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[S1] Rules and Regulations

Discussion in 'PS4 | Ginetta GT4 Supercup' started by Andrew Holmes, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Andrew Holmes

    Andrew Holmes


    Driving Standards

    Drivers must respect track limits at all times.
    Drivers must stay within the white line at Pit Exit.
    Drivers must respect race flags.
    Drivers must not make contact with another car to gain an advantage.
    Drivers must respect other drivers on track.
    When defending, drivers must not weave.
    When defending, drivers may only make one move per section.
    If a driver overtakes another off track, they must give the position back and wait one corner before attacking again.

    Session Layout

    Technical Regulations
    Traction Control [Permitted]
    Anti-Lock Braking System [Permitted]
    Stability Control [Off]
    Automatic Gearbox [Permitted]

    Race Regulations
    In Race One, all drivers have to complete a Mandatory Tyre Pit Stop.

    Qualifying Regulations
    In Qualifying One, all drivers can compete.
    In Qualifying One, drivers can set as many lap times as the timer allows.
    In Qualifying Two, the top 5 finishers from Race One cannot compete.
    In Qualifying Two, drivers are only allowed to set one timed lap.

    Disconnection Rules
    A mass disconnect is where ¼ of the field disconnect from the lobby.
    If there is a mass disconnect before 75% distance, the race will be re-run once.
    If there is a mass disconnect before 75% distance on a re-started race, half points will be awarded.
    If there is a mass disconnect after 75% distance, the previous lap’s order is declared the result.

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  2. Bcolli186


    ginetta gt4 has no assists so why are they allowed in this league?
  3. JODY


    This is almost 1 year old