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Run out of fuel.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Koodeu, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I just almost finished first race of the first season with Force India. Almost 1,5h of driving like a mad dog and during lap 56/58 I run of of fuel. No warning from the race engineer to save it or something. What should be done to avoid it next time? Change the engine mapping during the race or what?

    Anyone else had the same?
  2. Yes make use of the Lean mixture when you have a good solid lead.
    You gain nothing by lapping everyone.
  3. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Yes change the engine map to a lean mix whenever you can, even the standard mix alone for the whole race will not necessarily get you to the end.

    Regularly keep an eye on the car's status screen (3), by 3, I mean the 3rd screen. Click your status button 3 times, it will show you your estimated fuel laps at the current fuel mix. If it says OPTIMUM you are OK currently, if it says a positive number of laps like '+2', then you can afford to increase your fuel mix for a while when needed. A negative lap number means you HAVE to fuel save and go to a leaner mix.

    And yes ....... I wish the engineer would warn you about this before it's too late
  4. That's great help. Thanks so much!
  5. I have ran out of fuel on a final lap when I never ran rich mixture for more than a lap and the hud said I was at optimal usage :mad:
  6. I never take it off 'Normal' now. Just finished a 50% race at Germany and even though It was 'Normal' all the race the fuel went from +3 laps to Optimal/-1Lap over the course of the race.

    A couple of laps to go and by pushing like mad on 'Normal' and then being able to back off with 'Lean' for a lap I just made it to the end with 1second to spare :D
  7. Yes same here, Ive kept an eye on the fuel usage, on a 20% you can easily keep it rich to get you to the first pit, then keep it on rich until it says -1 lap then reduce it to Normal or lean. And I only just made it on the final lap, could start to hear the engine struggling on the last few turns and I had my opponent on my tail, I love the adrenalin rush of a close race like that :)
  8. Okay, just finished my first 100% race. It's definitely not just the fuel mixture!

    You can use Mix 2 and "lose" fuel if you have much wheelspin or rev late.
    But you also can "gain" fuel on Mix 2 if you shift up early (for me it was as soon as the first LEDs flash).

    So your driving style has influence on your fuel usage as well as the "general" limitation set by the Fuel Mix.
  9. Exactly, in a race make sure you have the 3rd monitor screen up at all times, The fuel strategy is so improved, I love this aspect of the game, its brilliant!
  10. all of this is awesome, but it's something your engineer should be discussing with as well.
  11. He's too busy keeping track of d'Ambrosio's next pit stop. Right after you see him going out the pit lane... :rolleyes:
  12. He does tell me sometimes to use mix 3 to pass or turn the engine down to save fuel but how it is now it is too unreliable, I have had him tell me to use mix 3 to pass when I have just gone from mix 3 to mix 2 and if i chose mix 3 again I would run out of fuel, I just use the monitor and monitor and adjust myself as needed. Pretty much in all aspects the engineer is just too unreliable to listen to other than pitstop calls and the pace information.
  13. The engineer did warn me ONCE to turn the engine to lean (1) with 4 laps to go and had -2 laps. (cause i forgot i was on 3 and wasnt looking at it :p )
  14. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I agree, it's great aspect of the game. It makes you think about what to are doing for a change, it's not all flat out pedal to the metal. The fact that the way you drive also effects the fuel is an added bonus. I am also led to believe that things like short-shifting, and early lifting will also effect your actual engine/gearbox reliability too.