Leon Eurocup

    I have installed...
    -Race 07; STCC The Game, GTR Evo, WTCC 2010 Pack, STCC 2.

    The confusion I have is with the S2000 term and, the reference to WTCC2008 & STCC 2008?

    Are WTCC2008 & STCC 2008 game packages I need to install? I have never seen references to these games in the WHOLE of my 9 week Sim experience?

  14. Mark Gormley

    Mark Gormley
    #14 | The Silent Killer

    Hi Ray, do you have the WTCC2008 Class, provided by Race On? STCC 2008 is the class provided with STCC, The Game.
  15. Yes, Race On is needed for this one.
  16. I see, thanks for the replys, guys.

    I have just purchased the Power Pack because I see a RD server I couln't enter. That was jut £3.99. However, Race 07 is 13.99 :-(

    What to do.., to do.....?

    F*** it! I can afford 13 quid.

  17. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    I suppose you meant Race On for 13.99
    It has a lot of nice content, so suppose you won't regret it ;)

    Just to clarify the things you need to have for such a S2000 event:

    "WTCC 2006/2007/2008 and STCC 2008 + Vauxhall Vectra"

    WTCC 2006 and 2007 comes from Race 07
    WTCC 2008 from Race On
    STCC 2008 from STCC The Game
    and the Vauxhall Vectra has the downlink link included

    Don't let yourself be confused by those modpacks ;)
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Not open for further replies.