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Running Race 07 from another computer ??

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Warren Dawes, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. I should know the answer to this but not really sure.
    I have bought a new lap top PC to allow me to keep in contact with RaceDept and perform my RD duties while I am away from home for a lengthy period. I also wish to be able to run replays from League races to help my Race Director duties.
    So, can I install my Race 07 to the laptop, log into my steam account, and use the game normally. If so, how do I do it?
    If not. I assume that I can install the offline version to my laptop?
    I have the CD version of Race 07.

    I have checked the Steam Q & A link and it doesn't work anymore. Also checked RSC and no luck. Surely this is a common question.
  2. I think you can install the game.
    I eaven think you can install the steam account with the same log-on code as your home pc.
    Be shure to use the same validation code of the game as on your home pc.
    But i don`t know if steam is checking for ip adress if your account is valid.
    I can imagine that steam will block the account if two different ip adresses use the same game valledation code.
    But i gues you can try Warren.
    You can always install the offline game and then download the replay`s and upload them into the game for watching.( but you that part ).

    Good Luck Mate..

    PS: New Falcon or New Holden this weekend ??
  3. pm sent, but just simply install it on the other PC, and log into Steam with your esixting Steam account.
  4. Yep it also works for me i have Race and Race07 on 2 computers. :)
  5. I think the problem will come when you run them both at the same time.
  6. Yes, you can. You can't run them at the same time though.
    You can install Steam and after that just copy the Steamapps folder from your original install to the new install and you don't even have to redownload your Steam games! This is what I did when I got my new PC and it worked just fine!
  7. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    Warren, no need to install/download all over.
    Just copy/paste your Steam folder (with all content inside) to your Laptop.
    Make a shortcut for the steam.exe and fire away.
    Check video settings before starting Race07 to avoid crashes.

    Thats the fastest option to 'install' it on a second PC.
  8. Thanks guys for the help.
    It is now up and running on my laptop, and seems to be working ok. I even hooked up my G25, and spare monitor, to the laptop and had a test drive.
    So I should be fine to help with replays and incident investigations to support the League now.

    Hmmn! Maybe I could take an old wheel with me to Longreach and even play Race 07 while I'm away. :) :angel:
    I wonder how bad the internet service is in outback Australia.

  9. Nothing like planning to travel light :D
  10. I might give up on the idea of trying to play the game (Race 07) on the laptop.
    I've spent a very frustrating day trying to get it to work properly, but have found some annoying problems that I have never had with my normal system.
    Firstly, it is now very stuttery, not poor fps, just keeps stuttering at various times, like there is momentary HD activity?? :confused: :(

    Secondly, it won't save replays no matter what I do. :mad:

    Don't know whether it is something to do with Windows Vista (which is new to me), which is driving me nuts with all of it's constant security checks and program blocking. Give me good old Windows XP anytime.

    My system specs are:
    Intel Core Duo CPU T8300 @ 2.40GHz
    2.00 GB Ram
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600
    Windows Vista Home Premium

    Any obvious ideas, especially re the no replays. (Never had this problem before)

    At least GTL seems to work normally (although sorting out the Starforce issues with Vista was a nightmare).
  11. Do you have save replays turned on in the menu....? (sry.... :) )
  12. Yep. I wish it was that easy. :)
  13. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    Warren.....i think you can always ask the manufacture of your laptop for a windows xp if not mistaken (that is if you're not happy with vista)
    overal it should be running smooth with those config.....
    but i do remember that vista tends to use a whole lot of memory at the start.....so i advice when starting laptop, wait for some 30 min (yes 30 min lol) & then you can run everything smooth
  14. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    Do you run it with an administrator account and with account security turned off. Also check the replay folder for permissions.
    I had this issue also once, when I was so stupid to install Vista... Was also the last time I will ever try Vista. :)
  15. Well I think I have all of this correct. Not sure what you mean by account security turned off though.
    Strange thing is that I tried loading a past replay into the Replay directory, and it won't show up in the games replay screen either.
    I'm seriously considering a re install of Race 07, but I am rapidly growing to hate Vista.
  16. be aware of un-installing the game...
    - you are about to uninstall, r u sure?
    - you checked that you are sure about uninstalling, but is this what you meant really?
    - i will really uninstall, that is what you want me to do?
    - before i uninstall please sleep over it once more, because i will uninstall it....
    - i will now uninstall the game, please check the box if it is ok
    - uninstalling, if you say yes in the following box
  17. OK! This is becoming infuriating.
    I unistalled, re-installed and tested the replays with the default settings - and it worked.
    I then exited, reloaded the Config screen and changed the video settings to my monitor resolution 1280 x 800. Started the game again, and the replays disappeared. Went back and reset the video setting to the default one of 1024 x 768 and the replays are still gone..
    This beats me and any suppoort from Simbin for this is non existent.
    Looks like my whole reason for getting this laptop is wasted. I will not be able to help with replay monitoring for the League after all.
    And yes, I am almost fed up with this after spending countless hours trying to get it going.
    Looking at RSC I am not the only one having this problem.
  18. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    the best tip i can give you
    ask the manufacture a windows xp cd as you are fed up with vista & how it goes
    most of them will listen & send you a legal xp copy to you ;)
  19. Works fine for me under vista 64.

    The user security he means is:

    Start>Control panel(classic view)>user accounts>Turn user account control on or off.

    Turn it off and then restart the comp.
  20. Progress at last! :Light:
    Looks like User Account Control is the problem. With it turned on (default setting), replays won't show, but with it turned off, they work normally.
    I have proved this with repeated tests.
    Why it is a problem with Race 07 is beyond me, GTL is happy either way.

    Of course Windows keeps complaining that User Control is turned off (my security is at risk), but it is nice to get rid of one more annoying "feature" of Vista. :throw:
    Don't know if there is any other way around it with some other setting but I don't have time to study it anymore for the moment.

    Simbin really should have a Q&A or trouble shooting section somewhere to spread help with these sorts of issues.

    I still have the stuttering problems, especially with replays but I suspect it is due to the resourse hogging of Vista. :confused:

    Thanks for the help so far guys. :thumb: