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[S1] Teams and Drivers / Sign-Up

Discussion in 'PS4 | Ginetta GT4 Supercup' started by Andrew Holmes, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. This is the Sign-Up / Teams & Drivers thread where drivers who want to join the league should come to fill out the simple Sign-Up form below. The mandatory fields harbour the symbol " * ". We look forward to racing with you!

    Teams and Drivers.PNG

    First Name*:
    PSN ID*:
    Preferred Number:
    Wheel / Pad:
    Assists Used:
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2017
  2. Sign-Up
    First Name*: Benjamin
    Surname*: McCluskey
    PSN: Boy_RaXer14
    Preferred Number: 79
    Wheel / Pad: Logitech G29
    Assists Used: No
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2016
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  3. Added. Welcome aboard. Is #20 your car number choice mate, I thought you were going for #79
  4. 79
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  5. First Name*: Darren
    Surname*: Holmes
    Preferred Number: 72
    Wheel / Pad: Pad
    Assists Used: Yes
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  6. Sign-Up
    First Name*: Michal
    Surname*: Staroscik
    Preferred Number: 71
    Wheel / Pad: Pad
    Assists Used: none
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  7. Welcome aboard mate!
  8. Numbers gone so
    What's your PSN ID mate?
  9. Yes
  11. when does this season start?
  12. Early December mate
  13. You interested mate? Need to know sooner rather than later
  14. First Name*: Aaron
    Surname*: Levens
    PSN ID*: azza9672
    Preferred Number: 7
    Wheel / Pad: wheel
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  15. Nice one dude, might wanna ask @mathew alsop if you wanna be team mates mate
  16. I will be his team mate if he wants to
  17. I'll be his team mate
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  18. First Name*: leigh
    Surname*: carr
    PSN ID*: Kablo1984
    Preferred Number: 84
    Wheel / Pad: Pad
    Assists Used: Yes
  19. Welcome aboard my friend. Will update sign up sheet soon
  20. Thanks :) looking forward to getting racing!
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