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RSRBR2011 Update 07 Released

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Warren Dawes, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Just a heads up to advise that RSRBR2011 Update 07 has now been released.

    You can find it here:


    Please note that some Car packs will need to be updated/re-downloaded as a result of this Update.

    I'll update the relevant Sticky Threads as soon as I have had a chance to see any impacts from this update.

    Based on initial observations, I can't see anything that will affect this weeks Rally Club Event, but it may affect drivers in the future RDRC S3 Rounds.
  2. Hmmnnnn!!!

    I've installed everything to test it out.
    However, now, if I try to run Sweet Lamb (which has been updated) it won't load. It starts to load but then drops back to RSCenter before loading the Stage.

    Anyone else can confirm this?

    UPDATE: After posting this problem at Rallyesim, they advised to re-download and re-install.
    I did this, but it still won't load Sweet Lamb.
    I've tried many options such as lower resolutions, turning off my AV, launching with RBR.dll. Nothing works so far.

    I'd appreciate any info if others are getting this to work ok.
  3. This Sweet Lamb issue is still confusing and un-resolved.

    There is a very long thread at Rallyesim, but only the more recent posts are now important:


    The biggest priority at this stage is to see if it is a widespread problem, or only for a limited few (which now includes me).

    If we can get more of our members to test it out (after Update 07) and report back here, or even better, at Rallyesim, that would be most helpful.
  4. loads fine for me with the 07 update Warren, my heart did skip a beat when it paused loading at that dreaded 5th red square lol
  5. Works fine for me.
  6. downloading now, wow u wait all this time for an update and still no mini :p
  7. Thanks Nigel and Senad, this has helped me a lot.

    I've managed to get it to work after playing around with lots of variables. :thumb:

    Here is what I found, in case it helps others.

    Changing resolutions to absolute basics (640x480) - wont load Sweet Lamb.
    Switched to Full Screen mode by changing the Richard Burns Rally.ini file - Bingo, it loads
    Switched back to Windowed Mode via the RBR.ini - Failed again
    Left the RBR.ini as Fullscreen = False, but changed my FixUp.ini to fullscreenwindow=0 - Bingo, it works.

    So, it seems that the problem relates to how FixUp.ini and RBR.ini are working together.

    With FixUp.ini set to fullscreenwindow=0 , and RBR.ini set to Fullscreen = false , I was able to go back to my normal screen resolution of 1680x1050, without problems.

    Hopefully Workerbee can enlighten us on why this is so. Getting the correct FixUp.ini settings seems sensitive for this Stage, but not others. :confused::confused:
  8. This sounds like trying to play the "old" Sweet Lamb stage without the required fixes.

    The settings FixUp.ini set to fullscreenwindow=0 , and RBR.ini set to Fullscreen = false mean that you play in windowed mode, but without the windows decorations removed. So you should have a window with title bar and frame. Looks ugly and uses screen space.
    The only thing FixUp does here is to remove the window decorations (fullscreenwindow=1). This has absolutely nothing to do with the loading of the stage.
    If the stage does not load in Fullscreen=true, then the stage is (still) buggy, no matter the FixUp settings.
    As far as I remember we had a long discussion about stage loading and FixUp settings. Once again: the fact that sometimes, on some machines, stages load when FixUp is removed or its settings changed, is just by chance.
    FixUp, or any other plugin maybe present, simply reveals (loading) problems which the game would have gotten away with otherwise. This is caused by the way the memory is used by the game and its components.

    So I think the problem is based on a broken download (not very likely) or better a failed or wrong installation.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

    I have re-downloaded and re-installed Update 07 twice. Admittedly, I haven't re-installed over a clean RBR install.

    Some more info after further testing:

    1. My results are totally consistent, I have switched the settings many times and always get the same result. It doesn't appear random at all.

    2. The results are independent of which car I choose.

    3. Here are my consistent results.
    Fullscreen = true / fullscreenwindow=0 - Always loads.
    Fullscreen = true / fullscreenwindow=1 - Always loads.
    Fullscreen = false / fullscreenwindow=0 - Always loads.
    Fullscreen = false / fullscreenwindow=1 - Always fails

    Yes, I like to run in Windowed mode with the menu bar showing. I have a large monitor, so it doesn't distract my vision, and it allows me access to close other background programs eg. teamspeak, without having to resort to Task Manager.
    For some reason, Sweet Lamb is the only Stage where this problem occurs with these settings.

    It would be nice to know why this happens, but at least I now know which combination of settings to avoid. :)

    Here is an interesting twist.
    I tried this with my older Win XP PC, which has RBR / RSRBR installed.
    Fullscreen = false / fullscreenwindow=1 - Worked. The Stage loaded ok.

    My problems have been on my newer Win 7 PC. You would hardly think that makes any difference, so perhaps it does point to a "problem" installation.
    I guess I have to wipe my RBR installation and start over. :frown::frown:
  10. That's what I said. Of course on ONE machine the results are consistent. But, the results may be different on another machine with another installation, OS, graphic card settings, or whatever.

    All this only happen's with the "old" Sweet Lamb. I bet that the fixed version does not have this problem. I had been in contact with ENO, the creator of the stage, on the CZ forum and confirmed his fixes to be working.

  11. Here is the RSRBR2011 Update 07 log of changes. Something seems strange then: :confused:

  12. Maybe the update contains the fixed version. But there is no guarantee that the installation actually replaces the old version.
    There have to be made changes in Tracksettings.ini and track-158_?.ini to get it working. The corresponding textures rbz file has been changed as well. Not that easy to figure out if the installation worked and is correct.

    The only way to be sure that it is working is to load the stage while having attached a debugger. The crash happens at a distinct address in RBR if the stage is broken.
  13. lol, cant help with sweet lamb testing till later, cos it took until now to get the aw8 cars to install (needed the whole aw pack and not just the 08 for it to work)