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S2000 @ Barcelona - Monday 13th April 2009

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Simon Trendell, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    This event is a unique event please read the following carefully. This event is limited to 25 signups so reduce the number of servers required so sign up quick. You must be able to commit to both races as we will race in the sprint server then move to the feature server. Please do not join the feature server if you are not signed up.


    Class: WTCC 06/07 & STCC
    Track: Barcelona [RaceDepartment]
    Weather: Changeable

    Sprint Server

    Practice: 18.30 GMT - 45 Minutes
    Qualification: 19.15 GMT - 10 Minutes Super Pole
    Warmup: 19.25 GMT- 5 Minutes
    Race: 13 Laps

    Feature Server

    Practice: 1~ 19.55 GMT - 10 Minutes
    Qualification: 20.05 GMT - 10 Minutes Super Pole
    Warmup: 20.15 GMT - 5 Minutes
    Race: 27 Laps - Forced Pit Stops!
    Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!

    The Vectra is no longer used in the racing club because of it is no longer kept patched with the other patched S2000 spec cars in the game, and is therefore no longer up for selection. It also required members to download a large demo for a single car.

    Reserve Procedure

    From this event you must now join before 19.10GMT, otherwise your spot will be given to any reserves on the list. Remember joining at the start of practice and returning later in practice is fine. Joining after this time is not allowed.

  2. Entrylist:
    1. Simon Trendell - Seat Toledo
    2. Jamie Wilson - Seat Toledo [Skin]
    3. Akos Veres - Chevrolet Lacetti
    4. Adrian Lazarescu - Seat Leon
    5. Theo Loonstra - Honda Accord
    6. Daniel Pettit - Peugeot 308
    7. Frank Herfjord - Volvo C30
    8. Dave Gardner - Volvo S60
    9. Jeremy Trotin - Peugeot 308
    10. Kennett Ylitalo - Volvo C30
    11. Oliver Amos - TBC
    12. James Yates - BMW E46
    13. Marcos Antunes - BMW E90
    14. Johan Top - Alfa Romeo 156 GTA
    15. Jeroen van Toorn - BMW E90
    16. Yoeri Gijsen - Honda Accord Euro R
    17. Driver
    18. Driver
    19. Driver
    20. Driver
    21. Driver
    22. Driver
    23. Driver
    24. Driver
    25. Driver
  3. Name: Ryan Callan
    Car: Honda Accord
    Comments: :) - I much prefer Donington though.
    Change to Donington: Yes
  4. Name : Danny Pattiwael
    Car : BMW E90 320Si WTCC07
    Change to Donington : Rather not :thinking:
  5. I think I will switch over to Formula Nippon if that's ok?
  6. Name : Akos Veres
    Car : Lacetti 06 (radermecker)
    Change to Donington : it is up to others, it doesn't matter for me
  7. Name: Adrian Lazarescu
    Car:Seat Leon STCC
    Comments:Hoping for close racing:)
    Change to Donington:No (I like Barcelona)
  8. Name: Daniel Pettit
    Car: BMW E90
    Comments: "Hello and welcome to this racing club event brought to you by .....etc etc"
    Change to Donington: No
  9. Name: Frank Herfjord
    Car: Volvo C30
    Comments: my first online race. I'll try my hardest not to be a bumper car.
  10. Name: Dave Gardner
    Car: Volvo S60 stcc
    Comments: would like to race Donnington :)
  11. Hi Frank,

    Concentrate on lapping consistently without going off and you'll be fine. More than likely there will be someone around your skill level to scrap with :)

    Sorry Dave I think the masses went against you :p
    Donington is very much on the "must do again soon" list.
  12. Name: Jeremy Trotin
    Car: Peugeot 308 STCC
    Comments: I like Barcelona
    Change to Donington: No
  13. Name: Kennett Ylitalo
    Car: Volvo C30
    Comment:...no comment,sir....
  14. What does "laps tbc" mean? Also, will this be rolling start?
  15. Rolling starts are bugged causing crashes, so both races will be standing start. Laps will be 13 for the sprint and 27 for the feature, should be about 25/50 minutes respectivly.
  16. Name: Oliver Amos
    Car: TBC
    Comment: I am thinking of driving a rarely used car. Should be good :p
  17. Aw man, I forgot I had an appointment tonight. Very sorry Simon, can you get me off the list. I'm afraid won't make it tonight.

    Cheers..and again sorry
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.