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Runic read please

Discussion in 'PC | F1 2016 DNA Racing League' started by [DNA] Rico Nosberg, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. @Runic Your wifi connection is killing us out there.
    If you dont fix it, i bet you are excluded soon.
    You disapeared infront of me and dropped back on my wing...
    Just put a cable in the pc, stop using wifi on games and you wont lagg anymore, or buy better internet.
    I have a 300/30mbit and i have no money so that's not an excuse. I pay 67 euro a month for a game wich you lagg in and crash people of, then you go and blame others. Dpool

    Sorry man but i cant play with you anymore like this.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2016
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  2. Bananaman

    DNA Racing Premium

    Removed my comments. Not fair to assume my issue was related to Runic (without proof). Although after seeing some footage of the Race there are certainly issues with your connection that need resolving @Runic.

    Last edited: Nov 16, 2016
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  3. I can't make my wifi faster no matter how much I pay. Sometimes it is good sometimes it is terrible. I don't need to put a cable in my PC when I have an extender I'm my bedroom (the room I play in).
  4. Also I'm never going to really good wifi when I don't live in a city or town.
  5. :( So you want 21 drivers to adjust to your WIFI? :whistling:
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  6. No.I never said that.
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  7. Bananaman

    DNA Racing Premium

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  8. No reply's lol i think his wifi is gone... lol :roflmao::laugh:
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  9. Looking into it. Will most likely buy it within the week. Thanks for the suggestion! ;)
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  10. Amazing. Using 3G by the way. :giggle:
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  11. @Runic
    I can hook you up with software that helps you getting a better wifi connection.
  12. "Illegal" or legal?
  13. Like Rico said, legal or illegal?
  14. Legal ofcourse.
  15. I use a Ethernet cable that goes to my repeater now and then is wireless to the router. I don't have fiber just standard phoneline.
  16. I'm using professional software that allows you to add/change values on your router via your own computer. This software then updates your router. I've been using this for a long time. It helped mé with several games where I prior to using it, had a bad/laggy connection. After using it, it's all fine. Just add me on Steam and I'll help ya out.