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[S1] News Column

Discussion in 'TNGTC GT3 - GT3 Am' started by Andrew Holmes, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. This is the Thursday Night GT Championship News Column; this is where you come to post news for Season Two.

  2. TNGTC's GT3-AM gets underway!

    Next week Tuesday shall see the long awaited commencement of a hotly contested GT3-AMature division. This division has been several months in the planning by the organizers of TNGTC. Drivers, sponsors, teams, and fans have all been waiting for this highly anticipated feeder series to begin alongside the currently running GT3-PRO division series.

    This addition to the TNGTC league is a much welcomed one after having such a successful first season that was previously branded FNGTC. The series had gained quite a lot of interest from top drivers and teams alike and the newly branded TNGTC now harbors a PRO division which takes place on Thursdays and the newly added AMature division which will take place on Tuesdays.

    The AM's will follow the same race and rule format as the PRO's but will be allowed to use the realistic driving aid of abs braking assist. At the end of the season, the top 5 performers of the AM division will be promoted to the PRO division to prove themselves against the top guys in GT3-PRO. Will they have what it takes to challenge the PRO guys in season 3. We shall certainly find out as we keep you posted on race news and results.

    GT3-AM is said to have a pretty competitive lineup up and down the grid . We will see the likes of driving sensation @Lightweight driving for team Fun racing in the BMW Z4 taking on @Aleksandr Frolov and his team mate of team Caporal RUS in the newly acquired GT3 corvettes. Also worth mentioning is top driver @Jelani Patterson driving for team Vincystr8 Motorsports in the BMW M3
    with his talented rookie team mate @Joshua Bonadie. Also in the mix will be team 911 Racing driving the Ruf rgt with @vartrayzer - Aleksandr Voloschuk as team leader and compatriot in a BMW Z4 @Max Rasskosov . Team Raceonoz will also be looking to challenge for top honors in their Bentley continentals with @Luke McVicar and @TDZdave - David Zitterbart behind the wheels. The first race taking place at Brands Hatch will see a random weather forecast in the mix that may spring some surprises for the drivers on their AM debut. Who will come out on top? Only two more days untill race day.

    The grid is a rather diverse one consisting of drivers from Australia, America, Britian, The Caribbean and Italy. Let's hope that all these drivers on different time zones will be able to cope with the neutral start time. @Benjamin McC will be official race host of the lobby and will overseer the feature race proceedings. We would like to take this opportunity to thank TNGTC organizers, @Ben Milden and @Adam Morris for their efforts in endorsing this feeder series, we hope to have a successful championship running alongside the PRO's.

    @vartrayzer - Aleksandr Voloschuk
    MaxRasskosov - Max Rasskosov
    serg77930 - Sergey Nikolaev
    @Aleksandr Frolov frolov_smp
    @Dizze DizzeAL3
    @Drift_King90 - Matteo Graziano
    @Lightweight - Paul Newell
    Alan Calun
    @Revhead_1000 - Karl Turkalj
    @Luke McVicar mustafur
    @TDZdave - David Zitterbart
    @Joshua Bonadie
    @Jelani Patterson
    @sean hindle
    @Junique_talent - Julian Stevens
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  3. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
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    I will be hosting a sessions at brands hatch for most of today if you guys fancy testing cheers

    Add me MILDENMAN27
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  4. Alun makes it 2 in a row...

    Round 1 of TNGTC's GT3-AM division got underway last week Tuesday and saw the likes of Team Fun Racing's Garland Alun take victories in both the feature and sprint races. Alun has definitely sprung surprises up and down the grid with his consistent performance in both races. The feature race saw a series of changing weather conditions that changed the lead quite often with @Junique_talent Julian Stevens leading for the first half of the race, and @Jelani Patterson and @Luke McVicar battling for 2nd. The change in weather conditions throughout the race meant that tyre pitstop strategies came into play and those that took the gamble would benefit more hence allowing Alun to take the lead in a 3 way battle between Stevens, Alun & Rasskosov.

    The sprint race as it ever so often emerged to be quite dramatic consisting of some very aggressive overtaking manouvres throughout the grid. The race was wet again and saw Alun reap the benefits of fighting competitors making errors in their pursuit of the win.

    Round 1 was hotly contested and proved to be the opening of a very close and competitive grid on this division. Today we shall see the commencement of round 2 where the drivers will race at Watkins Glen with some very rapid pace being shown in free practice by some of the guys. Round 2 is shaping up to be a very close one as it will be dry conditions and wih the new sprint race characteristic of a rolling start. Who will win at Watkins? Can Alun take victory again? Will @Lightweight paul Newell his teammate shine at a circuit he is very strong at? Or will the Russians of Aleksandr Frolov, Sergey Nikolaev or @vartrayzer Aleksandr Voloschuk step up and take victories? Not if Vincyst8's @Jelani Patterson or @Joshua Bonadie have something to say about it. Who will be victor, only one way to find out. Race starts in 1 hour 15 mins. Race will be streamed live for spectators to view and commentary by TNGTC's very own @Benjamin McC.
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  5. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
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