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Rudskogen Motorpark (Help wanted)

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by fsr, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. fsr


    After releasing the beta version a while back, this project has been left on hold for too long, and I really want to finish it. However, both ZModeler and I have reached our limits, and are no longer able to improve on the track. Boomer did a great job adding the gokart track, but there's still stuff that needs to be done.

    If you have the skills, time and motivation to help me out, please let me know. Could this be the best scratch made, real life track for Racer?

    The beta may be downloaded here: http://racedemon.com/rudskogen-motorpark-beta-release-for-racer/
  2. Just tested it, a very nice track! Wish I could help, but I am already up
    to my neck in unfinished projects. Maybe later.. if the offer still stands.
  3. I'll grab it and "Max 2010" it at some point... then I'll put that file up, so people can add to it.

    I think what would help is a new sky dome, tree lines and some tree objects in so the vanishing points look rich, then just add grass type scatters around the track to give it some depth and life, and variation.

    Also just a good work over with shaders would be good... but there were just SOOOO many shaders... :D

    Probably many could be unified in the materials, it's just doing that... I guess that is where "Max 2010"'ing the whole project would be useful... but then again I don't want to exclude those who don't use it.

    Generally though you are right that this is probably the best potential scratch track for Racer. The work so far is really really nice imo, and as it stands with good shaders it'll be really impressive. But it has so much more to give with added features :D


  4. When I worked on the track I had just one track camera, on top of the water tower. It was all that was really needed except when on the go-kart track. I did has fits with good textures, my weak point. It was a pleasure working on it and may make some object for the track.

    There was an error in the track where the mesh was reversed and would launch a car half way to the moon. I did fix that.
  5. Hello Fredrik, I played your d1gp mod for racer a while ago, also it kinda inspired me more on creating my own car game/racing sim, anyway, i just found this track, and i am going to test it in my game engine, if you are ok with that?

    Anyway check my project out here:
    it's in a very very beta stage but i want to get my simulation to handle drifting also, so this track kinda looks like to have a great layout :)

    (i am currently at work so i cant do anything right now but to wait for your answer)
  6. fsr


    Dave: Your help is very much appreciated!

    Boomer: Same with your work. You did a great job on the kart track and fixing the errors. If you still have the files, feel free to post them here :)

    smr597: Sure, just don't release it yet. I'd like to keep the beta for Racer only.
  7. Cool, il do some tests then and pm you soon if that's ok, your work always kinda looks professional and as i understand you only use zmodeler?
  8. fsr


    Yup. Still use ZModeler 1.07b. Only 3D software I know. Far from professional tbh :p
  9. I'd be happy to add some trackside stuff.
    I'll populate a few trees and stuff if you'd like (IIRC there were only treeline objects, correct me if I'm wrong though)
    I'll have a go at consolidating shaders and stuff too.
  10. I'll post some of the files I have but lost most of the original files when my computer crashed. I still have the track I worke on with the go-kart section. If anyone wants it just pm me with your e-mail and I'll send it to you or it may still be on traciontesaras (sic).
  11. The shader consolidation will be the main job! I'm sure most of the stuff could be nested up or textures all put into a few bigger ones for similar materials...

    Again, a general ponderance, is it better to nest textures into one bigger texture (say 1024x1024), or have them all as per their original size (ie, loads of 64x64 textures etc)


  12. fsr


    I see, well I guess the best thing to do is for me to finish as much as I can, then basically hand it over to whoever can finish the rest. I would really like for some of the terrain to be redone and add more objects that are specific for this track (I might be able to do most of that myself). What I can't do myself are trees and bushes, as that's just too much to handle in ZModeler.

    I would also like to release this track for rFactor if possible...
  13. ZMod can handle trees fine. I've got 80 odd 250x poly tree's in Mugello currently, using ZMod 1.7 (if zmod1.7 takes ages to load a file, import & export it thru ZMod2, 1.7 has problems with materials, zmod2 fixes them)
    I'm happy to donate a tree for the cause, and some Cg to make them move in the wind a little, makes them & their shadows look all the more real.

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  14. Nice trees, David!

    Mr. Whippy,
    It's usually better to NOT combine material images into one big one as there are some shaders that need individual images. For example the edge blending mix cg which does very nice edge transitions.
  15. Ah yes. Where individual materials are needed then split them I agree.

    Just thinking for large textures containing all the same kinds of things. Say a road signs texture, it can just have all the road signs placed in it. A grass/shrub texture, again, all the same kind of material, all can go onto one.
    Saves having 100's of textures... and literally hundreds of shader entries when 90% of it is the same entry!


    PS, nice trees DavidI!
  16. fsr


    Well, it crash for me when loading that many objects. Dunno why though...
  17. Hi FSR,
    So has this project been completed? I would feel bad driving Aasbo's Supra on anything else :)
  18. me interested also :)