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Cars Ruf RT35 version 1.20

Ruf RT35 and RT35s

  1. gvse submitted a new resource:

    Ruf RT35 - Ruf RT35 and RT35s

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  2. Great work
    Is this for version 7.1? I can see car in garage but when i start race there are Access Violation error
  3. Just fixed it. My mistake :D
  4. Yes, the car works in 7.0 and 7.1.
    Glad you got it sorted. If the instructions are unclear please let me know and I will try to make them easier to follow.
  5. Instructions are great. It was my mistake. I was trying to start mods with 32-bit version. :)
  6. Great Work!!!!
  7. edit -- nvm, didnt follow the instructions :)
    when i go to pCARS--vehicles the only folder that appears is "textures". when i right click it says there are 5 folders...tried manually entering the path to the physics folder but it says it cant find it. using windows 10, any idea whats wrong? i even thinki have it set to show hidden folders...
  8. i have the same problem
    I dont have in the directory vehicles a vehicleslist.txt
    in standard installation there is no jsmge only in Assetto corsa
  9. Please follow instructions. You have to have unpacked bootfiles activated before you can do anything else. Use JSGME (google it) to activate the bootfiles. Autoprophet's bootfiles contain JSGME if memory serves me right.
  10. thanks
    I did it it all, first unzip bootfiles, ruf, run jsmge and make the entries etc.
    What I dont find is your point 6
    6. navigate to pCars\Vehicles\physics\tires and add tyres for the new cars under Supercar tires: "RUF_RGT8RS16" and "RUF__RT35S16." To do so find AUDI_R8_V10_PLUS and put next to it
    RUF_RGT8RS16, RUF__RT35S16,

    In the directory tires (not tyre) I have just 1 file an lg file.
    what should be there inside?
    If I start pcars I select the car ruf rt35 then its loading with the track some seconds and then the screen get black, after 10 seconds again the program aborts with a failure message.

    Can you help me
    Thanks a lot.
  11. Yes, the game will crash because you haven't added tires for your new car. If you have that directory then probably you installed unpacked bootfiles ok. The file extension is rg, not lg. Open this file with a text editor and follow the instructions.
    What you can do is use the "replace" command (which most text editors should have) and replace
    AUDI_R8_V10_PLUS, RUF_RGT8RS16, RUF__RT35S16, 
    There should be 6 instances which you need to replace.
  12. Thank you very much. It's working now.
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  13. bat.install
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  14. Hi! gvse what happened to your other cars? there any chance to see them again?
  15. No. I'd need permission from EA.
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  16. it's a pity, anyone know more sites to download mods for pCARS?
  17. gvse updated Ruf RT35 with a new update entry:

    physics rewrite and compatibility with game version 10.3

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