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Cars rTeam Lancia Delta Integrale HC BETA_ac1_3_4 3.6

proto beta of the Lancia Delta Integrale

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  1. I tried it now. I dont understand what you did to it. The hand is broken.. I dont believe it was before? And it doesnt have the fun torque that it had. It just isnt the monster that made it fun.. It has the same sound but it's like another mod.
    All the fun tires are gone too that it had in previous version.
  2. I'm sorry you do not like it but I had to make a car more "balanced" with the new v5 tyres

    [QUOTE = "Tomas Torasen, posta: 2117067, membro: 24991"] Wow! Non vedo l'ora di tornare a casa a provare questo. La versione precedente è uno dei miei preferiti mod.

    Avete mantenuto tutte le diverse scelte di pneumatici? E 'stata una cosa veramente interessante di esso. [/ QUOTE]
  3. What happened? They couldnt handle the power it had before?
  4. Also I hope you add back the stick shifter to the car, surely it shouldnt have paddles.
  5. im sorry man have make a mistake with old version, now is correctly

  6. Hello

    Thanks for this car

    But showroom doesn't works, and they are no preview on various skins...
  7. Stick shifter works now? I will download tonight when I'm home. Couldnt you add more tire choices as before or was that only possible in previous tire model?

    How much less power does it have? Perhaps if you dont want to make it unrealistic, you could add the same power as before, or about.. and then define for us what turbo power setting would sum up to realistic amounts.. It's a little tame compared to before, or quite alot.
  8. you've tried the version 3.2 ?
  9. Downloading now =) Will get back!
  10. Nope still same issues as I said before. No stick shifting and hand still broken.
  11. rocafella1978


    where did the post with angle/ wheel rotation go?
  12. rocafella1978


    on Monza, tested with latest update, by lap 3 had blown engine, starts with engine going red all the time until engine blows.
  13. fixed the indicator of the damage (in the next update)
    for more segnalation i work on it
    tnx for the feedback guys
  14. fixed flame animation, now work correctly