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S! Armada GT (SCCC)

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by stop!ng, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. S! Amaranth GT (SCCC) (formerly S! Armada)

    Since I have committed my participation in the contest, I shall reveal my plans.
    What I have in mind is a mid-sized, two-door Gran Turismo. Though it is a driver focused sports car, two comfortable rear seats plus a roomy fastback for luggage make it perfect for long distances.
    It's styled to look like a modern recreation of the eightess Alfa Romeo GTV6 with influences from the Ford Capri MKII, the Citroen SM and the Citroen CX.
    There are several engines to choose from. I'll be competing with a 3.0 i6 developing 320 hp and 406 nm. Thanks to the light chassis and the absence of unnecessary driving-aids it weighs just >1300 kg and reaches a top speed of around 270 km/h.
    I have already done some sketching and can proudly report that I'm quite satisfied with the result. I'll be doing the blueprint over the coming days.
  2. Good Engine Choice lol ^^.
  3. The side view is done. I'm really happy with it and looking forward to what the result will look like.
  4. That looks very nice, good luck with the car!
  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    That looks great. :)
  6. Thx for the likes and comments :) I'm glad you're pleased with it, gonna continue work soon. I'm now on holiday in poland but only till wednesday.

    €: I'm now going to have a look at the competitors