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RSRBR Update # 6

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Tony Gentile, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Seem to be having trouble downloading update # 6
    seems to keep coming up as download will take longer than 12 hours
    just downloaded # 7 in about 55 minutes
    any ideas :O_o:
  2. Update 06 is a much larger file than Update 07.
    However, the time difference shouldn't be that big, maybe try at a different time of day, it could just be busy.
  3. Hi Warren yeah tried a few different times to DL still says greater than 12 hours
    will try a few things
    thanks anyway:(
  4. Tony, I'll try to upload it to my Dropbox but it may take a few hours.
    If you have no luck, let me know and we can try to give you a link to my Dropbox file.
  5. tried a few things but no luck
  6. I'm uploading to Dropbox now, but I won't have it available until tomorrow morning (my time). I'll let you know when it is ready.
  7. sweet as thanks for your help Warren appreciate that
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  8. Hey Warren it worked a treat about 45 mins to download
    just loaded update 6 and 7 now able to test out the RRC cars
    Thanks again for all your help :):thumbsdown:

  9. Good to hear.
    Can I now delete the file from my Dropbox? Unfortunately it filled my capacity so I'll need to remove it if I want to add more files.