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Run a championship online against the AI

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Rob Carr, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. I am thinking about buying this, but have a question about it. A friend and i want to do a championship online against the ai. Right now we are doing this with GSCE. The ai isn't bad, but they could be better. Is this possible with rF2, and would rF2 be an improvement?

  2. ouvert

    Premium Member

    AI is probably best you can find at this moment, so is physics and features and subjectively best FFB .. Where it lacks is amount of original content and some says in graphic department (I don't agree)... also it is pretty much only sim that is not making compromises to attract average Joe players
    And I'm almost sure that you can race online with AI
    If you are into sims, go for it, it is a must have
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  3. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen
    Premium Member

    Jip, It's possible. Setting up a server is almost identical to GCSE. But rF2 works with a Vmod.
    A Vmod or server mod contains references to the cars, tracks and .rfm file you'll be using on the server. (Easy tool to create Vmods)
    .rfm file: If you don't specify an adjusted file: It will use the default witch is ok 99% of the time. Only when you really need something speciale regarding some rule settings.

    The dedicated server program will look very familiar to you. But it has some other options to setup weather and real road presets (if you want) per session.

    There is a nice server weather plugin to setup the weather for a race weekend.
    - Enter a date, duration and location per session, click apply and setup your server.
    - Or even use real time weather real time. So if it's raining in Bathurst Australia, it will be raining on the server. :geek: Or you can play God and let it rain or make it sunny and hot on command. :p

    To setup a server: you can just use a lite install and install some content, make Vmod and setup a server. ==> You can test it now if you want.
    You can't race single player or multiplayer, but you can setup a server.
    You do not need to buy the game to setup a server on a PC. ;)
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  4. Stenne

    Premium Member

    I'm right now racing only in off-line mode so I can't tell you specifically about on-line racing with AI. But generally I find the AI behavior in rF2 very good and is giving me a rewarding racing experience. However one should be aware that quality (Graphics, detail etc.) as well as AI behavior varies a lot between different tracks and car mods, especially for third-party downloads. So, don't judge rF2 after trying out just a few tracks and cars. My experience after "quick-testing" many of the available track and car mods (130+ cars and 200+ tracks) about 30-40% is, in my very personal opinion, of very high quality in terms of giving me a really good racing experience. In general, I think that if you start with the stuff from ISI and the "established" modding teams you will come out well. Having said this, I must point out that there are several really, really good tracks and cars from other modders as well.

    I took up simracing about a year ago after a many years long pause (actuallly since Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix and Richard Burns Rally ceased to develop). For me the actual driving experience, the feel of driving a car, and the ability to work seriously with driving techniques and car setups is what gives me the greatest enjoyment and what makes me consider a sim as "good". I also enjoy flightsim (FSX, P3D) where realism has been taken to a very high level and which in some respect also works as a kind of reference to me when simracing.

    I've been trying out a number of racing sims (F20xx, Race07/Evo, AC, GSCE and fF2) and among these, for me rF2 stands out as the unchallenged favourite just because the feeling I'm experiencing when driving a well balanced car on a good track in rF2 is something I don't find in the other sims I've tried. On some tracks and with some cars I can go on driving alone lap after lap just to enjoy and absorb the feeling of driving.

    Sorry if this post became too long, but I just felt an urge to express my very personal opinion when the question was asked.
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  5. There are three components to the AI. First is the stability and cornering capability which is set by the car modder (*). Second is the path around the track and ISI added a "block" path & capability for multiple lines depending on car mod (or even a specific AI driver) to rF2 which greatly enhances the realism to rF1 and GSCE; again, the track modder (*) sets this up. Third item are the talent files, which come from the car modder, but rF2 provides the opportunity to create your own talent files using "Virtual Rides".

    rF2, like rF1 & GSCE have a slider for aggression and difficulty. Aggression is how hard the AI defends and attacks back. Difficulty is basically how fast they complete a lap. At default settings, the aggressiveness is low and it feels like they just give up too easily compared to people. Increasing the aggressiveness to 50% provides a much more realistic race.

    Overall, yes, rF2 has the most realistic AI behavior I've ever experienced. Watching the opponents in a tight pack scatter for position on Lime Rock's front straight is amazing! All this can be carried over into an online race.

    (*) If you want to take things a step further, provided the content isn't encrypted, you can do your own modding of these things.
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  6. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    I bought it the other day after being unimpressed by the demo. Played it yesterday for the first time and was considering a refund. Played today with the karts and the meganes..... Wow.! Bloody loved it. Really looking forward to sitting down properly with it tomorrow.

    Regarding your opinion on the graphics...have you used any reshade mods then? Have seen some really nice screenshots with then.
  7. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    If you have any doubts check this video I just watch... Wow

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