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RUF CTR Yellowbird @ Spa-Francorchamps

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Sabine Schmitz, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. hello guys/girls,

    i'm looking for a fast, stable setup for the RUF CTR at Spa. I don't mind if it oversteers much under power, as I know how to tame the RUF. good balance under braking would be nice but isn't that of an issue to me.

    I have made one myself as well and for the first days I managed a 2.40.914 with it which was worth a 11th place on RSR Live Timing. However the best time is constantly changing and at the moment of writing this thread it is a 2.37.948 with my best time now 24th on the list.

    so here you go, i'll give my setup and I hope some of you come up with an even better setup :)

    merry christmas by the way!

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  2. How do you turn the turbo pressure up or down ?
  3. press 1 - 10 for 10 - 100% turbo
  4. 10 == 0

    press 0 for 100% turbo
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  5. try -2,6 and -2,2 rear camber, rear toe pretty low, front toe a little minus.

    diff; 60-60, brake bias 64
  6. thanks gonna try it soon
  7. hi where I can find turbo setting ?
  8. the turbo setting are navigated through your number keys. for example: pressing 1 gets you 10% turbo boost and pressing 7 gives you 70% turbo boost. if you want 100% turbo boost, press 0. these settings don't come in some sort of UI and will standard be at 60%.
  9. But may i know your lap time in this combo ?? Also so far i cant find any useful video about this combo in youtube where i can study the way they make a turn and gear use.
    To me this car is even harder to drive than that shelby car if i wanna drive fast.
  10. I didnt make that many laps on this combo so I was in some 2:38.xxx. It's possible to go even 2 sec faster than that.
  11. At least much better than me .. yeah the current WR is 2:36 & i am at least 7s off that; To be honest i still cant figure out how to make this car turn fast in corner.
    First time i heard a car that need to be drift to lap faster ... and i never drift in sim before.
  12. No creo que este auto se comporte asi en la relidad, un auto que levante 280 kph y tenga esta estabilidad, no deben haber vivido muchos lo que lo manejaban,acelerar para desacelerar 300 mts. ante de la curva no debe haber sido divertido
  13. thanks for talking english
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  14. I have no idea how people get 274km/h top speed while i only somewhere 265 ... longer gear ratio is the answer ??
  15. it gotta be simple, but where do i put the RUF CRT.ini file?
  16. martinsalat


    turbo 100%
  17. Already turbo 100% but top speed 265 only ..
  18. Thanks for the setup !
  19. Still no one interested to upload a video of this combo with gear change & pedal app for peoples to study ??
  20. The current WR 2:35.328 with 275km/h top speed ... i just dont get it what should i do to get that top speed. My best only 271km/h & best time only 2:40.458 :cry: