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RSRBR2011 Update 04 & 05 Now Released

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Warren Dawes, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. The latest Update 04 has now been released.


    All users should now install this Update, which is needed in addition to the previous Update 03.
    Please read the information in the Download notes which refers to the need to update some Car Packs and BTB Country Packs.

    The following Car Packs need to be updated: A8W-11, A8W-08, VHC_1, Group_B

    The following BTB Country Packs need updating as well: BTB Belgium, BTB Spain 2, BTB Madagascar, BTB World.

    This Update includes a huge amont of changes / improvements as well as lots of new content, including "Integration of FixUp patch plugin 1.4 by WorkerBee".

    All users of RSRBR2011 should install this Update.
  2. I've installed and had a quick look at some of the changes.

    This update includes many changes, especially some excellent improvements from the "RBR FixUp patch plugin 1.4" which is now included. You will notice some changes which are automatically applied, but there are more features that can be "switched on" eg. A widescreen aspect ratio fix.

    I'd strongly recommend that users read the ReadMe.FixUp.txt file that is now included in your main Richard Burns Rally Folder after installation.
  3. Tomas Reinicke

    Tomas Reinicke
    Premium Member

    Have they released the updaed car packs?
    I can't find them
  4. Tomas Reinicke

    Tomas Reinicke
    Premium Member

    OK it lookslike these are the new ones, there where no new date on the forum posts...

  5. Now we wait for to patches to fix the issues they have created;)
  6. Update 05 has now been released

    Update 05

    Cheers Al
  7. I have now installed Update 05, and run a short test Rally on-line (with 3 Stages). Everything seemed to work ok, with no disconnection problems as per Update 04.

    I have Updated the main installation Tutorial:


    Please note the instructions from RallyeSim: Those who have already installed the new car packs after Update 04, there is no need to re-download them again. Also the BTB Country packs don't need to be re-installed if you downloaded them following Update 04, except for Belguim.

    For those who hadn't installed Update 04, Update 05 includes Update 04.

    All drivers are now advised to install Update 05.

    Lets hope this is the last of the Updates for a while. :rolleyes:
  8. I recon the patch turn around time is awsome for RSCentre, i mean considering its a 3rd party mod that is offered for free!!!
    and they still release patch's and fix's quicker than the companys that get paid....thumbs up in my opinion.
  9. I am still not getting the stages on the rs centre. Anyone still have the stage issue?

    Also, rather worryingly, I am now getting random black screens when entering stages, where my monitor just goes black and has 'no signal'. The game is still running as I can hear the menu working.... I feel this may be an issue with my poluter. I was doing a wee test of the club stages and if it was the real race I would be out after a couple of stages. I hope its a over-heating problem, and perhaps shoveling out the dust and debris might help....
  10. I have run both a public and a championship rally on Update 5 now without issue, however on the public championship the upper right hand corner window did not have stage info like it should. Is what you are seeing John?

    The black screen issue does sound like a video card issue.
  11. John, this is just a wild uneducated guess, but check your settings for the new FixUp mod, maybe it has changed to a setting that your PC doesn't like.
    Check the FixUp.ini file (Under Plugins Folder) and maybe try changing the Full ScreenWindow option. :confused::confused:
    Also, check that your Richard Burns Rally.ini file hasn't changed any resolution settings to not match your Monitor.

    However, if it is random, that does sound like a Hardware worry.
  12. Aaron:yes

    Warren: Thanks, I will check the ini files.

    But to my shame, It may well have been an over-heating issue as this is me booting up since the last post of which the whole time was spent cleaning fans etc. Approximatley three skip loads of crap have now been wheel-barrowed out of my puter room. The shame...

  13. Someone needs to develop and sell a hermetically sealed air conditioned PC case as I am for ever using the compressor to blow the dust out of my rig. I take it into the workshop at least once a month to stay on top of the dust. It is amazing how quickly it builds up and as you know heat kills PC performance quick smart.

    Cheers Al
  14. Why dont you just get a case with filters front and back, i use the antec 300 and i just vacume the crap off the front when it starts to build up, very rarly do i need to clean the inside!
  15. I do have filters front and back in my Coolermaster case, it still picks up a lot of dust, I think due to the large amount of cooling fans I have. It's not like the rest of the house is overly dusty.