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Mods Sébastien Loeb 2010 Citroën C4 WRC Rally Car 1.3

Sebastien Loeb Citroën C4 WRC Red Bull Rally 2010 4K

  1. howitzer155mm submitted a new resource:

    Sebastien Loeb 2010 Citroën C4 WRC Rally Car - Sebastien Loeb Citroën C4 WRC Red Bull Rally 2010

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  2. nice skin :)
    how did you solve the problem with the side-windows showing correctly on each car side?
  3. Okay, so, this took forever to solve, about 5 hours of research and trying different things.

    In PhotoShop, you have your layers, then next to the "Layers tab" you have "Channels"

    RGB on.jpg

    On the lower right there are your channels, first select everything you don't want to be transparent, like I did in the next one.

    RGB lines.jpg

    Then, make "Alpha 1" visible, and turn off "RGB"

    Alphas on lines.jpg

    Color your selection in white with the brush tool like I did here. The darker the color, the more transparent it is. White is completely solid, and black is pretty much invisible.

    Turn RGB back on and Alpha 1 back off, then save as .dds "DXT1 ARGB 4 bpp | 1 bit alpha" Like normal.

    And if you're referring to text appearing backwards sometimes, some vehicles require it to be reversed, because it maps the texture the opposite direction. Like here with hossy 0saka's WRC Ford Focus:

    Ford Focus Glass.jpg

    Hopefully this wasn't too long and hopefully I could help.
  4. hello,

    thanks for the detailled informations - but my problem is, that the glass.dds of the Lancia Delta S4 has only one side-window inside instead of two.

    Is there a solution for that?
  5. Hmmm, I haven't worked with that one, have you put the textures on yet? If it's symmetrical, maybe the mapping uses the texture for both sides?

    I've looked at pictures of the S4 in all of the DiRT games (which likely use the same mipmaps) and don't see any of them with window textures, it might be possible that Codemasters never included both windows in an effort to save space (two different ones I mean). So maybe it does show up on both sides, but the other side is backwards, then you might be out of luck.

    Make sure to try out all the windows, just mark each one differently, and see how it looks in game, sometimes the other part of a vehicle on the texture map is smaller to save space.

    Hopefully this helped.
  6. looks like it is symmetrical and does mirror it on the same point:


    thought this was already solved - or what about you, CM? could u please add a second window?!
  7. I meant the shape of the windows themselves, it looks to me like it's the same window for both sides, just inverted to match the opposite side.
  8. Thanks for this one!
    Here's my present for you....
    just some crop, generic auto-level & a bit of motion blur and voila. =)
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  9. Thank you!