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RSRBR2012 Released

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Warren Dawes, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. RSRBR2012 has now been released, and can be downloaded here:


    I am downloading now, but won't be installing it until after this weeks Rally Club Event, which uses RSRBR2011.

    After installing and testing it, I'll update our Tutorial threads later this week.
    If anyone installs it and tests it, please advise any issues here.
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  2. Whats new:
    - Škoda 130 RS (pack VHC_2)
    Oh yesssss!
  3. Oh yesss to the VW Polo Concept too !!! But still no Mini WRC :(

    Downloading now!
    Can't wait to test it tomorrow after the Club Event.
  4. have downloaded, do you have to download 2011 carpacks and track aswell?
  5. Tracks works fine, but cars pack is corrupted
  6. You will have to download it again then..
  7. I try it tomorrow, I downloaded it twice already
  8. Be careful when you download the complete car pack, because (at least for me) that files was broken which is uploaded to GigaUp server.

    Ps.: try this Ondrej, that worked for me fine! :) http://www.uploadhere.com/45OX6OLJ5O
  9. Its all working now.
  10. Hi all
    downloaded everything and installed but when i try and run the following message appears:
    "You must install the package of stages to use RSBR" and download in topic "RSRBR MOD, Car Packs,BTB Country_Updates"
    where is i presume a pack of stages hiding?
    Any assistance greatly appreciated.
  11. Try the link in post #5 above. I used that one without problems.

    Here is the link to the file at Rallyesim, but I know many people (including me) have had problems with getting this file from Rallyesim without it being corrupted.
  12. Thanks for the tip Warren.
    have now got to the stage where the 2012 screen comes up, am allowed to select car and track and after pressing "GO" the green line goes from left to right and the details drop down into the main body of the page and then nothing.
    i have uninstalled and gone back to the original. I couldn't get 2011 passed the above page either, but the original works perfectly
  13. What ver of Windows are you using?
    If Vista or Win 7, where did you install it, hope it wasn't under the default Program Files?
    Did you follow our installation Tutorial?

    Did you follow the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) steps as per this Tutorial:

    Did you check that your Game resolution setting matches your monitor resolution ( as per our previous discussion, the new installation will probably have changed the resolution back to a default again)?

    This might give you some things to try.
  14. vista etc: Make a folder RBR in C drive and install to there (NOT program files etc)
  15. who would have thought that there was such a thing as DEP, thats something else i learned today.
    everything working as it should do, serious practice now needed
    thanks everybody
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  16. Thank you Adam!
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  17. Guys! I have a full carpack from rsrbr2011. Do i have to download again the full carpack from rallyesim for the RSRBR2012? I hope not.
    Or just uninstall and after reinstall for the 2012 version?
    Thanks for the help.
  18. Well, logic would dictate you have to redownload it. New cars, updated cars, it can't be the same thing.

    You can always download only the car packs you're interested in.