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S2 R10: Hungarian GP, Hungaroring ( 18-06-2017, 20:15 C.E.T. )

Discussion in 'PC | F1 2016 DNA Racing League' started by Jas Verstoppen, Jun 17, 2017.

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  1. Jas Verstoppen

    Jas Verstoppen
    DNA Racing Premium


    Round 10: Hungarian GP

    Date 18th of June 2017

    20:15 C.E.T.
  2. [DNA] Rico Nosberg

    [DNA] Rico Nosberg

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  3. mekkmester007


    Are u think u are FAIR player? (see the video 4:25) That wasnt look so FAIR

  4. [DNA] Rico Nosberg

    [DNA] Rico Nosberg

    1) I am sorry for that.
    Must be you or me or the host lagging, because i only blocked the inside, i did not hit you in my screen no sound no feeling.
    If i hit someone i allways give the place back, you should know that because i did it in china i think too.
    I always drive fair.

    Btw, You came in like a torpedo, thats not my fault.
    There is almost no overtaking on Hungary.

    1.5) Did we forget about this?

    Did you give me that place back?
    Now did i complain? Yes i did!
    Did you get a penalty? No you din't.
    I asked them to NOT give you a penalty but a warning, you can ask Dpool and Pretender.

    See monaco as i overtake, you turn into me!
    You dont even look to arrows in screen, you just go!
    My fault i should have waited i know! I only asked them who was making a mistake and i took their answer as a man!

    Watch in slomo!

    2) In my game/screen/eye's Dani was not blocking to defend, but pure braketesting, before the corner and thats BS i could not go anywhere.
    Or this must also be lagg stuttering enz.

    So now thats out of the box.

    I am done with F1 2016, im done with all the bugg's errors laggy hosts.
    We went from 22 players and some 10 more reserve's to 11 players?
    Sorry but this game died after patch 1.08
    I am not gonna put more time into it, 880 hours is enough misery for one game!

    :inlove: See you when i see you.

    I surrender my car.

    *Edited Post, as i found more stuff to talk about ;-) !!
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2017
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  5. robinf1



    Honestly wtf is wrong with the server or the game. Same **** over and over again. Everyone left the server, so this time i know i had to join back because it was a bug or something (same happened in China). And the cars dont ghost anymore?

    Look at:
    14:30 Crash between rico, kirenian and dani i think: cars dont ghost anymore? Luckily the psychics of the game dont make any sense, so i could drive underneath them haha.
    20:58 did i really drove 2nd? Or was it just on my game that i was second?
    22:00 I drove fastest lap which was impossible, and than everyone left the server, than there was a VSC
    34:00 I overtook Shabbala, Dpool in front crashed with Rico's retired car and flew over Rico and than i crashed into rico's retired car

    Whole race was weird ****
    Here's the message to char.. uhh codemasters: **** OFF, **** OFF, HONESTLY
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2017
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  6. Wouter Exel

    Wouter Exel

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  7. [DNA] Rico Nosberg

    [DNA] Rico Nosberg


    I took alook at my video, but in my screen as you can see, i block you, but thats racing man.. As you can see i make the corner easy, and i moved only 1 time.

  8. Pretend3r A

    Pretend3r A


    Had an awesome start
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  9. Mark Saunders

    Mark Saunders

    Looks like quite a few people had quite a few issues. Robin, that race looked horrific :(

    Quali: P1
    Very happy with that as it beat my time trial time. I initially thought I'd try soft tyres but both laps on them weren't great so I went out on supers. My first super run wasn't good enough but I did notice in my warm up lap, my tyre wear didn't go to 1% so the next time I went out, I did two slow laps to burn off some fuel which I think helped a little bit but probably didn't make the half a second I gained on the final lap. Great lap, happy with P1.

    Race: P3
    Start went okay, I pulled a little gap then my tyres started to go a little bit so I stayed calm. Avallac closed on me just before the lap I was going to pit but when he didn't go into the pit, I knew the undercut for him was off the table. I recall on that lap looking away from the screen for no apparent reason so I didn't catch a minor slide I had and ended up letting Avallac past just before my pit; looking back, I think I was checking my tyre choice for the pit stop as Jeff confused me... not the only time in that race. Seriously, he never shuts up...

    I then came out on lap 8 behind some traffic and unfortunately there was an incident ahead which I don't think I could have avoided without turning sharply left on a right hand bend. It happens, no problem on my end. I then reversed back and started going again. I was then angry at the situation (not people involved) so started pushing like a madman. I had a few nice fights on my way up the grid and thought there was a slim possibility Fuyjin might struggle with his mediums and I might catch Avallac so I pitted a little later than planned to ensure I'd have even fresher tyres if I did catch up to them. After pitting on lap 23, the VSC was deployed shortly after I exited the pits giving Fuyjin a free stop and Avallac was too far in front anyway.

    I didn't know what to expect coming into the race and after the calamities I was glad to finish third. Grats to Fuyjin, all the right decisions at the right times and perhaps strangely, I think you won that one based on your quali lap! :)

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  10. [DNA] Rico Nosberg

    [DNA] Rico Nosberg

    I just notice i forget to thank you for a year of f1 2016 it was a pleasure.
    I prolly did the wrong thing, quiting the game as i was out of my "comfort zone" and i dit not retire but leave.
    I am sorry for that. Ill take a 300 place gridpenalty on all the remaining race's in F1 2016! :laugh:
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