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Running rFactor-Buy

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Darren Jason O'Brien, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Hello All,

    I currently have the Race07/Evo, all the Expansions and some Mods, Just looking round and see allot on rFactor.

    How Good is rFactor to Race07/Evo. Im looking at rFactor as theres tracks there that Race07/Evo dont have ...

    Whats everyones opinions on it, Im looking at buying rFactor once I get my new PC but nor sure..


  2. All i can say is buying rFactor would be a good move. Fantastic in every way :cool:
  3. Ok, thanx, think i mite...

    Love to race the V8 SUpercars and the Aussie tracks..
  4. I like you have all of that as well. At first I was kind of skiddish when I first played rFactor. It felt alien to me but I noticed the visuals were a lot better and the moddability a lot easier. The community I feel is more like family and every racer takes the game seriously. I have run into less rammers and jerk wads in RF. Personally with it being so close to RF2 being here I'd just download the trial and install a mod.
  5. ok cool..Thank guys.....

    What about playing RF with Wireless internet, is it worth it or not worry about it.
  6. I have not played Race07. But, if you like Simulation style driving, rFactor is the best thing you can find. And yea, You can wait for another month or two, rFactor 2's gonna be released. Better graphics,physics just awesome!