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Rules, Settings, Classifications, Points System - APC League - Season 2

Discussion in 'PC | F1 2015 APC League' started by Decenten, Oct 28, 2014.

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  1. Decenten

    Driver of the #73 Team OGMRZ Holden V8SC Premium

    RULES (in the spoilers):

    1.1 Your league owner moderator is Josh Noack. Other moderators include Milos Ancevski

    1.2 All drivers are to read, understand and abide by these rules

    1.3 All drivers are to respect each other. Verbal and written abuse will not be tolerated whether on TS or RD forum. All communications are to be kept to a PG-13 rating with no swearing or offensive language to be used

    Cheating is not permitted

    1.5 All drivers are required to have TS working and in use during the events. All drivers are expected to have a working microphone. EDIT: Disabled after TeamSpeak is only possible for licenced members

    1.6 Talking during qualifying is not permitted. Talking in the race is permitted to warn the drivers behind that you are pitting on tracks where the pit entry can cause incidents. Causing an incident by failing to do so will result in penalties

    2.1 Races will take place on time with qualifying starting at 7pm AEST sharp. The session lobby will be created between five and ten minutes before the event starts. To see when this is in your local time, check this: http://notworking.url/1xdnCjy

    2.2 If you refuse to take the car assigned to you. Then the session will be restarted without inviting you. If this happens at the next race, then you will be removed from the league and a reserve driver will take your place

    2.3 Changing teams mid-season will not be permitted unless the driver is willing to give up there points that have been awarded to him/her during the period at that team. Some exclusions will be applied if allowed by myself or other league moderators

    2.4 Only a moderator may select the Go To Track option in the race. If someone selects this and is not a moderator then a restart will take place and every driver will need to prove that it wasn’t them. Penalties will be applied to the driver.\

    2.5 Notifying a moderator or replying to the sign up or holiday thread is mandatory for all absences and retirements from the league. If 3 races are missed in a row then your spot will be taken by a reserve driver and you will be moved to the reserved spot

    2.6 Rage quitting is not acceptable and will be penalised

    2.7 If a retirement occurs during the race then you must notify a moderator or else it will be put down as a rage quit

    3.1 If more than 6 drivers disconnect from a race or qualifying session than the race will be restarted in the manor below. If 6 or more drivers disconnect from the restarted session than the session and following sessions will be postponed till the next week

    3.2 In the case of a qualifying restart, the following procedure must be followed;
    • Host must restart online lobby and invite all drivers in
    • All drivers join
    • The qualifying session will be shortened to One Shot qualifying with parc ferme off
    • All drivers proceed to qualify as per normal

    3.3 In case of a race restart, the following procedure must be followed;
    • Host creates a new lobby with no qualifying and 50% race distance
    • Host then invites all drivers who join immediately. Any drivers taken their time to join will miss the race and be penalised
    • The qualifying order is give out over TS during setting up the car and applying strategies. The same tyres used in qualifying don’t have to be used in the race. Therefore a driver can start the race with primes even though qualifying was done with options
    • A moderator will then announce over TS the steam group chat that the race is going to start. He/she will then select the Go To Track button.
    • Once on the grid drivers must not go at the lights. Drivers must stay in their grid box until their name is announced over TS. When name is announced the driver must accelerate carefully through the cars on the grid to 150 kph or 93 mph. This limit must not be exceeded.
    • Once all drivers are off the grid and behind the polesitter than the race will begin at the apex of the last corner. NO ACCELERATING BEFORE THIS POINT
    • The polesitter may call out green flag over TS. No overtaking/overlapping cars before the last corner. Overtaking on the front straight is allowed.

    3.4 Qualifying restarts will only happen if no laptimes have been set. If a laptime has been set then the driver will have to start from the back of the grid in the next race

    3.5 A maximum of 3 restarts per driver per 5 races will be used. If a driver disconnects 3 times in 5 races then their spot will be taken by a reserve driver and they will be moved to reserve

    3.6 In a restart reduced rules will be used

    3.7 If a race is cancelled due to technical issues it will be moved to a break week or to the end of the season

    4.1 Retiring or intentionally crashing from a qualifying session in the last 2 minutes is not permitted. This can give unfair advantages to a driver with tyre wear and can also cause lag or distract drivers on a fast lap. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a points penalty and a grid penalty

    4.2 When on an out or in lap, the driver must remain out of the way of a driver on a hotlap. Failure to do so will result in a grid penalty

    5.1 Crossing the white line on pit exit will not be tolerated. Penalties will be applied

    5.2 Cars on track have right of way over cars entering the track from the pits

    5.3 If you intend to pit, but are alongside another driver at the pit entrance and they are blocking your entrance to the pits, it is your responsibility to yield by slowing down. Do not swerve in front of other drivers to enter the pits

    6.1 Contact and collisions must be avoided

    6.2 Bump passes are not permitted. Bump passes are defined as the trailing car creating contact with the leading car in order to gain the preferred line and emerge in front.

    6.3 Bump passes are not permitted. Bump passes are defined as the trailing car creating contact with the leading car in order to gain the preferred line and emerge in front.

    6.4 If you can prevent an incident by steering into the dirt, grass or a wall; you are expected to do so.

    6.5 If contact between drivers occurs that results in the guilty driver making up places on the innocent driver, the guilty driver must immediately relinquish that position; even if it means the guilty driver has to allow drivers who were not involved in the incident to pass while waiting for the driver they created contact with to resume racing

    6.6 If you have to relinquish a position, move off the racing line before you slow down. Coming to a full stop is not allowed. Continue at the slower pace until the other driver passes you.

    7.1 If a car has sufficient overlap at the turn-in point of the corner, then cornering room must be given by both cars to allow the cars to take the corner together
    • ‘Sufficient overlap’ or ‘overlap’ is defined as having any part your front wheels alongside the rear wheels of the car ahead. A following car has right to road at any time that it has overlap. Leading or defending cars must yield to this right to road.
    • In order to be entitled to space at corner exit, the following car must maintain overlap throughout the corner. Having overlap at turn-in does not grant you space entitlement at corner exit by default. If sufficient overlap is not kept throughout the corner then the leading car has the right to choose any line he wishes at the corner exit and the trailing car must then yield.
    • If 2 cars enter a corner with overlap and that overlap is maintained throughout the entire corner, the car on the inside must maintain an inside line throughout the entire corner and the car on the outside must maintain an outside line throughout the entire corner. If any car narrows or tightens his radius which results in him ‘crossing lines’ from outside to inside or vice versa that driver will be at fault for any contact that ensues.

    8.1 More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted. Any driver moving back towards the racing line, having earlier defended his position off-line, should leave at least one car width between his own car and the edge of the track on the approach to the corner.

    8.2 Any driver defending their position on a straight, and before any braking area, may use the full width of the track during his first move, provided no significant portion of the car attempting to pass is alongside his.

    8.3 For the avoidance of doubt, if any part of the front wheel of the car attempting to pass is alongside the rear wheel of the car in front this will be deemed to be a ‘significant portion’.

    8.4 Blocking is not permitted at any time.
    • Any deviation by a driver from the racing line, that is a reaction to a move from the trailing driver which impedes the trailing drivers forward progress, is not permitted at any time.
    • You are entitled to choose your racing line, and positioning your car on the inside line is a fair manner to defend your position. However, you must position your car on this defensive line before the trailing driver attempts to pass you, and not as a reaction to his attempt.
    • The ahead driver must not make any malicious or inappropriate braking or slowing manoeuvres. Leading drivers must never 'brake test' the car(s) behind them, swerve in a braking zone, or try to break a tow. The leading driver is entitled to be slower or use longer and earlier braking zones than the trailing driver. They are also entitled to use whichever racing line they choose.
    8.5 Manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers, such as deliberate crowding of a car beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of direction, are not permitted.

    9.1 As soon as a driver is caught by another driver who is about to lap him, the driver who is about be lapped must allow the lapping driver past at the first available opportunity. He must do this safely, and with minimal disruption. He should be predictable, and he shouldn’t brake hard or quickly change his racing line.

    9.2 If you have been lapped, you can only attempt to unlap yourself if the lapping car clearly loses pace or makes a mistake which allows you to pass. However, if the lapping car regains pace and catches back up to you, you must again allow it to pass.

    10.1 A driver recovering from an incident must not impede any other car.

    10.2 If there is not an opportunity to safely rejoin the track for several seconds, you must wait until it is safe to do so.

    10.3 If two or more cars involved in a position battle together leave the track for any reason they must rejoin in the order they left the track and without gaining an advantage

    11.1 Drivers must use the track at all times. For the avoidance of doubt the white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track but the kerbs are not.

    11.2 A driver will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with the track.

    11.3 Corner cutting is generally policed by the game, but repeated and excessive corner cutting can be protested and sent to the stewards.

    11.4 Should a car leave the track the driver may rejoin, however, this may only be done when it is safe to do so and without gaining any advantage.

    11.5 A driver may not deliberately leave the track without justifiable reason.

    11.6 If a position is gained by running off track, you must relinquish that position.

    12.1 Reserve drivers can only be assigned to a vacant seat by an Organiser

    12.2 If one seat becomes available, the first available reserve will be assigned to it.

    12.3 If multiple seats become available, the first available reserve will be assigned to the Constructor with the fewest points in the Constructors Championship.

    12.4 If an additional seat becomes available after a reserve has already been assigned to another seat, that original assignment will not change, even if the second Constructor has fewer points than the first.

    Race Lobby Settings

    • Race Day: TBA
    • Race Time: TBA
    • Participation Level: Short Weekend - Short Qualifying
    • Starting Grid: Qualification Results
    • Race Distance: 50% (25% for restarts)
    • Safety Car: On
    • Car Assignment: Player's Choice (as per sign up thread)
    • Weather: Dynamic (excluding race restarts, unless the first race had dynamic weather)
    • Track Selection: Calendar shown in the Calendar thread
    • Rules and Flags: Reduced (poorly given penalties will be removed by the stewards)
    • Parc Fermé: On
    • Car Damage Simulation: Full
    • Car Performance: Equal
    • Collisions: Full
    • Braking Assist: Banned
    • ABS: Banned
    • Traction Control: Banned
    • Dynamic Racing Line: Banned
    • Automatic Gearbox: Banned
    • Pit Assist: Banned
    • View Allowed: Any
    • Max Players: 16
    • Privacy: Invite Only
    Points & Classification
    • Points: 1st (25), 2nd (18), 3rd (15), 4th (12), 5th (10), 6th (8), 7th (6), 8th (4), 9th (2), 10th (1)
    • No additional points will be awarded for pole positions or fastest laps.
    • Cars having covered less than 75% of the number of laps covered by the winner (rounded down to the nearest whole number of laps), will not be classified. If there is any doubt as to the distance covered by a car, evidence must be provided, or the driver will not be classified.
    • If a race is suspended, and cannot be resumed/restarted, no points will be awarded if the leader has completed less than two laps, half points will be awarded if the leader has completed more than two laps but less than 75% of the original race distance and full points will be awarded if the leader has completed 75% or more of the original race distance.
    • If there is any doubt as to the distance covered by the leader at the point a race is suspended, the lesser of the two distances being debated shall be used to determined points.
    • For suspended/finished races, results will be taken at the end of the penultimate lap before the lap during which the race was declared suspended
    • If two or more positions are unclear at the point that a race is suspended they will be awarded the average points of those positions.
    • Drivers will not be allowed to drop their worst results from the season. All 20 race results will count toward the Championship.
    • For a driver to be eligible for the World Constructors Championship, he must:
      • drive in more races with the winning constructor than any other constructor.
      • drive in at least one third of the total races in a season with the winning constructor.
    • If two or more drivers or constructors finish the season with the same number of points, the higher place in the Championship shall be awarded to:
    • a) the holder of the greatest number of first places,
    • b) if the number of first places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of second places,
    • c) if the number of second places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of third places and so on until a winner emerges.
    • d) if this procedure fails to produce a result, qualifying results shall be used in the same manner, and finally fastest laps.
    Rolling Start Guidelines

    1. For a rolling start you must cautiously proceed from the standing start to order yourself into your qualifying position and join the queue behind the lead driver.
    2. The pole position car at the lead of the field in this situation controls the pace of the field and must do so in a safe and responsible manner.
    3. Once in position every driver must maintain the speeds outlined below unless required to slow down for a tight corner in which case the driver(s) should resume the formation lap pace as soon as possible. Whilst people are finding their positions, no weaving is permitted and you must allow other drivers into their positions as quickly as possible. These speeds may only be exceeded to get into position, but must otherwise be strictly followed by all cars.
    4. The permitted maximum speeds are as follows:
    • Open Wheelers: 150kph/93mph.
    1. Tyre warming is permitted and you may weave across the track to warm your tyres. However brake warming through acceleration and sudden braking is NOT permitted under any circumstances. You can however warm your brakes by riding the brake pedal and accelerating at the same time.
    2. All pace laps will be done in a single-file formation unless it is necessary to stagger cars in order to avoid blocking penalties. In the event it is necessary to stagger cars, odd positioned cars should be on the left and even positioned cars should be on the right. Cars will return to single file before the race starts.
    3. Drivers MUST maintain a gap of 3-5 car lengths to the car ahead during the pace lap.
    4. Any blocking penalties awarded in F1 2014 during the formation lap can be removed by the Organiser after the race once evidence was provided of the point at which the penalty was awarded.
    5. Any collision between two cars during the formation lap will be deemed the trailing car's fault unless the leading car broke the brake warming rule.
    6. Notification must be provided if you have not been able to return to your qualifying position during the formation lap, or if there is some debate as to what your qualifying position is.
    7. You are responsible for ensuring you get in to the correct position during the formation lap, and if you do not, you will be awarded a 20 second penalty per number of positions you are out of order by, or equivalent grid penalties.
    8. The formation lap will officially end at the apex of the final corner where you may then accelerate to race pace, but you may not overtake any other car until you have crossed the start/finish line. An exception to this is if the car ahead makes a mistake or clearly loses pace after exiting the last corner.
    9. Before the apex of the final corner, the pole sitting driver may slow down to a pace of around 50kph/31mph to bunch up the field if he/she wishes but is not required to do so. He/she must keep a consistent pace and not reduce speed further below 50kph/31mph.
    10. If at any point during the formation lap, you have a spin, crash, or leave the track, you must rejoin at the back of the field. DO NOT accelerate and try to rejoin in your original position. If you receive damage during the formation lap for any reason, you may NOT accelerate and pass the field in an effort to get into pit lane, you must wait until the formation gets to the pit entrance to to pit.
    11. At any time during the formation lap the Organiser has the right to call off the race start if he feels these rules were not correctly followed. The formation lap procedure outlined here must then be used for a second lap. Failure to follow the instructions of the Organiser in these circumstances will be penalised.
    12. During this procedure all drivers must be silent, the only person that is allowed to speak is the Organiser unless you have an issue that can affect the start of the race.
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  2. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    Made this look a bit cleaner :) Spoilers should make a better gap between the chapters of the rules I feel.

    you Aussies really seem to like to write a load of text lol
  3. Decenten

    Driver of the #73 Team OGMRZ Holden V8SC Premium

    Haha that way there are no gaps in the rules...
  4. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    Actually, let's take that DSC rule back, many didn't seem to like it. I'll keep everything the same as pre-season. So only DSC thing now is - 75% race distance completed - half points for position you DSC-ed in, regarding that :thumbsup:
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